13 July, 2010

Edgar Steele Update

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Yes, yes, it’s just a coincidence that whenever a well-known White nationalist finds himself in a legal pickle, a federal informant is central to the government’s case against him. Things just, ya know, happen that way…each time…


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    1. Jim Says:

      At this point, I am about 90% certain that Steele was framed by the feds. The charges brought against him just do not add up. It’s kind of like 911 all over again. Steele is an attorney and defended people that ZOG was out to destroy. Now ZOG is out to destroy Edgar Steele. Steele was a highly intelligent and articulate spokesman for our Cause, although it seemed he was starting to go over to the “Patriotard”side a few months ago with his bid for an appointment in the Constitution Party. Men like Steele, with a certain amount of power and influence are just too dangerous for the jewish powers that be to deal with. The solution: Manufacture a phony attempted murder charge against him, throw him in the slammer, and then what? Maybe after a couple months in the pen, further actions could be taken to take him out of commission for good. Wake up White Man. Unless you are a jew or a nigger, ZOG is your ENEMY.

    2. Howdy Doody Says:

      Dec, 7, 1941 treason and then June 8, 1967 when wounded White sailors that were in Yellow Life Rafts were machine gunned to death on international waters.

      Those crimes above have never arrived at the bar of Justice, so naturally mass murder and insurance fraud shouldn’t have suprised US nine years ago.



      Justice is blind, and should not be blind siding a decent man and ex Coast Guard officer. IMO the treatment of accorded him is akin to an enemy of a regime no any Freedom Loving Nation.

    3. Howdy Doody Says:

      Not any freedom loving Nation

    4. Howdy Doody Says:


      Clear as a bell.

    5. Howdy Doody Says:


      Edinburgh Military Tattoo

    6. torrence Says:

      “it’s just a coincidence that whenever a well-known White nationalist finds himself in a legal pickle, a federal informant is central to the government’s case against him.” Good observation Alex. You’re right. Never really condensed it to this conclusion.

      The malformations underway in this country are accelerating. We now have a reformed Jewdicial System, formerly operating as the Judicial System. For the first time in my life, it is now dawning on me that there truly is a certain danger to live as I do; to harbor a world-view such as I have. If this causes concern to the Jewdicial system and prompts it to take note, I must be right.

      “When freedom is desecrated, you’ll find the best men in prison.” Adolph Hitler

    7. Luek Says:

      Well, what did you expect?

      We have a half nigger President who is the illegitimate spawn of a alcoholic nigger sperm donor and a lunatic mother who got off screwing non white men. She did however have the good graces to croak from vaginal cancer in her 50’s .

      A major national holiday honors a whore hopping Social Marxist.

      And the list goes on.

    8. M. Kraus Says:

      Men like Steele, with a certain amount of power and influence are just too dangerous for the jewish powers that be to deal with.

      Power and influence? Steele doesn’t hold any office, he’s not a CEO, he’s not a judge, he’s not the president of any political organization. Sure he won a case for Lonny Rae…he also lost one for Aryan Nations. Steele is an author of “anti-Semitic” works, but so are a lot of other people. I don’t know why Steele would be any more of a threat to ZOG than, say, Tom Metzger or Alex Linder, neither of whom have been framed for conspiracy to murder.

      “When freedom is desecrated, you’ll find the best men in prison.” Adolph Hitler

      Yes, but won’t they be charged with political or speech “crimes” instead of conspiracy to commit murder?

      I’m not against Steele at all…I think he’s a very bright guy who understands the anti-White mentality, and has written some great things. But the idea of ZOG framing him, and basing their case on the testimony of one half-baked individual, doesn’t seem plausible to me.

    9. Yahoody Doody Says:

      “A major national holiday honors a whore hopping Social Marxist.” — Luek


      Hey, Luek! You put all of that so very well!!!
      I loved every word.
      In fact, I wish you did go on.

    10. Jimmy Smith Says:

      Mr. Krauly – Tom Metzger is Masonic an agent for the “elite” Jews, a shabbos trickster. The fact is, the Freemasons [Illuminati] are used by the Jews to most of their dirty work [Fairfax] in the world. My best friend growing up turns out to be Masonic, something he was not even fully informed of until around the age of thirty – for fear he would tell people like me about it. Without the use of the shabbos Illuminati the Jews would be fucked a thousand times over, yet is something that is terribly missing in the discussion on this board. Why?

      I have posted other bits of inside information on this board only to have them erased. I did not read a million books, or research it all out on the net like you all have to do [Jim]. No, impossible, I simply listened to my Masonic friend tell me what the fuck is really going on [9-11, Himmler is a Jew, they are going to nuke Israel, and plenty more that is coming].

      You would all be advised to read “The Bush Connection” by Orion – as it is the most relevant bit of information that I could find available consistent with my Masonic informants revelations. This should help you all understand how it really is, spend the $19.99 its money well spent. Check out the free video on youtube first.

      Until you recognize and include the Freemasons in your/our discussion you will be short of the full ramifications necessary to understand the shit-pile that is America. The Protocols spell out how the “elite” Jews will use these sorry shabbos suck-ups to commit their sub-human acts

    11. Jim Says:

      Jimmy Smith, I don’t see anyone here denying the fact that the jews have used Freemasonary for their own sinister purposes for hundreds of years. Virtually ALL equalitarian and internationalist fantasies have their origin in the deranged jewish mindset. There is no way however, that Tom Metzger is in any way affiliated with either the jews or the Masons. If anyone is a “shabboz trickster”, it is you, Jimmy.

    12. old dutch Says:

      VNN has the same problems as Edgar Steele—too many comments by buffoons like Larry Fairfax.

    13. Antagonistes Says:

      Still, I have a feeling that there is something screwy here, on Steele’s part.

      The handyman offered to be a hit-man, and Steele kept him around–after what happened to that Aryan Nation’s guy, Matt Hale, being framed?

      Steele’s wife and son are beginning to believe the Feds’ version and don’t go see him?

      I think this letter is a fake.

    14. Whitey Says:

      Always use highly reputable home repair firms that you approach first. This will involve extra costs, especially for those living in remote, rural areas. Stay with the repairmen and watch them carefully. If the FBI wants to bug a WN house, one of the easiest ways would be to send out a skilled handyman who would offer to work for a fraction of the prevailing rate. The informant may have bugged Steele’s house, and a reason for the FBI to tear the house apart, besides stealing silver, would have been to remove the bugs and evidence of bugging.

      >The handyman offered to be a hit-man, and Steele kept him >around–after what happened to that Aryan Nation’s guy, Matt >Hale, being framed?

      The handyman may have been willing to work for so little money that Steele couldn’t resist using him.

    15. Jim Says:

      Does ZOG have a hard on for attorneys and potential attorneys who don’t kow tow to the kikes and are willing and intelligent enough to defend White interests? Matt Hale was denied entrance to the Bar on the basis of his racial beliefs, then set up by the feds; Edgar Steele has spent many years of his career defending White interests, then is set up and framed by the feds. De ja vue anyone?

    16. Sgt. Skull Says:

      Steele is being treated like he killed or was planning to kill thousands of people. By denying him bail and the right to contact his family and friends the judge has already rendered a guilty verdict. The presumption of innocence is so yesterday and so white gentile after all.

      This is the stuff of the former Soviet Union not America. Then again, guess which ethnic group exercised control over that slave and murder state? If you guessed the Jews you win all expense trip to Waziristan.

      If Edgar directed his ire against the Illuminati, Bohemian Grove and Freemasons instead of the Jews something tells me he would still be a free man. His only hope is for an all star defense attorney like Gerry Spence, Roy Black, or Mark Geragos to take the case which sadly won’t happen. He’ll be betrayed by his court appointed defense attorney just like Matt Hale.

    17. Jim Says:

      Exactly right, Sgt Skull, I notice that people like Alex Jones, who blame all the world’s ills on the Illuminati, Bohemian Grove, etc never seem to get in big trouble with the feds. Of course I’m quite sure that having a jewish wife doesn’t hurt him either. He literally craps his pants if somebody calls in and insinuates that perhaps the jews may be part of the problem. As you say, if Edgar Steele had towed the party line on the jewish question, he would surely be a free man today. Death to ZOG.

    18. old dutch Says:

      What possible standing could the ADL of the B’nai Brith have in the Steele case? Why is the ADL of the B’nai Brith being permitted to interject their opinions in Federal Court in the Steele case. Neither Steele nor his wife are Jews—why is the B’nai Brith being quoted in Federal Court?

      It would seem to me that both the Federal Judge, and the Federal Prosecuters in the Steele case are leaving themselves wide open for sanctions and discipline by including the opinions of the ADL of the B’nai Brith in the prosecution of Edgar Steele.

    19. John A Says:

      “This guy had offered to be a hit man before, more than once, but I dismissed him as a harmless buffoon.”

      This is not credible from anyone with a modicum of intelligence, let alone an attorney.

      Let’s give him the benefit of the doubt and say he couldn’t figure out that he was being set up. Why didn’t he tell the handyman that he thought he was crazy and didn’t want to see him again? That he would call the cops if came back?

      Instead, he lets it go and allows himself to be solicited “more than once” without doing or saying anything.

      If he was a ghetto retard I might believe that narrative. Unfortunately, he was smart enough to get an MBA from U C Berkeley and a Law Degree from UCLA. His explanation just doesn’t add up. I’m sorry to say that because I liked his commentaries and bought his book.

    20. -jc Says:

      Dutch, obviously you’re not aware of the ADL’s extensive resources and special relationship of which the FBI avails itself. For example: http://www.adl.org/learn/additional_resources/publications_terrorism.asp

    21. Yahoody Doody Says:

      I dont know much about the Masons, so I can’t offer any comment on that — although I wish I could. But I try to allow every argument an open mind. And Im not well informed about this Steele case either. But the article certainly presents a nightmarish picture of justice usurped and gone haywire. It sounds like something out of the Soviet Union during the Stalin years. He cant see his family? He cant have phone calls? Arent you innocent until proven guilty? Is this still America anymore? This is the type of tyranny we thought were fighting during the long, drawn-out Cold War. And for what? Was it all for nothing? Now we have it right here!

    22. Yahoody Doody Says:

      Thanks for that link, Jc. A cozy relationship exists betwen the government and the ADL, which organization functions almost as a quasi-official extension of the US government, enjoying quasi-official powers. When the ADL barks, local police organizations jump. And what the ADL wants, it gets. Believe me, I know.

      Unfortunately, the sub-links did not work for me, such as the one applying to monitoring the Internet, something that posters here need to give some serious thought to, since they dont seem to think it could happen to them.
      I did, however, find this interesting item:

      ADL Condemns Parade Commemorating Nazi Invasion of Latvia


    23. Tim McGreen Says:

      I wonder if Amnesty International, the American Civil Liberties Union or the International Red Cross will lodge a formal protest against the US govt for the harassment, abuse and unlawful imprisonment of this sick, elderly man based solely on his beliefs. Will thousands of protestors gather at the Federal prison where he’s being held to demand his release? Will NPR, Democracy Now! and the BBC broadcast special reports about the plight of Mr. Steele? Will Sean Penn, Bono and Susan Sarandon go on international TV to defend him? Will top-flight Jew lawyers like Alan Dershowitz agree to take his case pro bono?

      Maybe if Mr. Steele changed his name to Mumia Abu Jamal Steele, rubbed some brown shoe polish on his face and shot a state trooper to death on the NJ Turnpike the media and all those professional activists would give a damn about him.

    24. Sgt. Skull Says:

      The answer to all Tim’s questions is a resounding no. If Edgar preached hatred against his own people, or encouraged non-whites to rise up and butcher whites, or if he was just a gentile ingloriuos bastard he would have been given some kind of man of the year award by the ADL.

      Regarding the letter published on Rense I have my doubts about its veracity. The letter appears to implicate Steele just a teeny bit by his stated knowledge that Fairfax was a hit man. From all accounts letters to Edgar are being returned and he can’t send letters out yet somehow we are to believe that this one slipped through to see the light of day? I have my doubts.

    25. whiteagle54 Says:

      if i was in jail for something like that knowing that i was wrongly accused and probably gonna see the chair or be executed somehow, i would hope my people had the balls to band together and bust me out and lets get started taking our country back,.. taking my leader would be the green light for me to take action!!!!!

    26. Tim McGreen Says:

      Sgt. Skull, I think it’s safe to say that the Empire is trying to float a lot of rumors and disinformation about Steele in hopes of villifying him in the eyes of the public and discouraging his supporters by filling them with all kinds of doubt, confusion and suspicion.

    27. New America Says:

      Two quick comments:

      One, I have asked one and all, on far too many occasions over the past several years, to go to Ed’s website and download the mp3 of “Let’s Get Small.”

      If you will listen to it, you will see how Ed clearly spoke of being set up in petty much the manner he was set up; note the actual physical evidence that sent Matt Hale away forever.

      Two, Jim Giles has done ALL of the heavy lifting for this side. Giles has the key – an expert who can authenticate, or not, the tape that will be the core evidence against Steele at trial. Note that the expert will cost about twenty-five grand or so – about four grand to review the tape, three thousand a day for his efforts pre-trial and at trial – plus expenses.

      So, essentially, Steele’s friends and family can lay the foundation for his freedom by coming up with about twenty-five grand.

      How much did VNN raise for Chester Doles?

      Think you got your money’s worth?

      Second, Giles noted Steele needs a First Amendment lawyer to remove the gag order Steele an his family are under.

      Any estimates on that?

      Three, this may be erroneous on my part, but it would seem Steele is shocked at how easily he has been neutralized.

      Anyone who listened to the “Let’s Get Small” mp3 would tend to believe Steele would be prepared for such events.

      And anyone who thinks Gerry Spence would come riding down (over?) to Edgar’s rescue does not understand the economics of law.

      Certainly, Spence could recommend another attorney instead of himself.

      Giles spoke with an attorney who does such work, and studied under Spence.

      I think the fee mentioned ran to between one hundred and two hundred and fifty thousand dollars.

      As Kevin Alfred Strom liked to quote, “Freedom Is Not Free.”

      From what I can see, thanks to the intellectually honest efforts of Jim Giles, the price of Steele’s freedom starts at twenty-five thousand dollars or so, and goes up from there.

      WAY up.

      Those are the facts.

      THOSE are the issue we should be discussing, AFTER we have listened to the mp3 of “Let’s Get Small.”

      We Have A Duty To Our Racial Destiny.

      Covington’s Call – a White Homeland, for OUR Posterity, in a Northwest Republic – remains the Highest and Best Hope for OUR Posterity.

      Take Control Of The Destiny That Is Rightfully Yours.

    28. Howdy Doody Says:


      Look how a guilty savage still got his bretheren’s loud support though guilty.

      Hope that ex Coast Guard Officer’s are trying to help give attention to Edgar J. Steel.

      The fact that the regime media has been quiet says something to me.