28 February, 2011

‘The Battle of Cable Street,’ 1936

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Look at this giant mural (above, right) commemorating the “battle.” Did British tax dollars pay for that?

Here’s a mainstream media take on The Battle of Cable Street: [Article].

Here’s a different take on it: [Article].

They even made a short film about it, which was spawned by money from a Jewish film festival: [Webpage].

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  7. 5 Responses to “‘The Battle of Cable Street,’ 1936”

    1. limey Says:

      I was born in London many years ago. My Primary school in West London was quite large and had about 400 children at the time. My old school photos show not one non-English child.

      I still remember those times with great affection and with that warm feeling of belonging to a distinct cultural group – and the sense of security that goes with having shared values and traditions going back through the centuries.

      The pupils look to be mostly African and Asian now, and I dare say few have any feeling for England or it’s culture. I feel a great sense of loss and betrayal. Sir Oswald was right and the self-righteous intellectual classes were wrong – purposely wrong. Now we must all pay the price.

    2. Sean Gruber Says:

      “[j]ewish film festival”

      A redundancy, Varg. All film festivals are jewish, and 99% of them are scams.

      Maybe “openly jewish film festival” would have been a bit more accurate, sir.

    3. Dave Says:

      Oh how i wish we could all mingle. In person. The people I have to deal with on a daily basis drive me fucking nuts. Customers,jews,fags,negroes,spics. And that is here in Montana.That truly would be one of my wishes.

    4. Dave Says:

      Oh and the gooks! Whom i can tolerate on a personal level but absolutely not on a business level with their insect like minds. It is easy to see where the jews spawned from.

    5. Tim McGreen Says:

      I became very skeptical about what really happened on Cable Street after reading the Jew and Red accounts of the incident. The Jews and their camp-followers always like to embellish their tales with hysterical exaggerations and improbable feats of Jewish derring-do. The Jews and Reds can always recruit a rent-a-mob on a moment’s notice, thus giving the illusion that The People are standing behind them.