1 June, 2011

Intellectuals: The Big-Brain People Who Guide Us Through the Fog!

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When you consider the fact that 99% of all intellectuals are either Jews or Marxists, you can understand why the West is so screwed up. Sure, there are a few “conservative” intellectuals around, but they’re really neocons. The only real conservative intellectual these days is Bork, but he isn’t a WN.

(This article is from 2005, but I had not seen it until now):


More on intellectuals [Here] and [Here].

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  7. 24 Responses to “Intellectuals: The Big-Brain People Who Guide Us Through the Fog!”

    1. CW-2 Says:

      Intellectuals in general are a sad pathetic bunch for whom action and decision don’t exist. Their whole life is a frantic retreat from reality into a labyrinth of analysis and rationalization.
      I expect most of them when confronted with a black mugger or rapist would try to involve the criminal in a discussion about civil rights.

    2. Limey Says:

      I believe it was Hermann Goering who said: “When I hear the word ‘intellectual’ I instinctively reach for my pistol”

    3. Tim McGreen Says:

      Gore Vidal is what I and many others would consider an intellectual and he is neither a neo-con nor a Jew. But unfortunately he’s the only such intellectual that I can think of who is still alive. Noam Chomsky isn’t bad for a Jew, but I resent how only Jews such as Chomsky and Norman Finkelstein are permitted to speak out against Zionism or the Holohoax-Industrial Complex. I guess there are certain issues the goyim are supposed to shut up about, whereas Jews are always permitted and encouraged to speak about anything they want.

    4. torrence Says:

      Jews are Pseudo-intellectuals.
      They are intellectually restless; they over-critique and examine everything endlessly.
      Normalcy cannot still them. They are forever on edge – challenging, postulating, theorizing, second-guessing, doubting, questioning, …… and, in the end…….destroying. Jesus noted that tendency in the Pharisees. That’s why the Talmud is so old and big….. and gross. It is one never-ending cross-examination and reinterpretation after another. Nothing is ever settled or agreed upon. If it were, what would these ‘pseudo-intellectuals’ have to occupy them the next day? This intellectual fidgitiness keeps them busy and amused……..it keeps us unsettled and confused.

      That is why law in this country never finds a stability and even-handedness. That is why the law has disassociated itself from the public. Law is no longer a refuge or a revered institution respected for it’s guidance and goodness. It is vilified as a threat, a bludgeon, an oppressor. The law is rightfully scorned and disdained for it’s bias. Good law codifies and structures a people harmonious to their culture, ethics and morality. It puts into words what people instinctively feel and desire. It is accepted as being good and necessary. That is Common Law. But, since Common Law wasn’t ‘common’ to Jewish tradition, Jewish thinking or Jewish needs, statutory law supplanted it by decades of Jewish meddling and influence. Healthy feelings – natural feelings – tribal feelings have been shattered by the establishment of legal protections for all manner of freaky and unnatural positions on matters of homosexuality, feminism, child-rearing, public morality, criminal justice and so on. Is there anyone that doesn’t understand this? One court challenge after another has riddled the underpinnings of this nation to pieces. This unsettled nature of the Jew will in time even wreak havoc upon themselves. Note what one Bible commentary states of the Pharisees:

      “The Pharisees were so biased in their application of the Law that they made it burdensome for the people, insisting that it be observed according to their concepts and traditions. They completely lost sight of the important matters, namely, justice, mercy, faithfulness…..”

      In the simple matter of hand-washing, they so complicated Jewish Law on this that they took issue with Jesus and his disciples over how they washed their hands. The Bible book of Mark notes: “The Pharisees and all the Jews do not eat unless they wash their hands up to the elbow.” They took a simple and necessary hygienic practice and turned it into a ceremonious ritual. The Talmud then takes it further from there and even equates improper hand washing with fornication and states those not washing their hands properly should perish from the earth! Ouch.

      That’s Jewish intellectualizing for you.

      If the Jews of old could have so complicated the universal practice of hand-washing, just think what the Jews of today, with centuries more practice under their belts, can do to our society. Aren’t we the lucky ones?

    5. Tim McGreen Says:

      Jesus should have washed his hands before eating. Even those unsanitary Pharisees and Saducees had enough sense to do that.

    6. mrcrouton Says:

      If you’re white and not a WN, then you have not acheived the end result of intellectual work. Why think at all without an end result, a working philosophy?
      Personally it took me some years, following different dead ends. Needless to say, William Pierce helped alot.

      Neitzsche remarked about philosphizing with a hammer. I think he meant that their must be some physical result instead of yammering about navel lint.

      Thinking without deeds or results is futile. Intellectuals are often effete weaklings, and so why wouldn’t their philospohy be like their character?

    7. Jim Says:

      Most so called “intellectuals” don’t know their ass from a hole in the ground. It is not years of ivory tower university study that makes a man brilliant, but REAL LIFE EXPERIENCE. One of the greatest thinkers of all time, Adolf Hitler gained his wisdom in the streets of Vienna and in the trenches of World War I. As mrcrouton so excellently says, “Intellectuals are often effete weaklings, and so why wouldn’t their philosophy be like their character”. Even if a man is genetically blessed with a higher than average IQ, it is only Character, Honesty, Courage, and a Masters Degree in the “School of Hard Knocks” that will make him GREAT.

    8. Nom de Guerre Says:

      “Thinking without deeds or results is futile. Intellectuals are often effete weaklings, and so why wouldn’t their philospohy be like their character?” Well spoken Monsieur Crouton!

    9. torrence Says:

      Some good thoughts on this thread. I believe we instinctively have a feel and understanding for what a productive and purposeful ‘intellectualizing’ is. It needs to promote health and wellness. It needs to clarify and settle matters. The final result of intellectualizing needs to see positive results.

      “Thinking without deeds or results is futile.”

    10. Franklin Ryckaert Says:

      The best intellectuals are not those who write books from other books,but from the book of life itself.

    11. Howdy Doody Says:

      There are plently of Strong White men with intellect, but with the joos media they do not exist. Nuff said.

      Gore Vidal in about 1981 writing in an article from the kikadoodle ” The Nation” stated that in twenty years the US would be a police a state, and the USSR would have more freedoms.

      Also viewed a youtube a year ago from the CBC, were he stated we don’t have the gift of gab or something like like that. He was referring to US compared to the joos b.s. and their media. No I don’t remember the quote but that was what he was stating.

      Vidal was never trusted by jooos media.

      Remember in 1987, the joo media litterally went nutz over Ted Turner takingo over CBS, so they had emergency meetings circled the wagon’s and paid four time the book value, just so Turner could not get CBS.

      Hey White Lurker, not only are you not going to vote your way out of open borders “PROP 187 CA. 1995”, but you are not even going to have a web site with out harrassment from our buddies.


      Alexander Cockburn 1998.

    12. Howdy Doody Says:

      Don’t let the youtube above pass you by.

    13. torrence Says:

      Nice post, Howdy. Can you provide the details on the 1981 Gore Vidal article?

    14. Howdy Doody Says:

      Last time I posted. Gore Vidal, and Alexander Cockburn who use to have regular columns in TNN can’t rememember what issue it was.

      I assure I read it, and at time I believe him.

      I have not read their shit for years now, but pre internet I did read it.

      Alexaner Cockburn column “Beat The Devil” was reduced from two pages every other issue to one, as Alex IMO pissed the jooo’s off writting about their trouble making over there.

      The New Yorker Magazine and so many other slick’s by 90’s became pure sludge down the drain.

      Essentially we had a news black out of facts and truth back as bad or worse than the USSR, only our toys and noise keep the majority from seeing the joos media was and is pounding US to pieces.

      Whats interesting is that all the leftard newpapers in the 60’s and 70’s never had any problems, it was only the pro White newspapers that were hassled.

    15. Neptune Says:

      Has anyone ever heard of a leftist intellectual who married a proletariat?

    16. Socrates Says:

      I should have mentioned Alexander Solzhenitsyn, too, in addition to Bork, as a conservative intellectual. But there aren’t many of them. Conservatives don’t need to follow intellectuals, anyway.

    17. Tim McGreen Says:

      Conservatives don’t need to follow intellectuals, anyway.

      I disagree. Conservatives cannot think for themselves, they need to be led around by the nose like a lost calf. What’s more, Conservative thought tends to be too rigid, atavistic and reactionary.

    18. Joe Neunzig Says:

      There’s an interesting book on this topic by Paul Johnson, entitled, appropriately, ‘Intellectuals’. It portrays individuals like Rousseau, Marx and Russell whose brains were so big that they were dazzled by the by-products of their brains’ activities and expected lesser mortals – the rest of us – to be similarly overwhelmed. It is characteristic of Intellectuals to rarely bother checking their ‘ideas’ against reality; rather they hold it is reality which must submit to their brilliance.

    19. shabbos s shabazz Says:

      (Many) non-intellectuals are the same, not bothering to check their ‘religion’ against reality.

    20. shabbos s shabazz Says:

      >>>I believe it was Hermann Goering who said: “When I hear the word ‘intellectual’ I instinctively reach for my pistol”<<<

      From the play "Schlageter" by Hanns Johst: "When I hear the word culture I release the safety-catch on my Browning."

    21. Tim McGreen Says:

      Revilo P. Oliver, Gore Vidal, Bertrand Russell, Porphyry, Celsus, Marcus Aurelius and Neitzsche…They’re the only intellectuals I need.

      Wittgenstein, Derrida, Buber and you too, Sartre… You’re all outta here.

    22. Tim McGreen Says:

      And Socrates/Plato is on my good guy list too, of course, although I find some of the Platonic dialogues a bit too contrived.

    23. Howdy Doody Says:

      Bird Man Bryant

    24. Andrei the Angry Ghost Says:

      Pretty funny shit here….

      nkyJews Seder, Pharoah Isn’t the Only One With the Whip
      At a KinkyJews Seder, Pharoah Isn’t the Only One With the Whip
      By Gabrielle Birkner
      Published April 01, 2009, issue of April 10, 2009.
      Forget the bitter herbs.

      When about 100 Jews gather in Brooklyn on April 5 for a pre-Passover Seder, they will pay homage to their enslaved ancestors not with the traditional sinus-clearing horseradish, but by spanking each other with wands of chocolate licorice.

      They will recount the story of Passover with a liberal dose of double entendre; they will break from the Haggadah reading to play a grown-up version of show-and-tell, in which guests showcase their “most-treasured kinky item” — be it a restraint, a whip or a pair of spiked heels; and they will sing a sex-positive version of “Dayenu,” with lyrics like, “If she only dressed in leather/Bright and shiny patent leather/If she only dressed in leather/Dayenu.”

      The unconventional Passover meal, which will be held this year at the Brooklyn swingers spot Club Casbar, has become an annual ritual for the members of KinkyJews. The New York-based social organization caters to Jews drawn to outside-the-mainstream sexual behaviors, such as power-exchange relationships, sadomasochism and partner swapping. For the group’s members, the Passover story of Jews in bondage, and their hard-won freedom and escape, has special meaning.

      “We don’t draw a direct comparison between our ‘bondage’ and the bondage of true slavery,” said Naomi, the yeshiva graduate who founded KinkyJews, and who asked that her last name not be published. “However, we do have an additional perspective when we relate to the concepts of bondage, slavery and redemption of the Passover story, since these are common themes in our relationships and sexual expression.”

      Naomi, a 30-year-old nonprofit programming professional who has held jobs at a Manhattan synagogue and at a group that serves Jewish students, started KinkyJews on the social-networking site Friendster in 2005 “to create a safe and inclusive community for people who identify strongly with both Judaism and kink.” Ever since, the New York-based group has grown steadily, with the number of people who have registered as members on the group’s Web site surpassing 2,000, according to Naomi.

      Another member of the organization, Dave, a 40-year-old who works in finance and also asked to be identified only by his first name, said that at its core, KinkyJews is about engaging those who might not otherwise participate in Jewish communal life. He said that when, as a young adult, he was first drawn to power-exchange relationships — sexual experiences that involve domination and submission — he worried that there was something wrong with him. “Initially, I had no idea that there was anyone else like me, let alone Jewish women who were actually into these kinds of things,” he said.

      KinkyJews hosts about two events a month, ranging from holiday parties to happy hours, from film screenings to Lower East Side walking tours — complete with talks about the role of Jews in smut peddling and a stop at the sex toy store Babeland.

      The sold-out Passover Seder, now in its fourth year, is the group’s largest annual event. Tickets are $60 for couples, $50 for single men, and $15 for single women. “It’s always easier to attract single men than single women,” Naomi explained. “Men are much more likely to come to events with sexual themes.”

      Not every Jewish man who is interested in sexual themes, however, is equally excited by the Kinky Seder.

      Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, the author of “The Kosher Sutra: Eight Sacred Secrets for Reigniting Desire and Restoring Passion for Life” (HarperOne), said the notion of a kink-themed Seder is disrespectful to both the sanctity of marital relations and to the Passover holiday.

      “Can you imagine the outrage if a group of people decided to commemorate African-American slavery by having an orgy?” Boteach asked. “This wasn’t a joke. Millions of God’s children were sold on the block, and here you are trivializing evil with this vulgar celebration.”

      More broadly, he said that while it’s perfectly acceptable for a couple to indulge in a sexual fetish within the confines of a love-filled marriage, he disapproves of “kinky” group events such as the Kinky Seder

      “To do this in the name of Judaism is especially unfortunate, when you take into account the very sexual nature of Passover,” he said, noting that, according to Passover midrash, Israelite women enslaved in Egypt would seduce their husbands, in defiance of Pharaoh’s decree against their procreation. “That was to ensure the future of the Jewish people. It wasn’t trivial.”

      Unsurprisingly, KinkyJews has its share of critics who find the organization to be a bit of a shande. “I get hate mail,” Naomi said. “One person compared us to Jews for Jesus…. But we have no intention of besmirching Jewish tradition; we’re just celebrating ourselves in a fun way.”

      Kinky Seder guests, who are encouraged to dress in “fetish attire” — no jeans, no sneakers, please — are likely to be disappointed if they’re expecting an orgy to break out at the Seder. While KinkyJews-sponsored events occasionally involve on-site sexual experimentation, the vast majority do not, members say.

      “I grew up going to Seders that were so serious,” said a 24-year-old freelance sex writer whose pen name is Ginger Millay, and who will be attending the Kinky Seder for the first time this year. “It will be nice to go to one that’s based in the tradition, but is also fun and silly and hedonistic. If it devolves into something else, great; and if not, that’s okay, too.”

      Contact Gabrielle Birkner at [email protected].

      Read more: http://www.forward.com/articles/104487/#ixzz1OdvR6szi