14 May, 2011

Say ‘No’ to a College Degree

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Man: “Hello. I want to earn a degree in Marxist Baloney, in order to fight White male patriarchy.”

College Administrator: “Well, you’ve come to the right place. This university is dripping with Marxist baloney! Tell me, do you want to pursue Economic Marxism, Cultural Marxism, or Scientific Marxism? Or maybe our latest offering, Green Marxism, which is very popular now…”

Man: “I guess I want to pursue Cultural Marxism. It’s such a broad field!”

College Administrator: “An excellent choice! Let’s see…that’ll be, uhhh…$94,000 per semester. Will you be paying in cash or by check?”

Dr. William L. Pierce said that only a small percentage of the population needs a college degree, and then, in the “real” sciences such as math. The rest of the people should learn a trade. (By the way, have you been to a university lately? The student body at any one of them is around 65% female. That’s scary).


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  7. 25 Responses to “Say ‘No’ to a College Degree”

    1. Jim Says:

      Dr. Pierce was absolutely right. If you go to a jew university in the ‘Kwa today (and what other kind are there?) and major in ANY Liberal Arts field, you will get NOTHING but jew, feminist, egalitarian, cultural marxist BRAINWASHING. Any B.A. degree in a major other than Busiiness, Engineering, or IT is a BUTT ASS degree. Stop bending over for the goddamm jews to stick it to you, WHITE MAN. Stand up and teach the TRUTH to your White brothers and sisters. College grads today and far less informed about reality than high school drop outs. Most University “Professors” today are nothing but cowardly prostitutes for the jewish system. The few exceptions being brave men like Dr. Kevin McDonald and Prof J. Phillipe Rushton.

    2. Bigduke6 Says:

      College is a racket and making a lot of Gucci Marxists wealthy for now with their luxury SUV’s and GAP clothing. But the shit is comming down soon and those who have a trade and beans, band aids and bullets will prevail. You can’t eat a Lexus.

    3. Tim McGreen Says:

      Unless you’re going to be an engineer or a doctor*, a college education is nothing but a stupid waste of time and money. College is a racket and a rip-off that plunges millions of young adults into debt that will hound them for years and years.

      And now they’ve got those fake, sleazy online “Universities” that prey on the young, the vain and the foolish. How can anyone other than a head-up-his-ass liberal like Barry Sotero still believe that a college education has any value? Too many people have been deceived by Big Jew into thinking there is something wrong with being a blue-collar Joe who works with his hands for a living. Just because Jews won’t engage in any kind of honest labor doesn’t mean the rest of us should or can do likewise.


      *Of course those occupations are being flooded with millions of Chinks and Wogs that Whitey is being forced to compete against.

    4. Tim McGreen Says:

      I have some respect for Marx, whereas I have none at all for the pampered liberal idiots who praise him in college classrooms. Marx had no use for Negroes and other non-Whites. He didn’t even like his fellow Jews. And he was anti-capitalist, after all. We should all be anti-capitalist.

      Marx probably would have laughed in disbelief if he had known that revolutionary movements bearing his name were going to be waged in backward places like Cuba and Angola. His socio-economic system was meant only for industrialized White countries.

    5. Syd Spada Says:

      I don’t trust this NIA organization, though one can hardly disagree with their posit that higher education is a scam.
      They are aligned with the mainstream media and are essentially just peddling commodities.

    6. Syd Spada Says:

      … “they” being the NIA, though the same could clearly be said regarding the higher-education industry.

    7. CW-2 Says:

      White students shouldn’t abandon the university system, they just need to be more selective in their choice of courses. Concentrate on useful subjects such as medicine, science, and engineering, or if they aren’t up to speed in these heavy weight fields they can look at law and accountancy.
      If we don’t take full advantage of the educational opportunities then we will make it easier for the elites to phase us out. The plan is to make medicine and engineering ‘reserved occupations’ for Chinese and Asians. Like to train for a high paying job as an electrician or plumber? Sorry, those jobs are for Pedro.

    8. Bigduke6 Says:

      Hopefully people will wake up to the fact that spics do shit work. There is definately a big difference in the work of a skilled, white, craftsman and spic and coon work. Their is a total lack of quality and finish in the work of Pedro and Denzel and everything they do looks shoddy.

    9. Bigduke6 Says:

      Hopefully people will wake up to the fact that spics do shit work. There is definately a big difference in the work of skilled, white, craftsman compared to spic and coon work. There is a total lack of quality and finish in the work of Pedro and Denzel and everything they do looks shoddy.

    10. Venedus Says:

      “… have you been to a university lately? The student body at any one of them is around 65% female. That’s scary.”

      Yep, 65% female, 35% jew/negro basketball player…

    11. Thomas Jefferson Says:

      The Constitution was written to FREE Americans from tyrannical and oppressive government. The communists have taken over and imposed the dictatorship of the prolitariat. ALL industry, under the Constitution, MUST be private. The government exists only for security and infrastructure; not to take money from one man to give it to another. Redistribution of wealth only ocurrs under communism. The EDUCATION INDUSTRY must be PRIVATE. Government (i.e. communist) intervention in the education industry has turned it malignant and metastatic. Individuals, industries and America have all been adversely affected by requirements for unecessary and ineffective education. In Los Angeles, teachers with PHD’s teach african and latino “students” who will drop out, drive fork lifts and spend time in prisons. Also, “nurses” are required to have advanced degrees to change bed pans and give shots to illegal aliens. Elimination of the Dept. of Education and PRIVATIZATION of the education industry will align it with the Constitution. “All men are created equal,” the outcome of their lives is NOT!

    12. Syd Spada Says:

      I live very near a very large university (Go Fuckeyes!)
      It is truly terrifying. One can plainly see the total indoctrination and corruption unfolding before one’s very eyes.

    13. Franklin Ryckaert Says:

      A university education that thoroughly indoctrinates you in the destructive ideas of Cultural Marxism,for which you have to borrow an enormous amount of money that burdens a great part of your life with debt-isn’t that a combination of the WORST of communism with the WORST of capitalism?

    14. Luke Says:

      Alex Linder did one of his best RadioIstina radio shows talking about the subject of how college educations are basically nothing more than a jew usury scam rip-off. And, now – we’re seeing more and more acknowledgment of this truth beginning to appear in many of the most popular, non-jew controlled web news and financial websites.

      A college education today accomplishes primarily two jewish objectives.

      1. It forces students and parents of students, who are nearly always white, to go deeply in debt to jew bankers in order to finance the ridiculously expensive tuition costs. Which have increased by a whopping 700% since 1978, according one recent article on the topic.
      Minorities, of course, are eligible for grants and special tuition payments paid for by the white students and parents whose tuition payments are inflated beyond reason in order to redirect a portion of those funds to help subsidize minorities, and in many states, illegal aliens.

      2. It provides the jewish subversives who dominate the college professor and college faculties the opportunity to indoctrinate our white kids with their Cultural Marxist poison and brainwash them with relentless white guilt and white self-loathing and to push their white-genocide objective of race mixing and multiculturalism down their throats, and all the while – collecting money from those white students and their white parents who are actually PAYING the jews for pushing these white-race destroying agendas.

      In many ways, this is the trademark technique of the jew. Very similar to how they impose enormous and confiscatory levels of taxation upon the white middle class and then take that money and use it to subsidize the irresponsible breeding habits & parasitism of low IQ blacks, mestizos and other non-whites – so whites are basically being forced to subsidize and pay for their own dispossession inside the nation bequeathed to them as the posterity of our 100 percent White Founding Fathers.

    15. Tim McGreen Says:

      Another thing I hate about institutions of “higher education” are their emphasis on sports, especially of the niggerball variety. I mean seriously, does anyone really believe the University of Miami, Ohio State or UNLV exist for any other reason than to make huge profits with their football and basketball teams? Yet another education-related racket.

      All of those so-called non-profit organizations are raking in billions every year, tax-free. We’re really going to have to clean house after the Revolution. A lot of greedy good-for-nothings, like the directors of non-profit organizations and university presidents, are going to find themselves in a huge pit as a bulldozer plows them and hundreds of other bullet-ridden corpses into mass graves.

    16. Syd Spada Says:

      Why the link to this article, anyway? The “president” of this NIA is a cocky, young, jewish-looking mulatto with the dubious name of Adams. Should not we actively shun such individuals and the organizations which they represent or by which they are represented, and suspect the opinions and information asserted and ascertained by the aforementioned? I certainly do. The only way to rid ourselves of the undesirable influence is by absolute purge!

    17. Syd Spada Says:

      That means detox, which is why I come here for purification. I don’t appreciate finding traces of the illness here in this supposedly sterile environment. I wonder how many of you are true and how many are infiltrators…

    18. abc Says:

      Tim McGreen : I respect Marx’s original views as well. Not what the so-called nigger-loving “Marxists” of today claim.
      Not to sound like a male chauvinist, but the high percentage of women in “universities” just proves that aping and parroting provide success in these courses. A college degree isn’t as respectabe as it used to be.

    19. Tim McGreen Says:

      Imagine if women, Blacks or Jews had been allowed into Socrates’ Lyceum or Aristotle’s Academy? How absurd would that have been? Why do we allow our own once-venerable institutions to be disgraced in that way? I wouldn’t mind if there were a few womens’ colleges that prepared their students for careers as teachers, librarians and nurses, but that’s it.

    20. Gerald E. P. Morris Says:

      I HAVE a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, but there is NO ENGINEERING GOING ON IN THIS JEW PIGSTY, save for their mercenary pig army-complex. Most of the so-called “engineers” from the modern amerikwan jewniversities again are kunts, kikes, spics, spooks and dykes, which merely reflects the insane demogrpahic/politics of the kike-ocracy. There really is very little technological or scientific innovation done in the Kwa anymore Folks!

      I’m not even the only holder of a B.S. E.E. living in a fucking tent either. The other I met also is an Aryan Man. He didn’t quite know how he got jewed, unlike my case with the 2 CIA freemasons, Jimi Sanchez and his pervert mentor Kenny Morse. After being denied the kosher certificate of “security clearance” by Uncle Schmuel, I went to IBM briefly. The whole dept here in Tucson, AZ is staffed with I$raelis and Freakans who suck their small, mutilated kike-cocks. When you hear the canards about “Corporate America” always prefix it for people with JEW CORPORATE AMERICA, which is what bipeds from jewniverities gradjewate to….

    21. DMS Says:

      “College Conspiracy”


    22. shabbos s shabazz Says:

      What is the difference between AC and DC?

    23. Tim McGreen Says:

      “AC” is Angus Young and Bon Scott, “DC” is Malcolm Young and Phil Rudd.

    24. Paul Kersey Says:

      I agree with CW-2. Business Administration is a joke. Business Administration and Social Work are the easiest courses in any college. That’s what most of the apes and greasers take.

    25. CW-2 Says:

      AC is ‘Aryan Current’, that transformable and more useful variety of electricity. Sorry Mr Edison.