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22 September, 2017

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How did women rise to leadership positions in the West? Was it due to their intelligence and skills? No, it was due to special rules, regulations, mandates and lawsuits. For example, if your company employs over 15 people, it must hire “X” number of women. That’s right. It must. It’s federal law; it must also […]

11 April, 2014

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Oh, how can he say that women aren’t significant thinkers? They invented the shopping list, didn’t they? You try going to the grocery store without one. You’ll forget the tomatoes, really, you will… [Article].

26 August, 2013

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No one is “allowed” to talk about this fact in public: there is an average IQ difference of 15 points between Blacks and Whites [1] and that difference has not improved after decades of welfare and anti-racism programs. (And that’s just IQ. What about other racial differences, such as Blacks being more prone to criminal […]

30 March, 2011

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Of course, the over-hyped Jew Einstein wasn’t a genius anyway: he stole the E=mc2 theory from another gentile named Olinto DePretto. [Article].

20 January, 2010

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Never mind the fact that IQ tests and eugenics are not racist per se (even liberals like Margaret Sanger embraced eugenics) and never mind that Cattell wasn’t a racist. He was still the target of Jewish criticism. (Almost every major critic of Cattell, IQ testing and eugenics has been Jewish, e.g., Lewin [the father of […]

11 November, 2009

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by Alex Kurtagic. [Part 1]. [Part 2]. [Part 3]. [Part 4].

21 March, 2009

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“…the genes we inherit play a far greater role in intelligence than was previously thought.” Well, isn’t that interesting? So much for the old “nurture, not nature” propaganda that Marxist high-school teachers spoon-fed to us. What else will science reveal in the next decade? Something really interesting about Jews, perhaps? [Article].