27 August, 2011

NSM To Rally In Wisconsin, September 3, 2011

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The National Socialist Movement will hold a rally to protest the recent black flash mobs. Details [Here].

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  7. 22 Responses to “NSM To Rally In Wisconsin, September 3, 2011”

    1. torrence Says:

      I traveled to Las Vegas in June to observe the NSM march in front of a garden and nursery store. I arrived late so didn’t see it all. There were only a handful of counter demonstrators present but about 4-5 police cars and 7 officers. Public turn-out was low I’m told because there was some freakazoid type festival going on at the speedway called the Electronic Daisy Carnival that appeals to leftist, antifa, types. Tens of thousands attended.

      The number of NSM folk there who took part was solid and I was impressed that representative from CA, UT, NV and AR traveled to participate. That is commitment. They showed resolve and conviction. American and NSM flags waved in number.

      I commend NSM for bravery and their public presence. They aren’t afraid. They fight to advance their views and defend them as needed. But they are fodder for the media advancing the image of the stereo-typical neo-nazi. That’s cool with me, but not the average public. They are also monophonic in their public rallies with the immigration issue. What we need to do is attack and discredit the government. It is the source of the immigration problem, not the illegals.

      NSM type activity has it’s place in Our Cause, but they need refinement and a broader message. Past rallies have included un-called for profanity, screaming and just awful references to non-whites. They need a bit of Public Relations 101. The idea of a formal march is psychologically powerful, but they are often irregularly and shabbily dressed and lacking a coordinated visual display. Good points and bad points, like much of everything else.

      It should be mentioned that they are believed to be the fastest growing ‘movement’ group out there.

    2. M. Kraus Says:

      Good luck to the NSM, but ‘Kwans don’t “get” rallies like this. I would imagine that even the White people who were attacked at the state fair would be HORRIFIED to learn that evil Nazis were speaking on their behalf. Such is the depth of judeo-jewish behavior conditioning.

      We can take a few lumps from African-American youths who are just acting out of frustration and poverty, but those NAZIS…the horror, the horror!

      This so-called country is finished.

    3. morris wise Says:

      Hundreds of black kids howling with laughter while ripping off whites is nothing to cry about, it is an expression of joy that should be accepted. The theft of a purse or wallet by a poor kid is not a crime but a social event. Many would like a million kid wilding performed on MLK day, call it the charging of the bulls.

    4. Tim McGreen Says:

      I salute the NSM for what they are trying to do, but the way I feel right now we should take the White Struggle/Resistance underground, like the Wehrwolves did in Germany at the end of WWII. Besides, those pro-White rallies are always infested with informants. To hell with respectability and to hell with public perceptions. We need to inflict fear, terror and confusion!

      Watch out, you liberals, conservatives, hook-noses, Christian Zionists, tea-baggers and darkies…..THE WEHRWOLVES ARE COMING.

    5. torrence Says:

      Calm down Tim.
      Two-penny rants as yours are loved by the government, the SPLC and the ADL. It is what they wish to read, then to record and use as evidence at some future time. Such flagitious organizations and their associates are willing to even implant such exhortations with the view of encouraging others to follow suit. Not wise at the present time. We are in a PRE-revolutionary phase; we’re not there quite yet.

      It is not merely pro-White rallies that are infested with vermin, the entire country is, including message boards and forums.

    6. Tim McGreen Says:

      Torrence, why not go back to what you do best, i.e., complain about your messages not getting through.

      Good day.

    7. Miller Says:

      What is needed is an infiltrator who can organize and call out a nigger flash mob. Then to have armed White vigilantes lay in wait. Filmed, the event could be a very powerful message to niggers, not to fuck around with White people or reap the whirlwind. Turn their little pastime into a game of Russian Roulette. Hell, set up a convenience store with automatic door locks and dial up a flash mob. Once the niggers are locked inside unleash attack dogs on them. Film the whole thing in high definition. It could be a new sensation, hunting flash mobs for sport.

    8. torrence Says:

      OK, Tim.
      I’m ready for action. I want to be part of it all. I’m one of those take-charge, can-do sort of guys that this movement needs. What will YOUR first wehrwolf operation be? Can’t wait to ‘read all about it’.
      Are we talking about targeted assassinations, a bombing, industrial sabotage, violent media takeovers, large-scale militia operations or something new and novel that even Earl Turner didn’t think of?
      Just wonderin’.

    9. CW-2 Says:

      We should look on pro-White rallies and demonstrations just as a public relations exercise. I’m hoping the prevalence of oddballs and skinheads with tats at some of these events is becoming a thing of the past and we are starting to look presentable. Jill & Joe need to identify with us.
      As Torrence says, we are still at the pre-revolutionary stage, but the general disillusionment with this bankrupt system will only increase as the jews work to make the world more jewish.
      British PM Cameron was elected on a promise to ‘fix’ immigration, well, the new controls haven’t worked, or more likely weren’t designed to work, and immigration has actually increased by 21%. A big city rally to advertise this fact would be a waste of effort, an effective rally would state explicity that Cameron is a race traitor and democracy doesn’t work.

    10. Luke Says:

      It’s my confirmed conviction that our pro-white movement will never go anywhere, if we have representatives for our cause marching around in Nazi uniforms and shouting Heil Hitler.

      That sort of childish crap plays right into the hands of our enemies, and 99% of whites will join our enemies in condemning it.

      However, do not misunderstand my point. I’m not advocating timidity or the sort of spineless refusal to name the enemy that we see from certain well known segments of our white nationalist movement. Nor, do I have anything but the deepest degree of utter contempt for the snobbish idea of forcing people who attend your organization’s meetings to wear jackets, ties and cuff-links. That reeks of elitist snobbery, and it particularly riles my sense of racial awareness. We need blue collar people and white collar people, and whether they prefer beer or champagne is immaterial and unimportant in the pursuit of our ultimate objectives.

    11. torrence Says:

      When I referred to ‘vermin infesting ‘message boards and forums’, I was not thinking of T. Green at all, and I apologize if anyone took it that I was. Green is a good comrade whose views are well expressed, informative and appreciated by me. I was only thinking of the snoops and trolls in the employ of Sam, the ADL and the SPLC goons. We’ll have something to say to them once the tables are turned.
      I also appreciate the sentiments Tim expresses as to what should and needs to be done, but such activities are not realistically of benefit presently, however much we may wish they were.
      Luke- We do indeed need blue and white collar people. Depending on the decorum the moment demands, suites and ties may be called for. It’s certainly not the attire of everyday life.

    12. Luke Says:

      Call me Mr. Casual, brother Torrence. I did 3 years of ROTC, plus 4 years in the military – and that experience left permanent scars on my attitude about being forced to climb into a monkey suit, tie a symbolic noose around my freaking neck and then waste my precious time worrying about a speck of lint on my duds or a smudge on my shoeshine that some heel-clicking military asshole would see and fly into a spittle spewing rage over, while he chewed my ass out for daring to be “imperfect” in his jew balling licking, dutifully subservient to all authority figures, step-and-fetch-it mind.

      In essence, I have a problem with authority figures and all authoritarian oriented sets of ‘rules’. It’s my natural impulse to disobey and to do my own thinking, as opposed to being a boot-licking, heel-clicking, ignorant robot. Who, by the way, are coming home in droves inside body bags from Afghanistan and Iraq – for having foolishly believed the Bush bullshit lies about 9-11.

    13. Dave Says:

      Very excellent commraderie going on here. This is what I love to see. Mutual respect and airing of views between racial brothers. No more in-fighting!

    14. jayhackworth Says:

      We can and should have many variances within the underlying cause that unites us.
      And “some’ who can, substitute deeds for words,which aren’t discussed , of course. Because action is essential – without it, thought can never ripen into truth.

    15. Jimmy Marr Says:

      Some good points have been made about the visual deficiencies of NSM street rallies. Inasmuch as NSM events are open to all racial activists, critics have the option of attending in whatever attire they deem most attractive. If enough did so, it would have the effect of changing the appearance of the event by simple virtue of their attendance.

      Alas, it’s so much easier and less expensive to yammer. And meanwhile, we can save up our money, and get our teeth whitened, so we’ll be ready to roll when if and when the NSM presents us with an image that reflects well on us.

    16. CW-2 Says:

      David Duke is organising a ‘rally’, more of a leadership seminar this September 17. He states the seminar will, “focus on methods for our activists and leaders to abandon the defensive positions of traditional conservatives and go on the ideological and psychological offense”. It all sounds a bit gentlemanly, but he is right about one thing, at this late hour attack is the best and only defense.

    17. Blackshirt Says:

      I mostly agree with Tim about the NSM activities, I just don’t see the value in them. I think Tim was making a general statement about taking the bulk of our “movement” into a different phase, abandoning the old, useless tactics of the past, and investigating better options. He may or may not be involved in “wehrwolf” type activities, but if he or any of you are, I hope you are quiet about it.

      It is interesting to note that you never see the media or government talking heads showing concern about White racial marches or flyers anymore. Oh you’ll get the occasional news story about a “hate march” or some fag upset about a flyer on his front yard, but our enemies aren’t really worried about that. What scares the hell out of them is “lone wolf” attacks and activism such as what you saw with Tim McVeigh and the guy in Norway recently. The fact is that Lone Wolf activity works and it is a viable option. I’m not telling any of you to go out and create casualties. Lone Wolf activity doesn’t necessarily have to be anything illegal- there are plenty of things all of us can do alone that qualify as lone wolf activity that involves things such as spreading disinformation and disrupting economic activity through creative means.

    18. Blackshirt Says:

      Luke is right about dropping the Third Reich imagery- it comes with too much baggage and most importantly it alienates non-Nordic Whites such as Southern Europeans and Slavs. As I have grown older and hopefully wiser, I have lost my initial fascination with NS Germany and I have been able to look at the era objectively and without passion. As a White racist I have to look at the wider picture and what works for us to achieve the 14 words. While I admire much of Hitler’s achievements, at the end of the day he was a German Nationalist NOT a Pan-European White racist. Anything linked to German Nationalism in this day and age is complicating our struggle for survival, especially when there is a vast wellspring of White Racial feeling in Eastern Europe and Russia.

    19. CW-2 Says:

      Blackshirt is right about Third Reich stuff being potentially irritating to non-Nordic Europeans. Past issues of ‘Instauration’ occasionally did the same in articles referring to ‘bum-faced Alpines’ (Slavs), and ‘dark-White Meds’ (Latins and Celts). Comments such as those do a lot of harm to the concept of Pan European unity that WN is trying to form.
      I have spoken to many Nordic Dutch people who almost go ballistic when you try to point out that Hitler wasn’t such a bad guy. The memory of the sufferings of their grandparents under German occupation is still too strong. WN has got to be packaged and presented in the most favorable way, it’s a difficult task.

    20. Susan Says:

      These rallies are always so far away that I can’t get to them. I still think Knoxville is one of the best places for a rally. Channon and Christopher, and what happened to them, and how the media ignored it, is still one of the best attention getters out there for Whites who might be riding the fence on racial matters.

      Why don’t some of us who live over here on the Southern/Eastern side organize another rally in Knoxville? This time with the best speakers ONLY and everyone dressed nicely and holding professional looking signs made by the organizers.

      Contact me on Vnnforum if you are interested in trying to organize another rally for the Fall. Once the weather turns cooler, it would be a great time to rally for Channon and Christopher, to be sure they are never forgotten.

      But, I won’t hold my breath waiting for someone to contact me.

    21. Tim McGreen Says:

      CW-2 says that “Doctor” Duke is going to hold a leadership seminar in a few weeks. But you know what will happen, right? The hotel where the conference is scheduled to take place will be deluged with threatening calls and protesters. So the hotel will cancel Duke’s event and he’ll have to find some other venue literally at the last minute, thus inconveniencing many attendees and making them miss part or all of the conference.

      It’s a trick that works every time, because those right-wing types fall for it every time.

    22. Luke Says:

      “Tim McGreen Says:
      31 August, 2011 at 3:21 pm

      CW-2 says that “Doctor” Duke is going to hold a leadership seminar in a few weeks. But you know what will happen, right?”

      With real estate prices falling faster than Madonna’s panties at an orgy full of IQ of 70 Africans – I think the white nationalist community needs to start looking for good, rural real estate – and working to raise funds to purchase several geographically well-located plots of land. On those properties, using volunteers, structures can be built that can be turned into suitable meeting places to hold our white nationalist conferences.

      Once we are having our meetings and conferences on private property, we eliminate the ability of the jew rat bastards to exert pressure on hotels and conference halls to cancel our meetings.

      Believe me, this idea has legs. I get mail order catalogs all the time from companies that offer those large steel buildings for sale – and, with a piece of real estate to erect them on – it would not be extremely expensive to get a good-sized building up and available. Amenities and modifications to make it more comfortable and high tech could be added by white nationalist volunteers as time permitted.