30 March, 2011

Indiana: Gentile Displaces Einstein as Super-Genius

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Of course, the over-hyped Jew Einstein wasn’t a genius anyway: he stole the E=mc2 theory from another gentile named Olinto DePretto.


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  7. 23 Responses to “Indiana: Gentile Displaces Einstein as Super-Genius”

    1. Tim McGreen Says:

      I hate precocious freaks like that 12 year old, nerds who are exceptionally talented in mathematics or classical music but are seriously fucked in the head. Their brains usually burn out before they’re 20 and then they spend the rest of their lives in the bug house, where they belong.

    2. M. Kraus Says:

      If this kid was a nigger, a jew, or a female, this story would be all over the American media.

    3. mrcrouton Says:

      This kid should be protected, since The Talmud says….

      “KILL THE BEST GENTILES!” “Tob Shebbe Goyim Harog!” (Sanhedrin 59).

    4. Leviticus Jackson Says:

      I hate precocious freaks like that 12 year old, nerds who are exceptionally talented in mathematics or classical music but are seriously fucked in the head. Their brains usually burn out before they’re 20 and then they spend the rest of their lives in the bug house, where they belong.

      Anybody who writes stuff like this about an innocent 12 year old White child has a problem, and I really wonder who’s side they are on! Rather than celebrating his White Genius the blogger derides him for something he has no control over! I am in awe of his abilities but feel sorry for him as he will never have a normal childhood. I hope the best for him and hope he uses his talents for something productive for his race.

    5. Miller Says:

      The kid in question is a JEW. You should do the homework before you claim that he is White.

    6. George Wallace Says:

      The geniuses got most of the western world going to church on Sunday and put money in the plate, got a stolen state established by the western world and got America to co-sign for its existence, got the Arabs worked up enough to blow up America, suppressed a plot to deliberately crash planes in America, got America to fight 4 wars, manipulated the cultures and economies of the entire western world and obtained government bailouts of their Madoff-fortunes when it blew up in their faces. I got a hot dog and a Yugo. I’d say those geniuses are doing pretty well. Oh, and isn’t the western world STILL waiting for that one to come back after 2,011 years??? Even the alien in “District 9” promised to be back in only 3 years!

    7. Tim McGreen Says:

      Miller, I think you’re right, that kid does not act the way an Aryan boy would. A normal, healthy White kid likes to go fishing and hunting, play sports and hang out with his buddies. He does not keep to himself inside the house all day and have a creepy fixation with math. No, that is clearly Jewish behavior.

      I would further state that sending this anti-social freak to University at such a young age and in his bizarre state of mind will not do him one bit of good. In fact it may cause further harm. Take those god damn math books away from him (he probably has a lot of weird dolls that he plays with too, so they will have to be thrown out as well), make him go outside and play with other humans his own age. Otherwise this kid is going to wind up living in a crib with rubber sheets that have “PROPERTY OF THE COMMONWEALTH OF MASSACHUSETTS” stenciled on them.

    8. Tim McGreen Says:

      There really is no such thing as a Jew “genius” or any other kind of non-White genius. All they can do is ape or imitate whatever they see White men doing. Real geniuses have extraordinary talents and abilities in many different areas, such as music, mathematics and medicine. And only certain White men possess such exceptional capabilities.

    9. Thom McQueen Says:

      He doesn’t look jewish to me. Why do you say he is a Jew?

    10. Leviticus Jackson Says:

      William Pierce was exceptionally good at math! Was he a Jew? Werner Heisenberg was exceptionally good at math! Was he a Jew? The answer to both questions is no! Being out and playing is good for kids, but they need to do their homework first! One of the reasons that the USA has universities filled with East Asiatics and East Indians and Football stadiums filled with Whites is that Whites have allowed themselves to be voluntarily dumbed down with too much attention to sports and not enough attention to studies. I know there are quotas in universities, but that doesn’t explain the unbelievable intellectual laziness I see and hear every day in this country! Turn off the televitz and challenge your mind every day with something new!

    11. George Wallace Says:

      You elected Lincoln. All you liberals and your mothers and brothers and sisters and fathers gave everything away. Why are you bellyaching about it now, 150 years later? Go ask your friends and families and fellow church members why you gave it all away. I suspect it’s got something to do with that classic work of monumental fiction, the “Bible.” Believers believe. Scientists know. Bernie Madoff schemes to take your money.

    12. abc Says:

      This kid Jacob doesn’t look white to me. And I don’t think he “debunked” the big bang theory.

    13. Miller Says:

      His Mother, Kristine is obviously a bleach blond Jewess who has had a nose job. His father looks slightly negroid; maybe an octoroon.

      The kid has Jewish features such as the big lipped, ugly, devious smile and the already sagging at 12 years old, Jewish Dick Nose.

      Asperger’s syndrome, which the kid has, has its highest prevalence among Ashkenazi Jews and their descendants.

      I surmise the whole story is a hoax. The Savant may be smart but, I smell
      the dirty Jew media around this story.

      For example, why did the Zionist-kike Glenn Beck interview the boy?
      Is it because Jacob is another name for Israel?

      Are Jews grooming the kid to be a Zionist mascot and to exploit his theoretical work in developing the next super weapon?

      I say, gas the little fucker.

    14. Antagonistes Says:

      Yep. Another con.

      Someone is coaching him, hoping to get a book deal out of it.

    15. Thom McQueen Says:

      He is not a Jew. He is a seljock TUrk.

    16. Thom McQueen Says:

      When the hell did I elect Linclon? I ain’t been reincarnated.

    17. Tim McGreen Says:

      Right again Miller, you know damn well that Yid freak is going to be groomed for virulent anti-White Jew supremacist propaganda, so I too say get rid of it now before it becomes an out-of-control monster.

    18. Tim McGreen Says:

      Leviticus, those Aryan men you mentioned who were exceptional at math also had other things going on in their lives. They had girlfriends, they played sports, they had hobbies, etc. They didn’t act like nebbishy antisocial Jews staring at math books all day long. I’ve come across a few gentile autistic kids and they didn’t behave like that thing does.

    19. Sean Gruber Says:

      Jesus, Tim, hate intelligence much?

      You’re the kind of asshole who makes smart children’s lives a living hell – on purpose.

      Instead of gassing a kid for being smart, why don’t we gas you? You here proved yourself more degenerate than whatever you imagine that boy to be.

      Issac Newton did not play football on lazy Sundays and hang wit’ the homies, the way you apparently wasted your youth. Instead, this man – arguably the greatest of all scientists – spent most of his youth indoors playing with prisms and scribbling. He was the echt Aryan. (Even had our people’s unfortunate tendency of filling his head with exegesis and other Biblical analysis crap.)

      The dogma that everyone must be a sports-loving, slack-jawed mediocrity, playing Tom Sawyer, busting his jackass on a skateboard, toking with fellow hood rats, and slacking in school (while slants eat our people’s lunch) – aka “being well-rounded” – is a nation-wrecking acid left over from the conformist 1950s. It is still ruining our people. We can’t add, but it’s more important to be brain dead, to resist any stray serious thought that begins to occur to us, and to play baseball, because that will show we ain’t no fags!

      No wonder America is in the shitter. A nation that doesn’t respect brains – and respect the way truly smart people are – is a nigger.

      Why must everyone be the same? Because Timmy has a dogma? The dogma that whites must become niggers isn’t helpful.

      Fuck you, Timmy. You stand revealed – as a shit.

    20. Tim McGreen Says:

      Sean, I didn’t want to do this, but you have been very bitchy this morning, so I will now reveal your sordid past to all of our loyal readers. I only hope they have the stomach for what I am about to tell them.

      You see, Sean was an exceptionally creepy child who was disliked and ignored by everyone. So he retreated into a fantasy world of porcelain clown figurines and wearing his sister’s clothes because he wanted to look pretty. And he wanted to feel pretty, too.

      “Now the boys will notice me!” Sean squealed as he looked in the mirror and saw himself transformed from an unattractive and unpopular loser into the next Lana Turner. “Yes Cinderella, you SHALL go to the ball!” he said to Toppy, his very favorite clown figurine in the whole world. Sean’s dream was to become a movie actress actor and have his very own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

      Well, the years went by and Sean never did manage to leave Loserville. He wound up living in his grandma’s basement…the dead grandma, that is. But hey, the police and the Social Security Administration don’t have to know everything, right? Sean did manage to get himself a job in the entertainment industry…sort of. He became the night janitor at XXXtreme Video, wearing plastic baggies on his shoes as he mopped up the DNA of other losers in the video viewing stalls.

      “If only I had followed my dream!” Sean confided to his 10′ x 6′ portrait of Shirley Temple. He then had a nervous breakdown. His third, if memory serves.

      Hey Sean, why are you crying? I thought you wanted all of this brought out into the open. Isn’t that what you told us in Group Therapy? You should be thankful I’m helping you, you ungrateful pansy!

      Anyway, after he was wheeled out of the psychiatric ward, looking like a bloated Liz Taylor, Sean decided he was going to reach for the stars after all. “I’m going to become the next Veronica Lake if it kills me!” he told the old bum snoozing on the bus station bench. “Look out, fellas! Sean Garbo-Swanson-Dietrich-Temple-Pickford is comin’ at ya!”

      What actually happened to Sean once he got to Hollywood is another story for another time.

    21. Thom McQueen Says:

      Tim, my brother . You put donw Aryan geniuses like this kid. And you deniggerate Harold Covington.

      What gives?

    22. Tim McGreen Says:

      Thom, you should ask Tom Metzger what Lord Tubbington is really like. Or you could ask his estranged family. I should avoid being too judgmental, as I never met the guy. But those who do know him don’t have anything good to say.

      As far as that Asperger’s kid is concerned, he displays Jewish, not Aryan characteristics. An Aryan boy with autism would want to go out and play or socialize at least once in a while. Even in a damaged specimen, the Aryan nature would still struggle to assert itself. But in this case we see a total introvert, an antisocial freak of nature who is more comfortable around inanimate objects than among humans. In earlier, saner times he would have been put in a basket and left on the side of a mountain.

      Based on my experience dealing with the mentally infirm, I’d say that Jewish kid is a friggin’ handful. He’s probably very demanding and prone to wild emotional outbursts. I would not wish a kid like that on my worst enemy, except for Sean Goober.

    23. Antagonistes Says:

      Interesting, Tim. Your reply to that loose-cannon, Thom, that is.

      I said before that I was thinking of buying “The Hill of the Ravens.”
      Maybe I won’t.

      There are too many raconteurs in this movement–people who talk macho, but are rotund biomasses who never even sweated; people who talk about how Whites need to reproduce, but yet they have no children.

      Go figyuh.