25 June, 2010

Southern California City Fails, Thanks to Mexicans

Posted by Socrates in General Decline, illegal immigration, immigration, mestizos, Mexcrement, Mexinvasion, Socrates at 1:34 am | Permanent Link

How many more U.S. cities will be ruined by shitskins?

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  7. 42 Responses to “Southern California City Fails, Thanks to Mexicans”

    1. Nancy Says:

      Mr. Linder,

      I found your site by mistake, wish I hadn’t.
      How sad your life must be, all your time is used to promote hate and violence. I can only imagine all the voices you must have in your head. How do you sleep at night?
      This whole “white supremacy” is ridiculous, haven’t you heard that our species started in Africa? That we ALL come from there. I don’t think that our ancestors in Africa were white. Don’t deny your origins.
      Also, haven’t you read all the studies that show that there is no difference in intelligence between races.
      Be a man and put your anger where it belongs, stop complaining, we all dislike aspects of our country so suck it up and find opportunities to develop yourself as a person, don’t stay in the hate business … Or is this just an act to earn money from your delusional fans?
      What a shame, all the time you’ve lost promoting ideas that in this time, knowing what we know, make NO SENSE.
      Do you really think that one day you can accomplish something by bashing Jews, Mexicans, etc? Do you really think that one day you will be able to “kill all the jews”?
      Do you really think that your cause will make changes in Washington and they will pass a law that separates non-whites form whites?
      I really hope that one day you can find peace of mind, that Mr. Linder would be the solution to all your problems.

    2. torrence Says:

      No, it’s not thanks to Mexicans, it’s thanks to our government. Mexicans are here by invitation. Poor policies=poor results. The government is quite comforted by headlines as this. It shifts blame and responsibity from where it should be placed and diverts it elsewhere. Just substitue any other group that is gaining root here and you’d see that you would have then to blame half the world. What is that telling you?

      Know your enemy folks. Know which wars to fight and how to wage them. Number one rule of war: Who is the enemy?

    3. Green Eagle Says:


      So glad to see that you are still around! I just knew you didn’t really drink that hemlock.

      Boy, that Plato guy must have really sanitized your words. I never heard of you using the word “shitskins.”

    4. shabbos s shabazz Says:

      “it’s thanks to our government.”

      OUR government? You’re doing the same thing here. It is THE government, not OUR government.

      It is the jewish oligarchy, which is called “our government.”

    5. torrence Says:

      shabbos – Thanks for the correction. I too have disowned it, and hopefully , ‘it’ has reciprocated toward me as well.

    6. Tim McGreen Says:

      Instead of confronting those dirty Beaner invaders in California, Whitey moves up to Oregon or Washington State instead. But don’t worry, honkies, the beaners will follow you up there, too.

    7. old dutch Says:

      This old girl has got some guts:

    8. torrence Says:

      To Tim:

      No Tim, it’s not so much that the ‘invaders’ (remember, they’re here by invitation) will follow us up to the NW Imperative, as it is the government will see that they move up. The Jewocracy will provide tax incentives to lure businesses there who will then ‘chose’ to hire the ‘Beanos’ and the undocumented whereby they will then start nesting there for the long term and within one month of arrival be schooling their kids there as we helplessly watch. And the whole constellation of non-discrimination laws will apply to all whites who migrated there. Then, the schools, the neighborhoods, the workplaces, the workforce, the social clubs -in summary, in fact – the whole of white life will get the usual shitting it has everywhere else. Accept and understand this Tim – There is no tolerance whatsoever for any semblance of a white homeland to develop due to GOVERNMENT design. The curse of statutory law vs. common law allows them to endlessly shape, distort, mold, restrict and guide life in this bad ‘ole USA to their scheme of things. Notice how laws are always being passed to ‘head off at the pass’ trends that are not on the ‘approved’ list? There is no way out under the present state of affairs other than to replace the current political order with one guided by National Socialist principles. Accept that. Think about that. Talk about that. Write about that. Instill in yourself a full and comprehensive understanding of why nothing will change under the present Judentum-inspired construct. There is no reform, no compromise, no ammending, no repairing, no reforming, no accomodating, no reversal of what we have now. No! Only a fresh beginning undertaken by the the honest-hearted among us who posses that golden optimism and sense of mission joined to an unyielding, uncompromising and remorseless will to see it through. This is a long and tough process, for sure. But a life devoted to this end is a worthy and satisfying one. Your posterity will bless you for this.

    9. festerbestertester Says:

      Whitey creates a nice city with good schools, neat landscape, an efficient city council and strong church teachings and Blackie and Brownie decide this what they want. They establish some sort of residence in that nice city and instantly the violence and unrest follow. Sharpton and Jackson once encouraged the 2 groups to band together to run out the Whites. This happens and Whitey moves away and establishes another clean environment and once again here comes darkie because he is too elemental to create anything but chaos.

    10. Sgt. Skull Says:

      Not to worry folks. The shitskins will seek out new safe havens with whitey and in another five years we’ll be reading about yet another once prosperous and formerly white middle and working class communities turned into a microcosm of Mexico city.

    11. Tim McGreen Says:

      “Nancy Says:

      25 June, 2010 at 3:35 am

      Mr. Linder,

      I found your site by mistake, wish I hadn’t.
      How sad your life must be, all your time is used to promote hate and violence. I can only imagine all the voices you must have in your head. How do you sleep at night?
      This whole “white supremacy” is ridiculous, haven’t you heard that our species started in Africa? That we ALL come from there. I don’t think that our ancestors in Africa were white. Don’t deny your origins.
      Also, haven’t you read all the studies that show that there is no……………..”

      *DING DONG*

      “Oh, darn… I guess I’ll have to stop my little PC lecture and answer the door, since my civil union partner is too busy listening to her new Melissa Etheridge CD. I wonder who’s there? Jodie Foster? Ellen DeGeneres? Janet Reno? I wish!”

      “Hello? Hello? Where are you? I hope you realize that you interrupted me in the middle of a very import…..Oh shit…”


    12. Jim Says:

      I know who you are Nancy. You are Nancy Lipshitz, Abe Foxman’s secretary at the ADL.

    13. Varg Says:

      Alex responded to Nancy here

    14. Sgt. Skull Says:

      I’m sure everyone is having a life changing experience reading Nancy’s combination rant/lecture. I don’t know about anyone else but Nancy’s convincing logic has encouraged me to register as a nigger loving Democrat, join anti-racist action and sign up for e-mail alerts from the ADL!

      “This whole “white supremacy” is ridiculous, haven’t you heard that our species started in Africa?”

      Um, the exodus came from the far northeast corner of Africa and the Cro Magnons didn’t look like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson or Kunta Kinte. A growing number in the scientific community also believe that humans were already present in Eurasia when this exodus occurred based on human fossil finds in the region.

      “Also, haven’t you read all the studies that show that there is no difference in intelligence between races.”

      Sure, I guess the well documented IQ gap between whites and non-whites is just a figment of our racist imaginations. I think you meant to say that all dumb goyim are the same and should mix with each other until our unique genes are obliterated and Jews can inherit the earth and preside over a race of mentally stunted brown animals.

    15. Waldo Starr Says:

      I was thinking this morning that it quite apparent to me that there is an imbalance in information that is available to white people. The movies, TV, news reports and newspapers are all slanted toward accusing whites of racism if they wish to work and play around people who look like us. If a young white girl wants to date or marry a man that looks like her dad she is accused of being racist. That is the reason so many white grandparents are pushing strollers around with little 70 IQ niglets because they never instilled the pride that is necessary for white survival. It’s just dandy for jews to push for racial identity and to have jewish single gatherings but its racist for whites to do it. I for one am a race realist and find that the stereotypes are usually pretty close to being correct, even though a brain dead white person will holler racism if they ever hear you say anything. Blacks don’t take care of their children (66% out of wedlock births) just a baby daddy; blacks are overcrowding the jails and prisons because of their propensity for crime and mayhem. Blacks are blight on any society they inflict themselves on.
      If civilization started in Africa, and the jury is still out on that one, the Africans got stalled in the starting blocks and haven’t moved forward yet. In Africa where blacks are in charge they still eat each other, enslave each other, rape their women and act just like the primitive beings they are. Closer to home we have Detroit, where the School Board president Otis Mathis, who has difficulty reading and composing coherent sentences, resigned because he was masturbating in a school business meeting. “Even then, though, some DPS board members continued to defend him. Reverend David Murray, who is 58, described the 56-year-old Mathis as “a young man,” who is still learning basic rules of deportment.” I think at 56 it’s a little late to learn how to act like a civilized being. He represents the best and brightness of the black community and that is why I want to distance myself and my family from these creatures.

    16. Neptune Says:


      If human live originated in Africa and those first humans were blacks, does that mean that the black race is the most primitive race? You can conclude that black people have not evolved in hundreds of thousands of years. The other races evolved, they did not.

    17. Neptune Says:


      The other day I talked to a biologist and I was told that dominant genes are more primitive than recesive genes (recesive genes are more modern). Black genes are dominant; white genes are recesive (that is why Obama is black skinned). We can conclude that the white race is more evolved (more modern) than the black race (blacks are more primitive).

      Name a black scientist of the intelectual level of Sir Isaac Newton.

    18. Jim Says:

      torrence says, “There is no way out under the present state of affairs other than to replace the current political order with one guided by National Socialist principles”. The current jew controlled insane asylum that is ZOG continually produces idiots like Nancy, who have lost all touch with reality. National Socialism replaces jewish lies with Aryan Truth. It combines biological laws with spiritual science and produces a populace that is unsuseptable to the bullshit lies that Nancy has fallen for.

    19. Virgil Says:

      Nuke L.A.!

    20. DMS Says:

      Nancy sounds like a trainload of ZOG talking points going off the rails at 70 MPH.

    21. Tim McGreen Says:

      There’s no point trying to convince an anti-White Jew bitch like Nancy that her arguments are a tissue of stupid lies. The anti-White crowd couldn’t care less about the truth anyway.

    22. Green Eagle Says:

      The funny thing is, deep down inside, you racist hatemongers know that it it YOU and it has always been people like you who are the dregs of society, the dead weight that has prevented country after country from being better places.

      Well, like it or not, ignorant, greed-maddened white racist pigs make up a smaller part of our country every year, and eventually (as usual) it will be the task of all of the rest of us to clean up the filth you have created.

    23. Jim Says:

      Fuck you, Green Eagle, you filthy commie jew bastard. We may make up a small part of the country now, but we are growing stronger every day. On the Day of the Rope it will be jewish filth like you who will be OUR task to clean up. Swim back to Tel Aviv, you slimey mother fucker.

    24. Green Eagle Says:

      The day of the rope. Commie jew bastard.

      Jim, you must be so proud of your command of the English language.

    25. Jim Says:

      Its the only language that people seem to understand, Green Eagle. Why do you come onto a White Nationalist website to spread your poison?. There are enough websites out there that cater to your views. I know that you jews are doing everything you can to try to censor the Internet, so that it will be a criminal offense to express our “racist and hateful” views. I apologize for using such explicit language, but I am really PISSED OFF at idiots like you.

    26. Jim Says:

      Correction: Its the only language that people LIKE YOU seem to understand, Green Eagle.

    27. Dave Says:

      The blacks have been doing this for years to cities like Compton,East St Louis,Detroit etc. They just never had their own flag to fly and were to lazy and stupid to try to rename a school.

      Being from San Diego it is just hilarious to me how this is all of a sudden a big issue. We have lost so much of our country since 1965 that it could easily be classified as lost territorial battles, dotting the nation. Where I lived it was not at all uncommon to never hear English spoken or to see mexican flags flown instead of our own.

      They talk about that area in AZ that has been virtually lost to the drug cartels and is a no go zone for U.S citizens. When is the last time any major U.S city didn’t have a significant portion of it that was no longer under white, U.S control. As a young kid that was one of the things that made me the most angry. Knowing that I had to watch my back and my words in a nation my ancestors built.

    28. Tim McGreen Says:

      Anti-White scum like Green Beagle like to smear pro-White people as immature idiots, losers, etc. But little does that turd know that many of the pro-White people who post here are war veterans, college graduates, run their own businesses, are professionally employed, own their own homes, have raised their own families or have accomplished other such things that Society generally approves of.

      Now by contrast, let’s look at the typical anti-White liberal douchebag. Such a person is most likely a pervert with a history of mental illness and drug abuse. This person most likely hates his/her/its parents, hates children and has some kind of useless, parasitic occupation like being a professor of feminist literature or a “civil rights” activist. This degenerate probably lives in some urban yuppie neighborhood that is too expensive for any niggers or spics to move into, even though the White and Jewish liberal yuppies who live in that neighborhood like to brag about all the colored friends they have and how “equal” everyone is.

      The anti-White liberal douchebag prides himself/herself/itself on being open-minded, yet is one of the most hate-crazed, nastiest, neurotic, negative and intolerant people you will probably ever meet. Your ideology must be in rigid conformity with that of the anti-White liberal douchebag, otherwise he/she/it will start flaming all over you. The anti-White liberal douchebag is a perpetual crybaby who likes to think he/she/it is morally superior to those with whom he/she/it disagrees. But in reality this individual is not superior to anyone, not physically, not morally, not intellectually.

      The anti-White liberal douchebag is a spoiled malcontent who does everything he/she/it can to pervert, corrupt and destroy society in the name of “social progress” or in the the name of “saving the environment”. After the Revolution, such troublemakers will be sent to concentration camps, where for the first time in their wretched lives, they will be required to perform useful labor or die.

    29. Jim Says:

      Tim, you are absolutely right. (Take note, Yahoody.) Assholes like Green Eagle are either kikes or spoiled upper middle class liberal brats, who have never had the pleasure of experiencing nigger and spic crime close up. You really have to feel sorry for creeps like him. Little does this little twerp realize that the true haters are the same people that he idolizes: the jews, the niggers, and the shit liberals that keep this whole charade going. As far as White Nationalists going out and shooting up synagogues or black churches, these incidents are usually FBI/CIA operations used to discredit the Movement. No real White Nationalist would ever approve of or participate in such activities.

    30. Jim Says:

      “Being that you are a racist hatemonger and I am not, I am morally superior to you” Jeeeeeez, I just felt a gob of Green Eagle bird shit drop on my head. You know, the Green Eagle is the only bird in captivity that thinks its shit doesn’t stink. They are also known for their “holier than thou attitude”, and believe that they are god’s chosen birds. They are very envious of the American Bald Eagle and are constantly advocating miscegenation between Bald Eagles and penguins. Never attempt to dine on Green Eagle meat. It has a strong, putrid flavor, that although kosher will kill a jew at the first bite.

    31. Green Eagle Says:

      Hey, guys, bird shit doesn’t stink. Geez, try living in the real world once in a while.

      Anyway, I’ve had enough fun running rings around you. I’m bored now. Bye!

    32. Jim Says:

      Your shit is the only bird shit that stinks, dickhead. White Nationalists DO live in the real world. Why don’t YOU try living in the real world sometime instead of the fantasy world concocted by your jewish fellow tribesmen.

    33. Tim McGreen Says:

      That’s right, Green Beagle, keep flying. I have to put up with namby-pamby liberals like you all the time here in the Northeast and I’m getting more than a little tired of it. Your kind will be effectively dealt with when the time comes.

    34. Henry Says:

      “Sure, you could go out and shoot up a synagogue or a black church and kill a bunch of people. But no serious person voluntarily adopts the trappings of a hated and failed party. The truth is, nothing like Naziism has ever regained its position once it has been crushed.”
      Mr. G.Eagle

      Dear Mr. Eagle: No serious person here (to my knowledge) is advocating shooting up a synagogue or a black church, or killing anybody (except provocateurs trying to stir something up). If they are, I haven’t seen it. So you needn’t bring that up because it’s irrelevant. In fact, it’s an implication that’s untrue. You have a lurid imagination.

      However, I will grant you that I don’t know of any historical examples of any movement which has been crushed and destroyed ever coming back to life either. But nobody here is trying to revivify THAT movement. That is in the past, another time and place. We know that.

      It’s been discussed here before that these are new times and another place, and in need of new ideas, new people, new strategies to deal with new problems. Nostalgia is nice, perhaps, but living in the past is pointless.

      I don’t know if you’re real or a phony (there are so many lurking about), but I will agree at least that “nothing has ever regained its position once it has been crushed.” However, we’re not trying to do that. What we need is to look to the future.

    35. David Baker Says:

      Perhaps there is a point to make here, and if this “Green Eagle” character would like to reply, I’ll read your post. The problem with these people is that they don’t consider themselves “Americans”. Rather, like other races they have adopted the liberal ‘hyphenated citizenship’ label: Hispanic or Mexican Americans. Last night, there were thirty or so of them hollering at the top of their lungs during an extemporaneous brawl between two latinas. Glass was broken, cars were dented, and a few of the males entered the fray, as I watched from my bathroom window (This was around 1:00 AM) What truly distinguished this activity was both the viciousness of the latinas, and the predeliction toward violent confrontation by the latinos.

      Several years ago, I entered a bar in Tijuana to listen to the band. The place was dingy, reeking of mold and urine, dark and menacing. As I stood near the door, someone shouted “Hey, Gringo!” Knowing what I knew of that language, it was apparent that he was talking to me. From out of the darkness came an older looking man, slowly edging toward me as if to warn me of future conflict. “Gringo” he yelled in a threatening tone, “You dawn’t belong in here”. I was slightly taken aback, but I decided to respond with respect. “Senior, I came to listen to the music” I said, smiling as I pointed toward what I thought was the stage. “I told you, man: You don’t belong in here”, as he pointed to the doorway. Realizing I was not in my country, I thought it best to exit the premises, especially when four more of the patrons approached me with glaring hatred in their eyes. This left an impression on me, as I would think such an experience would leave an impression on you. It is my opinion that these people don’t like us, they don’t want us in ‘their’ venues, and they will resort to violence in order to ’emphasize’ their edicts. As far as I am concerned, when you are in another country, you either graciously accept and adhere to the laws, traditions, etiquette and cultural differences in that country, or expect to be disparaged.

    36. David Baker Says:

      Tim McGreen, the standard liberal reaction to anyone who contravenes their ‘authority’ (Yep, they ARE control freaks) is what I call the SMR, or “Scalded Monkey Routine”. It involves whining, high pitched tirades that invariably include heaps of ad hominem along with well-worn phrases like “Hate”, “Bigot”, “Nazi” and a host of other heated verbiage. What this little act REALLY does is shut down their opponent. One cannot get a word in edgewise when the liberal tirades are initiated. These people are slowly but surely destroying our society, but they continue to foist their altruistic agendas upon the ‘unenlightened’. I will guarantee this: Every liberal program in existence would disappear tomorrow if liberals were made to underwrite the costs of those programs. You can carve that ‘hateful’ paragraph in stone.

    37. Tim McGreen Says:

      I just learned that the word “bigot” is simply the German expression for “By God”. In other words, it’s merely an exclamation or an oath. What’s so bad about that? It must be the hard “g” sound in the middle that makes it a suposedly negative word.

    38. David Baker Says:

      Nancy, “…Hate and Violence”? Uh, would you please describe in your own tolerant terms what Mr. Savage (Weiner) evokes in one of his MANY tirades? He is a cheerleader for PNAC, which is a J-E-W-I-S-H doctrine for the subjugation of Arab oil-producing countries by U.S. forces. I don’t suppose our military folks are just going to plant our ensign on foreign soil and declare it as our property. Most probably, there will be some conflict which MAY involve the deaths of arabs, Americans, and any other people who get in the way of those battles. Could we presume that YOU will be there to ward off such ‘violence’?

    39. Tim McGreen Says:

      Forget it, Mr. Baker, Comrade Nancy is long gone. Her kind can’t stick around to defend their childish taunts. I only hope she was shocked and appalled by all the honest to goodness pro-White information and commentary she found here. Once you admit that you don’t believe in the Holohoax and that you don’t believe Blacks are mentally equal to Whites, then the Jews and liberals have no choice but to back down and leave you alone. You are now and forever beyond their control.

    40. Yahoody Doody Says:

      Jim Says:
      Tim, you are absolutely right. (Take note, Yahoody.)

      Note duly taken, Jim. And you’re right about that. In fact, I have to agree with our so-called “Tim” this time, because hes playing good boy right now and telling you what you want to hear. Hes not telling you how he plans to “march you into the pit” and be done with all types like us. (Did you remember to take note of that also?)

      Dont be fooled by this cunning con artist, Jim. He hasnt changed his stripes. Hes already revealed himself for who and what he is. He cant change it. And we mustnt forget it.

    41. Yahoody Doody Says:

      I suspect Comrade Nancy was probably just pitching in to give some help to Comrad “Tim” while Abe is on vacation in Israel.

      “Tim” has been feeling kind of low lately, since he’s been exposed. Rumour has it that Mr. Foxman is pretty damned annoyed with him. In fact, Abe may be thinking of replacing “Tim” when he returns. An exposed agent is a useless agent.

    42. Howdy Doody Says:

      When the upper class Whites can no longer have their gated hideways protected and the mega wealthy of CA. with five thousand acre fenced propertie’s can’t keep the savages it will be over then.

      Of course the true elites will alot of private armies like South of the border and the flip islands.