31 December, 2010

Russia: Jewish Oligarch Sentenced to Prison

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How many times can Jews rape a country? In Russia’s case, at least twice: once under Bolshevism and once again under capitalism (there’s a lesson there). Khodorkovsky is one of the original “oligarchs” — a half-dozen Jews who, in the 1990s, hijacked Russia’s economy and its natural resources for their own gain. Some of the oligarchs later fled to Israel. Importantly, the oligarchs had close ties to powerful American Jews. Those ties were vital to the oligarch’s control of Russian oil, gas, minerals, banks and media companies:


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    1. littlefieldjohn Says:

      The Jew Khodorkovsky’s crimes are worse than just economical.
      There were a number of murders of high- profile people in places where Yukos pushed its business agenda.
      Which back then was not rare in Russia, so one can call prosecution of Khodorkovsky “selective justice”.
      But nevertheless – Khodorkovsky is a real criminal, far worse than the Jew Bernie Madoff (and the latter one was given a life sentence)

    2. Blackshirt Says:

      It is beyond obvious that the Jewish media in the western world is completely upset over Khordorkovsky’s conviction. You’d have to be blind to not have heard anything about this if you watch any kind of news at all. It all has an air of desperation if you ask me. Why are the Jews so upset over this one single Jew in Russia?

      I’ve heard it argued before on some racial/WN websites that Putin is a unreconstructed Communist and some say he is just another ZOG puppet. All I can do is judge the man by his actions, and what I see is a genuine Russian patriot, and one that has no qualms about doing what is in the Russian people’s best interest, and he is not afraid to face off against world Jewry in defense of his people.

    3. Jürgen Says:


      Thanks for the clarification – I didn’t realize
      this tycoon was a jew – perhaps, with all his
      money, he got a good nose job done or something.

      Now I don’t quite trust Putin, but yes, he has done
      some very pro-White things for sure. I’m open to be
      corrected by anyone knowing information on Putin.
      But it surely seems like big jew has lost Russia in the
      general sense. Those filthy hebes have to see Russia
      ans Iran tag-teeaming in their sleep at night.

      Hope you all had a WHITE Christmas – I sure did, over
      in occupied Denmark. Ein Glücklisches Neues Jahr and
      Heil Hitler to all. You guys R-O-C-K in here!

    4. Miller Says:

      The kike is smiling in every photograph. Why?

      Is he really behind bars or is he playing a part in a hoax?

      Perhaps this is to create the impression in the West that Russia is not aligned with World Jewry.

    5. WVA8 Says:

      go back to sleep..no one knew jews were stealing from russia in the 1990s

    6. Miller Says:

      The Cold War was an example of the Jews playing one super power against the other in order to divert power to World Jewry.

      There was never an arms race, only a charade carried out by Jewry in which to preoccupy the West while the state of Israel was built up.

      How has this basic plan changed?

      Communism collapsed. Or did it?

      White Nationalists had better wake up and realize that Russia and The United States are both ZOG. World wars are fleecing operations. It is the ordinary Jew in our midst who is the ultimate enemy for they are not capable of co-existence.

      To avoid the end of the human race, a total biological extermination of the Jewish genotype is likely to be the only solution.

      For humanities’ sake, I hope that we Homo Sapiens are successful in creating and deploying a species-specific bio-weapon targeting Neanderthal DNA.

      We need to put an end to this stone age war.

    7. Tim McGreen Says:

      Khordorovsky is probably using his Jew money to bribe the prison guards into letting him get special treatment and all kinds of contraband smuggled in, like caviar or locks and bagels, that dirty, arrogant Jew.

      I just heard that the ZOG regime in Washington has denounced Russia’s justice system as corrupt and unfair for sending the Jew back to the slammer. Like ZOG never abused its own justice system to silence people IT didn’t like!

      Just mind your own damn business, Jews. You don’t run Russia anymore.

    8. Luke Says:

      I just recently listened to Dr. Pierce’s radio show that was on the front VNN page, and as he correctly stated – jews like Khordorovsky are usually only successful in their thieving enterprises because somewhere along the way, they were able to con a white gentile into joining in with them and helping to run cover for them. This is what whites need to address first and foremost – identifying the race traitors in our midst and purging them from positions of power or authority. Race treason has to be placed back at the top of unforgivable crimes, if whites are to ever survive and break the jewish stranglehold over our nations.

    9. Howdy Doody Says:

      Edgar J. Steel

      jooo regime media could not feel shame if they wanted to.

    10. Tim McGreen Says:

      The problem of White race-traitors cannot be stressed enough, Luke. Without goy front-men like Dick Cheney, John Bolton, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, John Hagee, etc. the Jews would have less power and influence than the Eskimos.

    11. Sean Gruber Says:

      Agreed, folks. Whites should not go into business with jews. Jews are thieves, they take the business over and rape you hard. But in the meantime, you have helped them into positions of power, influence, wealth, and authority. Pull the rug out from under them. Don’t even go to square one with a jew.

      Like a red light at the edge of a pool full of alligators, jew=STOP. Period.

    12. Howdy Doody Says:

      I got ripp jooo who was married to a White Blonde and he had an Irish name from his weatlhy father, but his mother was a 100% zio kike,as he and his children are.

      Two faced double dealing POS.

      Hard core leftist Zio is he, finding it out answered some questions.

    13. Howdy Doody Says:

      I got ripped off by a crypto jooo.

    14. Mary O Says:

      Quote from the link: “International reaction was again damning. Mr Khodorkovsky is widely viewed as a political prisoner and symbol of a corrupt Russian judicial system.”

      Note that the word “international” is being used as code for “Jewish” or perhaps “Zionist.”

      Today’s Russia is the new 1930s Germany. In arresting this crook, Russia is merely asserting its sovereignty and protecting its own interests.

      Quote from the link: “The Russian foreign ministry, speaking after Mr Khodorkovsky was found guilty on Monday, told international critics to mind their own business.”

      MYOB. Would also have been excellent advice back in 1939.

      The author, Roland Oliphant, doesn’t seem to examine the issues too deeply.

      For example, Oliphant, on the concept of the “Russian soul” being supposedly hollow:
      “An Exercise in Disbelief”

      Quote from the link: “… Tolstoy’s “War and Peace” Natasha Rostova, another sheltered St. Petersburg lady … finds in herself some innate knowledge “imbibed from the Russian air” of how to dance to a “Russian” peasant tune she has never heard.”

      Apparently, Mr. Oliphant never even read War & Peace.

      Natasha is not from St. Petersburg, nor is her experience especially sheltered. Thanks to her father’s lack of common sense, and her mother’s chronic ill health, she is nearly seduced by Anatole Kuragin, who would have ruined her.

      Quote from W&P, Tolstoi:

      Although in Moscow the Rostovs belonged to the best society — themselves unaware of the fact, and never troubling themselves to consider what society they belonged to — yet in Petersburg their position was an uncertain and indefinite one. In Petersburg they were provincials; and were not visited by the very people who in Moscow had dined at the Rostov’s expense without their inquiring to what society they belonged.

      Throughout the book, the more authentically Russian Moscow is contrasted to more sophisticated Petersburg, closer in culture to Western Europe.

      The event at which Natasha performs this dance is a visit to her uncle’s house with her brother Nikolay after a hunting trip.
      And, the tune is a traditional Russian song, but not described as “peasant.” Her uncle plays the tune expertly, and everyone is pleased that Natasha knows (instinctively?) how to dance with Russian style.

      Neither wealthy nor influential outside his own community, their uncle lives in rustic comfort; and embraces an active country-gentry lifestyle.

      Tolstoy is not trying to unite Natasha with the peasants; he is merely illustrating that although she and her brother could easily enjoy a more modest life in the country, a certain ambition drives them to greater success. Their uncle is exactly the sort of gentleman that Nikolay would have eventually become if Nikolay had not decided to forsake his fiancee, Sonya, to marry Princess Marya for her tremendous wealth.

      Tolstoy does not sentimentalize his characters nor does he portray them as saints: the Rostovs, though good-hearted, fun-loving and generous, can also be crassly materialistic.

      Quote from same link, Oliphant regarding “Anna Karenina”:

      As Konstantin Levin, the virtuous farmer of Anna Karenina, whom Tolstoy put perhaps most of himself into, finds, it was almost impossible to bridge the gap between the nobility and the peasantry. No matter how long he studied, emulated and idolized the peasants, he was an outsider. And the peasants made up some 80 percent of the population. Maybe they were the guardians of a holier, purer form of Russian life—but neither Tolstoy, nor any of his peers, could be counted on to access or understand it.

      Levin is deeply sympathetic to the peasants, and he wants to provide good leadership; but they fight his every plan for improving their lot. At one point, Levin even fantasizes about marrying a peasant woman; but by chance he then sees Kittie riding by in a carriage with her sister, and instantly realizes that he could be happy with no one but her.

      Tolstoy does not believe that the peasants are “holier, purer”; but rather that the misunderstanding between the two cultures is a constant source of frustration. Most of the aristocrats are giving up their land, selling it cheaply, like Levin’s close friend, Stiva Oblonsky, because they see the situation as hopeless. Yet similar conflicts between aristocrats & peasants existed in Western Europe, and national cultural identities still emerged.

      Oliphant’s criticism of the concept of the Russian soul is solely based on his emotional reaction against any cultural characteristic which might imply nationalism rather than serious scholarly inquiry.

      Another quote, from the same link:

      … But the readiness to pay for everyone’s drinks, the joy at having the whole village celebrate with you, is offset by a corresponding lack of industry and a debilitating lack of appreciation for the value of the material. “We are lazy and uninquisitive,” wrote Pushkin in a more despondent moment.

      Which is presumably why Russians like to think that all the oligarchs are Jewish, while Russians are loyal and open, abhorring deception, remarkably selfless and generous, but …

      An exercise in disbelief, indeed.

    15. mrcrouton Says:

      Kohordokovsky transferred his Yukos shares to the Jacob Rotschild.


      How else did he get money to buy up Russian wealth when they denationalized under Yeltsin?
      And in the article I pasted Rotschild has the balls to say Khordokovsky was a devoted Russian!

      Jews out!

    16. Tim McGreen Says:

      Hitler made a similar mistake to Napoleon…..Hitler should have ordered an all-out assault on Moscow, the Soviet capital, while Napoleon should have launched an all-out assault on St. Petersburg, the Tsarist capital. Better yet, neither of those great leaders should have launched an attack on Russia at all.

    17. Mary O Says:

      Napoleon should have launched an all-out assault on St. Petersburg, the Tsarist capital. Better yet, neither of those great leaders should have launched an attack on Russia at all.

      According to Tolstoi, in W&P, Napoleon’s troops had completely lost discipline by the time they burn and plunder Moscow; their leaders could no longer command them, and they had neither cohesion nor morale. At the same time, the Russian armies picked up huge numbers of new recruits, and men like the idealistic Denisov and the ruthless Dolohov engage in fierce and highly effective guerrilla attacks.

      Kutuzov deliberately holds back fighting, and allows Napoleon’s troops to go too far into Russia, knowing (?) that they will be exhausted, cut off and eventually chased out of Russia.

      But in any case Napoleon seems hardly to have had any goal in mind; what were the French going to do in Russia anyway but eventually cede power back to the same people whom they ripped it from?

    18. Sean Gruber Says:

      “Which is presumably why Russians like to think that all the oligarchs are Jewish” (quote from “news” story)

      Are these media kikes trying to put over the idea that Khordorovsky is not a jew? And that jews aren’t responsible for the looting of Russia and it’s the Russian people who are at fault – for being “lazy” and “uninquisitive”?

      That is chutzpah on steroids!

      If I rob you blind, do I get off the hook by saying, “Well, if you weren’t so stupid, you would never have let me rob you. So, it’s YOUR fault, you cow.”

      Such are the themes of these mainstream “news” stories: it isn’t us jews, and anyway we deserve to rob you, because you’re dumb.

      Time to kill the jews.

    19. Sean Gruber Says:

      How “dumb” will we, your victims, be – when we’re tightening the noose around your rat jew necks and your beady eyes are popping out of your head from the pressure? Feel the oxygen leave your body for good, jews.

      Feel it.

      Because it’s coming.

    20. Tim McGreen Says:

      When I think of all those Jews who brazenly lied us into those stupid wars of criminal imperialist aggression against Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan, when I think of all the White families who have to keep tightening their belts while the Jews live in undeserved comfort and ease, when I think of all those Jews in the press, the government and academe who use their influence over society to try and destroy us, when I think of how good the Jews have it yet constantly whine and demand even more………………

      Suffice it to say that it will be a genuine pleasure to ruthlessly eliminate them and their Christian/Capitalist/Yuppie/Conservative/Mischling/Gentile enablers ONCE AND FOR ALL .

      Remember when Odysseyus came back to Ithaca and found all those parasites living off his land and bothering his family? What did he do? Did he try to reason with them? Did he try to form a third party and vote his way out his predicament? Did he get his neighbors to sign a petition? Did he move away to another community and hope the scum wouldn’t follow him there? No sir, like any good White Man he TOOK OUT THE TRASH.

      And that’s what we need to do. ASAP.

    21. Mary O Says:

      What makes a mainstream journalist?


      Roland Oliphant was born and raised in East Sussex, England. In 2002 he escaped to Hungary, starting an enduring relationship with Eastern Europe. In 2006 he graduated from the University of Edinburgh with an M.A. in Philosophy and moved to Moscow, where he worked as an English Teacher and Editor for RIA Novosti before joining Russia Profile in September 2008. His hobbies include travel, reading and the martial arts.

      Oliphant escaped from England to Hungary in 2002. What was he – in a UK version of a federal pen?

      An ex-co-worker graduated from an Ivy League university. He assured me that it is not true that the profs there just automatically give bad grades to any paper expressing a right wing opinion; however, he assured me, any piece of drivel that you scribble down on the bus on your way to class will get an “A” as long as you take a leftist view, while to get a decent grade on a right-wing essay requires 10 fully foot-noted pages of serious scholarship.

      Same seems to be true in the world of so-called “mainstream journalism.” Oliphant scribbles down this poorly considered drivel in some Starbucks, and draws (we assume) a decent salary & compensation; yet were someone to argue that Tolstoy’s writing is uniquely Russian (and hence nationalist) they would not be allowed to profit one dime — despite the fact that it’s the obvious truth.

    22. Tim McGreen Says:

      What was Tolstoy’s view on the Jewish Question?

    23. Mary O Says:

      What was Tolstoy’s view on the Jewish Question?

      In “Anna Karenina,” (1877) Anna’s brother, the Prince Stepan Arkadyevitch Oblonsky, needs an extra salary to support his large family, he therefore must appeal to a panel which includes “two ministers, one lady and two Jews” for an additional bureaucratic appointment. The Jew Volgarinov deliberately humiliates him. [AK: Part VII; chapter XVII].

      Anna Karenina ends amid the nationalist political movements of 1848, as Count Vronsky taking up the pan-Slavonic cause volunteers to defend the Orthodox Serbs against Ottoman Turks, while Levin (siding with Prince Shtcherbatsky, a true Russian nationalist) remains at home.

      Therefore, according to Tolstoy, the Russian aristocracy was well under the thumb of the Jews even in the 1840s, but yet the Jews are hardly even mentioned in “War and Peace” (1869) which describes the events of 1805 through the War of 1812. Perhaps the social breakdown resulting from the French invasion, allowed a Jewish power grab?

    24. Tim McGreen Says:

      It was Napoleon who unleashed the Jews from their medieval ghettoes on to the rest of Europe, with his Code Napoleon. Well, him and the French National Assembly of 1791. He was a great man, but the greater the man, the greater his flaws. It’s axiomatic, as they say.

      From what I remember about Anna Karenina, it ended around the time of the Serbo-Turkish War/1878 Congress of Berlin period, did it not? And I remember that the character Levin decided to solve his existential crisis by devoting his life to God, much like Count Tolstoy set out to do in his final years. The last time I read those books was in college, before I became Jew-wise. So it will behoove me to read them again.

    25. Mary O Says:

      Generally, VNN posters seem to associate the creation of “ZOG” in the US with 1913 and the beginning of the Federal Reserve Bank under Woodrow Wilson, but “Birth of a Nation — Clip 5” might imply a much earlier date. I agree that Napoleon may have been the start of the problem. He also may have set up the idea of an alliance between the British and the Russians which may have helped in some part to pave the way to WW2.

    26. Tim McGreen Says:

      “He also may have set up the idea of an alliance between the British and the Russians which may have helped in some part to pave the way to WW2.”

      Yes, but don’t forget that Russia and England fought each other in the Crimean War of 1853-56.

    27. Mary O Says:

      To Tim McGreen, who said, “When I think of all those Jews who brazenly lied us into those stupid wars of criminal imperialist aggression against Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan, when I think of all the White families who have to keep tightening their belts while the Jews live in undeserved comfort and ease, when I think of all those Jews in the press, the government and academe who use their influence over society to try and destroy us, when I think of how good the Jews have it yet constantly whine and demand even more………………”

      Putnam County New York: http://www.lohud.com/article/20110107/NEWS04/101070379/Mahopac-school-officials-accused-of-anti-Semitism-in-federal-lawsuit

      Quote from the link: MAHOPAC — A Mahopac family is arguing the school district did nothing to stem the anti-Semitic taunts and other actions aimed at their daughter and has filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against the district. [end quote]

      A senior student wrote an article in a student newspaper saying that she was not interested in Bucknell University because of its high Jewish enrollment. At some point or another, several students supposedly made “anti-Semitic” statements. The Jews are now filing a class action suit which would give every Jew who ever attended this public school a tidy little chunk of the taxpayer’s money.

      New Yorkers are already hugely over-taxed. Why can’t the Jews see that this attempted shake-down is ill-advised? JMO: the lawsuit WILL get thrown out of court (believe it or not), but the fear that such legalistic maneuvers engender will cause huge resentment. Some faculty members are being threatened with termination for allowing the innocuous little article to be published in the student publication. Many Whites will simply advise their children never to say the word “Jew” for fear of some insane reprisal.

      My own alma mater was a New York State university which had at the time a high-Jewish concentration (60%). This situation was a tremendous disadvantage; for example, all the Humanities and Social Science courses were dominated by aggressive Liberal fanatics who seemed to feel that they had a license to attack anyone with an upstate NY accent, no matter how quiet, studious and apolitical. Like me, many of us were driven into scientific and technical majors as a result. Most of what I have learned about German, Russian or European history in general was from my own reading, not my formal education. Therefore, my knowledge of history is filled with gaps. You are correct that Anna Karenina actually ends in the 1870s.

      Matthew Johnson was discussing serfdom on a VOR replay tonight, and he said that the Warburgs, the Rothchilds, and other Jewish banking families gave money to the czar after 1812 in an effort to thwart Germany, but later turned on the czar. So even back then, certain Jews were interfering in Russian governance, and setting up WW2. And today, the tradition lives on with the like of Soros.

      Related example: A few years ago, a NYC Tea Party group would-be leader expressed great embarrassment that my response to an email sent to a large group, which was in turn forwarded back to a large group, expressed disgust at the kosher tax on our groceries. He was a physician, and he is probably afraid to fall outside of Jewish favor. How can we stop the government from over-taxing us, when we passively refuse to confront these private Jewish organizations who tax us for no reason?

      In White culture “civility” is always the best response, but JMO we just have a long fuse. Eventually, the Jews will curse the day that they started charging us for having the little circle-U’s on almost all of our groceries; meanwhile, most Whites can’t seem to understand that a healthy self-assertion is a better response than seemingly endless “tolerance” followed by a “Big Bang.” Better for all, White & nonwhite alike, if we just say “no” and say “NO” right now.

      White civility is used as a weapon against Whites. We are trained from our early childhood that to fight and argue are wrong, and that we should not make any waves. Other groups have no such prohibitions. Muslims are taught the opposite; they are taught that life itself is a spiritual struggle, “jihad.” To fight to advance Muslim interests is considered an honor. Jews are taught to be “feisty” and that legal battles for more money prove their “cleverness” against the “stupid” goyishers.

      We Whites tend to have too much empathy in general. Only Whites ever say something like “our dog is just like a member of the family.” Only Whites campaign to save the life of some bear that has broken into their family’s home from the rangers who have decided to put him down to protect the community. White parents will forgive their daughter’s murderer, but only if the murderer is nonwhite. White nations give out Affirmative Action and H1B jobs to an endless stream of newcomers of different race. Maybe this empathy was a selective advantage back in the days when small White groups were struggling against horrific winters; but today this empathy sets us up to be manipulated by foreign cultures: Holocaust indeed!

      One block to White self-assertion is that many Whites don’t want to bring themselves down to (what they see as) the nonwhite level. White traditions dictate that all fair fights must be evenly matched; therefore, we are loathe to actual fighting against any nonwhite groups, but instead tend to flee their presence, much as we would respond to packs of wolves.

      Another major block is that Whites tend to infantilize nonwhites. Even the mildest criticism of a nonwhite group is immediately condemned by other Whites as “hate” against “innocents.” In France, if you are nonwhite and set a car on fire, you are not an arsonist, you are a “youth.” Since nonwhites are viewed as children, we are expected to take on the role of provider and protector, that is, a parental role. If we question this role, we are deemed psychologically sick.

      We Whites also over-estimate our strengths. We are not all millionaires. When the Liberals whine of the refugee-group-du-jour, “oh, please, US public, can we keep them?” we can’t just say no. We can’t admit to ourselves that we just can’t afford to support the entirety of populations of Sub-Saharan Africa, the Caribbean basin, Mexico, South America, India, Pakistan, and everyone else who is economically disadvantaged on earth.

      Nor can Whites imagine that the world’s poor would not even appreciate the free Ivy League educations, and job preferences, the free homes, and world-class healthcare, and all the other benefits our government lavishes on them with such dizzy abandon. In our eyes, our every institution is so completely superior to those of any other culture, so much so that we cannot fathom that the fact is not crystal-clear to every living being. But yet, how much thankfulness have we really seen in the past twenty years for our generosity in funding all of these government programs?

      Therefore, we can see this tendency of Whites to fight other Whites while senselessly nurturing even openly hostile nonwhites. Could we complain openly about Jewish control of universities and media? No, our civility blocks us from not being “nice” and “good sports” — after all, didn’t the Jews win their success fair and square? That is, if you don’t examine history too deeply.

    28. Rescue Slavic Women Says:

      Do you think Ante Pavelic was white? Do you think Josip Frank was white? Do you think Serbians are niggers? Do you think there were no Serbians or Polish or Ukrainians in Dachau?



    29. Rescue Slavic Women Says:


      Let’s see you revisionists revise this. Better yet, drink some kool aid laced cyanide.

    30. Rescue Slavic Women Says:


      Only the Serbian people are justified in revenge and filming movies like Inglorious Basterds. You American wns participated in killing Serbians in the 1990s. Death to every single individual who has tortured and murdered a Serb from the Batttle of Kosovo to TODAY. Whether you’re crypto jew dressed up as a catholic, and anglo, a german, a croat, a turk, a jewish german aryan mischlinge, may you rot in hell and eat your own children alive. Slava to the true Slavic people

    31. Mary O Says:

      “Only the Serbian people are justified in revenge and filming movies like Inglorious Basterds.”

      In the film, Tarantino views WW2 from an Italian point of view: The Jews in control (of US foreign policy) viciously and dishonorably murdering Germans (Germany) for no reason.

      “You American wns participated in killing Serbians in the 1990s.”

      Can you name one prominent American White Nationalist who supported military actions against the Serbians?

    32. Mary O Says:

      Let’s see you revisionists revise this. Better yet, drink some kool aid laced cyanide.

      My beliefs are not so much along the lines of Holocaust revisionism; basically, my position is that the Holocaust should be completely rejected.

      That being said, we can have no doubt that Hitler took out a few Stalinist fanatics in Germany who happened to be Jewish, but would that not be merely an act of conventional warfare? After all, Hitler was at war with Stalin.

      Furthermore, the Holocaust has defined American political discourse for so long that America is bored sick. Propaganda is not such a perfect weapon of war that it does not backfire when overused.

      Do you think there were no Serbians or Polish or Ukrainians in Dachau?

      Were they fighting against the Germans? Is taking prisoners is not part of conventional warfare? Are you trying to profiteer off of Holocaust litigation?