11 May, 2010

Some Beauty for a Change

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What’s the difference between a White guy in a forest and a Black guy in a forest? The White guy looks around and says, “wow, what beauty!,” and stays there awhile. The Black guy looks around and, seeing nothing that he can fuck, steal or smoke, heads back to the city.

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    1. Andrei's ghost Says:

      & oh yeah, lesbian Patricia (Patrick) Ireland was the international head of the YWCA a few years back! Before that, Ireland was also the head of at one time of NOW–National Organization of “Women”.

    2. Andrei's ghost Says:

      From a 96% White city that wants niggers to move in, now there funding little island niggers….
      Valpo Haitian relief fund tops $45,000

      Donations still needed to help Kids Alive rescue child quake victims

      By Phil Wieland – [email protected], (219) 548-4352 | Posted: Friday, May 7, 2010 12:00 am

      VALPARAISO, INDIANA | A teenage boy found living under a bridge in the Dominican Republic was recently reunited with his mother, who thought he died in the devastating earthquake in Haiti three months ago.

      Kristian Pruitt, marketing and communications director for Kids Alive International, said the boy was one of three boys between the ages of 14 and 16 who were found and brought to the Kids Alive campus in the Dominican Republic. Kids Alive provided food, medical care and clothing for all three until the government reunited one of the boys with his mother, who thought him dead in the rubble.

      “Within days of him returning, four more children were found roaming the streets and brought to us while the government tries to locate their relatives,” Pruitt said. “We are helping them as much as we can to make sure they are fed, clothed and get proper medical care. Street children are a problem in all these countries. They band together and are almost invisible to authorities.

      “They will keep trickling in (to Kids Alive facilities in the Dominican Republic) because there’s not a lot for them in Haiti. So, they can come to the Dominican Republic to get help. There might be a steady stream of children that are lost and wandering around that we will be able to help for a long time.”

      Kids Alive is expanding its campus in Haiti with help from funds raised in Valparaiso. The city has reached almost the halfway mark set by Mayor Jon Costas three months ago to raise $100,000 for the Kids Alive Haitian relief effort. By the end of April, a total of $45,227 was donated.

      “The money is coming directly to us, and there is no delay in getting the funds,” Pruitt said. “We are closing on the land in Haiti that will become our children’s campus of homes, and we should be breaking ground this summer on the first of the six houses, each of which will be home to up to 10 children. That will be the initial phase. There also will be a school eventually and a care center.”

      When completed, the campus will be able to care for about 200 children, 60 to 80 of whom will be living there while the rest return to their parents each day after getting food, education and medical care while the parents work. Pruitt said the vast devastation in what already was a very poor country means the recovery will take a long time. Many people still are recovering from injuries they received during the quake.

      “They have no infrastructure or communication, so recovery will be a slow process. In both the Dominican Republic and Haiti we’re going to be there to make sure the kids affected by the quake get the help they need. Many organizations come in immediately after a disaster, but they leave after a short time to go on to the next disaster. We’re there for the long term to help with the healing,” Pruitt said.

      “Now that the initial crisis is over, they still need help, so we hope people will re-engage and continue to support the relief effort.”

      To contribute to the city’s relief effort, people can go to the Kids Alive website at http://www.kidsalive.org or to the city’s website at http://www.valpo.us and click on the icon that will connect to the Kids Alive site.

    3. Andrei's ghost Says:

      & here…

      Local doctors, church to help island-niglett

      By Andrei Yustschinsky

      Marie Lusette Celestine, center left, holds little niglett Rose Daphcar Calixte on Thursday after they arrived at the Griffith-Merrillville Airport in Griffith.

      GRIFFITH, INDIANA | Eighteen-month-old island-nigglet-Rose Daphcar Calixte managed a brief but ravishing smile Thursday after nearly a day on planes from Haiti to Northwest Indiana.

      The niglett’s journey ultimately will deliver her into the hands of surgeons at The Community Hospital in Munster, who will operate to repair a congenital urological problem.

      Rose arrived a little before 5 p.m. Thursday at the Griffith-Merrillville Airport in Griffith wearing a red dress and accompanied by her mother, Marie Lusette Celestine, both survivors of the Jan. 12 earthquake that rocked Haiti.

      Their journey was made possible through a team effort by doctors and rapture bunny con artist leader-Pastor Steve Munsey and other staff from the Family Christian Center in Munster.

      Griffith-Merrillville Airport supplied the crew that flew a private plane round trip from Griffith to Miami, where an earlier plane had brought the young girl and her mother from Haiti, airport owner kike-Paul Goldsmith said.

      Rose and her family won over Munster-based surgeon Kike-Dr. Russell Pellar during an earlier weeklong stay in Haiti by a team of Community Hospital doctors and nurses.

      “Her family brought her every day and asked us to ‘please fix my child,'” Pellar said.

      Pellar operated on Rose in Haiti but realized additional surgery in the United States was needed, he said.

      Dot head-Dr. Mohan Gundeti, pediatric specialist with Comer Children’s Hospital at the University of Chicago, and Dr. Gregory Bales, a specialist in urology at the University of Chicago Medical Center, will perform Rose’s surgery, Pellar said.

      “We knew if we could help one child it would be worth it,” Pellar said.

      Pellar and his family also will be hosting Rose and her mother during their stay in Northwest Indiana, including the days of preparation leading up to surgery and the weeks of recovery.

      The complexities involved in bringing Rose to the U.S. were immense, Pellar said. But help came from all corners, including fag-U.S. Rep. Pete Visclosky, D-Ind., and the office of iron pants-cunt-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who helped obtain passports for the child and her mother.

      The Family Christian Center picked up the cost of processing their visas and helped in other ways, Pellar said.

      “I really appreciate what the church did,” Pellar said. “They worked hard to make things happen.”

      The Community Hospital, which agreed to donate services to assist in Rose’s care, said in a written release Thursday, “It is because of the compassion and generosity of our medical staff that we are able to bring hope and healing to this child as well as others who come through our doors.”

      An exact date for Rose’s surgery has not been set.

      & as usual, these “good deeds” from mostly White Christians only apply to non-Whites.

      Andrei Yustschinsky reporting….

    4. BLAKKING Says:

      Either Tim McGreen never has a point of his own, or, and more probable, he is using irony and the fact that the rest of you have no critical thinking ability, to insult the hell outta you dumbasses.

    5. Mel Brooks Says:

      So which one are you, BK?

      The scroungy barrista (with rich lashings of Trustafarian income, of course!),.. dreadlocked & wispy-bearded, surrounded with all the latest Apple gadgets? Or the edjumucated windbag AfAmAffAct textbook case that prefixes any description of of a natural reaction to the uncivilized behaviour of his tribesmen with “institutionalized”?

      Schizophrenia is so ho-hum these days…the writing’s on the mirror.

      The picture is splendid. Reminds me of the Presidio. Natural-thinking white folks are always drawn to such a place, the gloom is not something to fear, it’s a place for reflection and solace. Sun-freakism is for the Orc-minded.

      How’d the YMCA get into this? What a truly inconsequential organization it is anyway, has about as much (genuine) popularity as wymmyn’s base-ketball.

    6. Tim McGreen Says:

      The YWCA, like the WNBA, is for man-hating, child-hating lesbos.

      “The scroungy barrista (with rich lashings of Trustafarian income, of course!),.. dreadlocked & wispy-bearded, surrounded with all the latest Apple gadgets? Or the edjumucated windbag AfAmAffAct textbook case that prefixes any description of of a natural reaction to the uncivilized behaviour of his tribesmen with “institutionalized”? ”

      You got it. And don’t forget his attractive but neurotic White girlfriend, the one who’s working on her Masters’ in Psychology and shares needles with her bisexual rastafarian lover.

    7. sirrah Says:

      lovely image- though one other scenario about a Nigger in the Forest:

      also possible that Nigger is standing there with nothing to f*ck- fortunately for him a car drives by with a white couple- who being ‘Christianized’ have decided to let Mr. Nigger ride along with ‘dem.’

      Along the way we find Mr. Nigger has changed the radio station to a ‘Niggaz-Rap’ station- and the white lady has now been convinced to jump in de bak seat with the Nigga-Gangsta…while the white man is held at gunpoint- Mr. Nigga bangs his white wife and leaves an unfortunate deposit with her which will have to be expunged at the jewish org. of planned parenthood- or perhaps the J’s will convince her that it’s best for her to have a ‘nigga-baby.’ As the jews see it ‘the best pudding is the chocolate flavored.’

      All the while- the beautiful forest has been left behind-
      ‘If a tree falls in the forest…will a Nigga have sex with it?’

    8. BLAKKING Says:

      Oh, I hope y’all don’t mine, but I’s used dis here pitcha on my dess top. I likes ta impress peeples.

    9. Tim McGreen Says:

      Wait a second, BLAKKING…You mean you don’t have any pictures of Shaq or LeBron on your desktop? You’d rather have a picture of a lonely, foggy country road on your computer screen? That’s what them White folks who listen to Minnesota Public Radio and buy their clothes from LL Bean would do!

    10. BLAKKING Says:

      Who the hell is Shaq and Lebron? I aint nebber herd o’ dem. But I do be lissnen to de Prarie Home Companion wif mah newrotic gurlfren.

    11. Ein Says:

      Well! A new Persona joins us!

      Welcome BlackKing. What a change from Cowboy Tex and all the many, many others, since lost to the mists of oblivion. May your stay be more than ephemeral.

    12. Susan Says:

      Tim, your post above cracked me up about nigs shoplifting a new coat or sitting on the front porch to smoke their crack! Too funny!!!

      Sometimes when you sit and think of all the beauty White people have brought into this world, it just kinda blows your mind. Then, in turn, you must think of all the misery and violence niggers have brought into our world. What a startling difference!!!

      And to think that some idiots actually have the nerve to say that “we’re all alike.” Unbelievable.