21 May, 2011

More Horsejews of the Apocalypse: Leslie Hore-Belisha

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(Above: Albrecht Durer’s four horsemen of the apocalypse)

Er, make that “Baron” Leslie Hore-Belisha, Britain’s Secretary of State for War. He was one of the Jews who paved England’s way into World War II. Hore-Belisha tried to introduce military conscription in 1938, long before Hitler posed a threat to England; he finally succeeded in early 1939. But even before that, Hore-Belisha enlarged the British military by improving the living conditions of British soldiers, thereby enticing young men to join the military.

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  7. 13 Responses to “More Horsejews of the Apocalypse: Leslie Hore-Belisha”

    1. Shane Says:

      I never knew about this guy I’ll have to read up some more. Good profile find! Amazing how many jew warmonger types are out there in high positions in politics.

      On another note, I watched some news featuring jews speaking out against zionism because they equate zionism with nationalism. I love to hear anti-zionist rabbis and jews speak out.

      And as they correctly point out, people often refrain from criticizing Israel because they fear being called anti-semites. It is a clever scam how many secular ethnic jews are the first to cry out “anti-semitism”. In any case, I think jews either feel they are a jew 100% or not, and I think it’s mostly based on primordial and genetic reasons.

      PS Winston Churchill is a fat piggy jew appeaser, and Hitler didn’t want war with England.

    2. Tim McGreen Says:

      Churchill was Jew-wise. He was also aware of all the damage they were causing in Soviet Russia. But his vanity and desire for power got the better of him.

      The Boer War, WWI, WWII….Churchill was involved in all of them. He was one of the biggest war-mongers in history.

    3. caleb stark Says:

      Jews – corrupting everything they touch.

    4. caleb stark Says:

      Jews – corrupting everything they touch.

    5. Shane Says:

      He admitted Britain slaughtered the wrong pig in Germany rather than Soviet Russia. But I will never forgive any Brit who wants to kill Germans.

    6. Tim McGreen Says:

      “Thanks” to Oliver Cromwell for letting the Jews back into England as a reward for their financing of the civil war against Charles I. Now the only way to get rid of the Jews once and for all will be with an atomic bomb.

    7. Shane Says:

      multiple a bombs in israel, new york, and DC? unlikely… what you have to deal with is the ultra corrupt bankers and politicians. Assasinations against 50 high profile individuals is much more practical than atomic bombs. I’d rather live in peace in the mountains if I can, defending myself with a weapon like a free man. But nukes should never be used.

    8. Tim McGreen Says:

      But whether one likes it or not, nuclear weapons WILL be used. The Jews have 400 such weapons squirreled away in Kikestan and with their insane “Samson Option” mentality it’s only a matter of time before the inevitable shitstorm begins. The Jews’ ultimate goal is not world domination, but rather world destruction.

    9. Miller Says:

      Churchill’s mother was a Jewess.

    10. Zoroastro Says:

      Never heard of a scumbag yet never surprised any more at how many levels the weasels have operated, particularly in the ‘Anglo’ realm. No wonder they wanted the war so badly with the economically autonomous Germany.

    11. Shane Says:

      exactly…. Israel has all the nukes… and one can argue zionists control US strategic nukes as well

    12. CW-2 Says:

      The stupidity of the British people is sometimes beyond belief; not only do they allow a drunken trouble maker of very dubious ancestory, namely Churchill, lead them into a war against their own blood, but they allow a filthy Moroccan jew in the form of Hore-Belisha to even breath the same air as they do.

    13. kris dee Says:

      When i was a kid in London(England );Hore Belisha was nearly responsible for my death.He was the guy who placed what were known as “Belisha Beacons” on every street crossing. The tops of these beacons were liable to get blown off in the wind, one of these large orange globes fell on my head.lived of course to tell the tale, but have had to wait all these years to get my case out in public. :) Thank you VNN LOL