16 April, 2010

Surprise: Another Banking Scandal

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Farmer #1: “Let’s build a hen-house.”

Farmer #2: “No, wait. Let’s use our heads. Let’s do this the American way. Let’s hire Jews to build the hen-house, guard the hen-house and set all policies regarding egg production and distribution!”


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  7. 13 Responses to “Surprise: Another Banking Scandal”

    1. Tom Says:

      I’ve pulled all of my money out of the big banks and put most in a local credit union. The rest is in gold, silver, FRN’s, guns/ammo, & long term storage food. The only debt I have is about 30k on my home loan which will be paid off within two years. The only good Jew isn’t!

    2. Tim McGreen Says:

      If it’s not Goldman-Sachs calling the shots in Washington, then it’ll be Feldman-Pearlstein, Lowenthal-Weingarten or some other damn Jew-run financial firm. “Reform”, my tookas.

    3. Z.O.G. Says:

      The chairman of the SEC is the Jewess Mary L. Schapiro:


    4. Seenitbefore Says:

      A dog and pony show for the goyim. The yids know a percentage of the sheeple can’t help noticing the preponderance of hook-noses behind the scandals, so they pretend to conduct investigations, and toss a few hymies in jail for a few months – with a wink and a nod. The joos will get out of jail in six months on parole or will develop some form of cancer (like Milken) and be let go out of sympathy. Then they’ll miraculously go into remission and conduct more scams.

    5. -jc Says:

      Its an excellent gambit: Giving GOLDMAN SACHS its head and then calling for so called reform.

      Jews in Congress: http://www.njdc.org/site/page/bernard_sanders

    6. nom de guerre Says:

      Seems the CBS news anchor bitch Katy Couric, finds the atmosphere in jew dawk shitty a lil threatning, since she broadcast the news of the SEC and Goldman Sachs, from “studios” in Chicago.

    7. nom de guerre Says:

      The dick and jane news will quietely erase incriminating evidence of the jews plundering, with other fluff pieces on the blackfilm being deposited by the erupting volcano in Iceland.. Saw Bill Moyers interview the 2 authors of the book “The 13 banks”, and of course they give all the top jews a white wash, with the usual line of bull, “It isn’t a conspiracy”, well even ole bill had to but on a grin with that one. Oh vey guess who is grilling the Banksters? Why Michingan Senaturd Carl Levin.

    8. nom de guerre Says:

      Every notice how these jew inquisitors like Levin or senaturdess Diane Feinstein alway perch their spectacles on the ends of their beaks, must be the yahveh complex.

    9. Thuleman Says:

      the common ‘Jew action’ of placing one’s spectacles upon the ridge of the ‘hooked beak’- is nothing more than a sign of arrogance that Jewish peasants are telling the world they are superior because they have ‘legally stolen’ almost all the world’s material wealth….hmmm I wonder if Yahveh really wants the ‘chosenites’ to spit on the faces of honest people who are their victims- it’s the kind of egoism that would make even Yahveh say ‘oy vey!’

      But then what else can you do with a nose so grotesquely large and
      hooked under? I guess you could use it as a device to scrape up the muck from the bottom of a lake!

    10. nom de guerre Says:

      ….hmmm I wonder if Yahveh really wants the ‘chosenites’ to spit on the faces of honest people who are their victims

      Perhaps Yahveh does get a bit distraught at his overbearing spawn, but he always takes um back in no matter how they behave.The way they’re cutting up now though is leadin’ right back to the bottom of the cesspool where they rightly belong, so the beaks may come in handy, but not the specatacles.

    11. Thuleman Says:

      RE: Jew beaks

      LMAO!!! well I do recall once having seen one of those people who cleans out portable toilets with a hose like device….I was just thinking to myself that the ‘fecal sucking hose’ has a similar appearance to a jew whose been thrown back into the cesspool and has only one option for foraging food- i.e., taking their
      Satanic hooked beak and raking it along the bottom of the cesspool where the fecal matter is at it’s most viscous- that’s about the only
      thing I can find usefull for a heb-beak.

      as far as Yahveh, I cannot understand why he takes these thugs back time and time again- why not just just get Roto-Rooter to clean them off the planet- then the world will once again be clean and white, with the smell of fresh flowers rather than the rotting stench of jew beaks filled with bowel particulates.

    12. Tim McGReen Says:

      “nom de guerre Says:

      19 April, 2010 at 10:39 am

      Every notice how these jew inquisitors like Levin or senaturdess Diane Feinstein alway perch their spectacles on the ends of their beaks, must be the yahveh complex.”


      Yes, I’ve noticed that, too. Senator Levin’s glasses are practically dangling off the tip of his Semitic buzzard-beak. Talk about looking down one’s nose at people! Then there was the late Jew lawyer William Kuntsler, who always wore his glasses on the top of his head as if they were a visor, and the late Jewess Bella Abzug, with her big, ridiculous hats. Pfff…Jews and their gimmicks.

    13. nom de guerre Says:

      Saw Eliot Spitzer, the ex-governor of Jew Dawk on the Jew tube, who go caught paying out 800$ a lay to the Empire State Whore house and had to resign. Yeah, he’s one of the tribe but he looks almost congenial, not congenital like the rest of the bunch, but he did go after the Wall street street tribe like a mongoose after cobras, while he was attorney general of Jew Dawk. His sucksessor that David Patterson is a cross eye blind mulatto with a jawbone , and low brow that would have frightened a New Guinea tribesman