7 March, 2011

Idaho: Jury Selection Begins in Edgar Steele Trial

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Why is it that every time a well-known “White supremacist” gets into trouble, it’s due to a federal informant? If White supremacists are dangerous, why don’t state or local cops ever bust them?


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    1. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Reason: the State and Local authorities can’t afford to prosecute these fictitous and frivolous law suit, plus they can’t afford to pay the bribes to get false testimony. As local municipalities and states go belly up, you’ll probably get more federal jurisdiction, like in the soviet jewnion.

    2. Jürgen Says:


      Here is a basic misunderstanding most Americans have
      that the Founding Fathers would find simply appalling:

      A Citizen MUST have a jury of his peers in a trial.
      However, today you do NOT get a jury of peers.
      You get a jury of complete strangers.

      The Founders, in their writings, specifically stated
      that a “jury of peers” means 12 people who know
      you well.

      They would be the best people to determine whether
      or not you were capable of committing the crime of
      which you are being accused.

      Now some may object and ask: “Well, wait just a
      minute there buddy! You’re gonna have a guy let
      off the hook by 12 of his friends!”

      To which the Founders answered: Yes, this is
      remotely possible indeed. But we would much rather
      have the rare person now and then get away with
      murder than EVER have ONE Citizen wrongly accused
      of a murder.

      So Edgar Steele is not getting a jury of his peers.
      He is getting a jury of complete strangers.

      God damn these jews for coming here and wrecking
      the best system ever in history, set up by our
      White Founding Fathers. Think of how many innocent
      people are rotting in a cage somewhere, right now,
      horrified by the failure of this jew-run system.

    3. Howdy Doody Says:

      Sad ending.

      His life is gone as well as an ability to make a decent income.

      His reputation has been slandered in the regime filthy enemy alien media.

      His health, and the Fact that all this Happened after his near death, surgery, coma, drugs, should cause an honest judge to dismiss the case and tell the NKVD to pound sand.

      The confidential Fred Flintstone drunk will he ever be trusted by any White working man in Idaho ?

      I have never seen his face posted.

      A retired judge defended him ?

      The whole thing smells like rotting fish.

      NO matter what the case is intrapment and setting him up with a POS informant.

      STASI days have been here, who is next ?

    4. Tim McGreen Says:

      If someone commits murder, assault or arson just for the fun of it, most likely the offender will serve a few years in the state pen and then be paroled. However, if there is some kind of POLITICAL MOTIVATION OR PHILOSOPHY behind the crime, then the Feds get involved and the defendant can expect a full-blown show-trial, followed by Crucifixion.

    5. Howdy Doody Says:

      The half blooded enemy aliens and the one’s I have known, all hate their or laugh their White side/parent of the family.

      They take great glee in decieving Whites around them, or at least the One I knew did.

      Only Casper Wienberger who I did not know personally and never met either, but IMO he was a White Patriot, and favored his White side/Mother, and he did get Pollard before he could escape and If I remember correctly the leftist and media tried to harrass him on the way out, with NO success..

    6. ED! Says:

      It is because our federal government is a ZOG! Chock full of Jewish shit!


    7. Leviticus Jackson Says:

      They will probably do the same thing that they did to David Duke. Give him a choice to take his chances and defend himself with an all black jury or confess to a “lesser offense” and spend an already decided amount of time in jail.

    8. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Talking about the legal Profession the other night on a talk show a state senator(democrat) pointed to his colleague a fellow senator (republican) who was against state workers being forced to join unions and said ” We’re both lawyers, now you tell me about right to work, if you or I don’t pay our dues to the bar association”

    9. Nom de Guerre Says:

      You’ll find the Kahnservaturds (K) more likely to prosecute , don’t forget these assholes wouldn’t have a job if they were’nt constantly head hunting, the mob demands it.

    10. Nom de Guerre Says:


      Boy, I hate to change the subject, but the total indignation of the jews contempt for Whites is overwhelming, they’ve trampled on us, shit on us, while we carry water and hew wood for the kosher ratz., and now when were getting a good ream job from higher oil prices the same pack of rats are throwing a party on wall street, ready to divvy up some more gravy. Fuck um.

    11. Black Scodd Says:

      > If White supremacists are dangerous, why don’t state or local cops ever bust them?

      State and local cops are usually stupid, black or brown.

    12. Coup d'Etat Says:

      “Why is it that every time a well-known “White supremacist” gets into trouble, it’s due to a federal informant? If White supremacists are dangerous, why don’t state or local cops ever bust them?”

      It’s because the “federal government” has been infiltrated by the jews. Since the “federal government” and its laws have the highest power, the jews have therefore made their place in this entity in order to have complete control over everyone and everything including all aspects of immigration and economics.

      The jews have bought off the FBI and they buy them to have them infiltrate and make false accusations against anyone who is against jewish interest.

      Unfortunately, the SPLC and their bomb plots and the other jewish non-profit organizations with their illicit wealthy jewish money backers who buy off all the politicians, federal judges, and the FBI and the jews’ control over the media, Edgar Steele will not have a fair trial.