9 August, 2011

Some Drama Surrounding The Blogger ‘Fjordman’

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‘Fjordman’ was apparently cited over 100 times in Breivik’s manifesto. Like many of you, I’ve read Fjordman’s writings, but I never saw him blame the Jews for the West’s troubles. If you’re not naming the Jew, you’re just playing patty-cake.


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    1. CW-2 Says:

      Fjordman has kept the spotlight of truth off the jew but perhaps that is a savvy thing to do, after all, just how many jews are there in Norway? We all know what big jew is planning for the White race but their plans would come to nothing without the active support of race traitors within government and the media. We need to name names and say explicitly that the Prime Minister of Norway is a disgusting traitor to his own people, their heritage and culture. We must also say we hold him and his government directly responsible for every rape and murder committed by turd worlders against the good people of Norway.

    2. morris wise Says:

      Blaming all the Jews for international currency manipulation is not fair, there are millions of Jews that cannot manage their checking accounts. Hitler nor Jesus could have stopped the money changers, those that ran away from Hitler relocated to the US or England. The ones that ran away from Jesus Just changed synagogues.

    3. torrence Says:

      Morris is right about not blaming the J-men for all bad things. They alone cannot accomplish the destruction that has littered their history. They have accomplices and collaborators, we have traitors and fifth-columnists. The J-man, however, often sets the agenda, direction and tempo of historical change and the J-man excels in much of that which is evil, although if they were the only evil ones, their influence would be small.

      In the matter of white-collar crime and swindling, as an example, of course Gentiles do the same, just not as well, and not on the same size and scale nor with the brazen Chutzpah the J-Man manifests. As Pierce said in one ADV broadcast: ‘A $100,000 swindle can be anyone, but with a One-hundred million dollar swindle, you know it is a Jew’. There is some truth to that. Having looked into Wall Street crime, it staggers comprehension how the J has lead the pact. They are not the sole practitioners of fraud and deceit, but they are the perfectors of the craft.


      BREAK THE HOLD OF THE JEW…..THINK FREELY…..THINK NOT OF THEM. The Bible in this regard has some good advice:

      –“Finally…whatever things are true, whatever things are of serious concern, whatever things are righteous, whatever things are chaste, whatever things are lovable, whatever things are well spoken of, whatever virtue there is and whatever praiseworthy thing there is, continue considering these things.” (Phil 4:8)

      If we think on these things…..THERE IS PRECIOUS LITTLE ROOM FOR THE JEW.

    4. festerbestertester Says:

      When i tell people about Jewish evil, all i get is blank stares….

    5. Miller Says:

      Jewish genes are the root of intelligent evil.

      These genes mix the literacy of Whites with the impersonal, hive mentality of the Asians and apply it to realize the the savagery and blood-lust of the nigger.

      If you notice Jewish physiognomy contains all three races.

      They are the ultimate living proof that nothing good comes from mongrel-ism.

    6. torrence Says:

      Bad News:

      In this Al Jazeera broadcast about the economic inequities in Israel (‘Israel’s youth voice frustration over economy’), the clip interviews two 22 year-old Israeli’s just out of the army. One says: “I don’t see my future in Israel, I’m sorry.” Another says “It is unpossible (sic) here.”

      Well, what does that tell us? Zionism as expressed in the geo-political structure called Israel is in trouble. This unfortunately is now leading to an exodus of Jews from this land back into host Gentile countries. This is not good news. The goal was to encourage as many J-men and women to leave the Land of Gentiles to establish their future apart from us. That’s why National Socialist Germany cooperated with Zionist leaders in exporting as many German J-men as possible to Palestine. It was a mutually beneficial arrangement. Adloph Eichmann described himself as a ‘fanatical Zionist’ because he saw the worthiness of this collaboration.

      Now, we appear to be heading backwards in this effort and the future appears darker for it. \

      I will state once again what should be profoundly understood by every White/Racial Nationalist: Unless a country founded on a Folk (which Israel is, incidentally) is not supported by a National Socialist inspired economy, it will fail and disappoint it’s inhabitants. THE ECONOMY SERVES THE WELL-BEING OF THE FOLK, NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND.

    7. torrence Says:

      Well, well, well. Another perfectly acceptable post of mine snagged by the VNN filter/anti-spammer.

      Really you guys, you need to re-calibrate the settings or get one of your own instead of those ZOG pre-installed filters generously provided to web-servers.

      I wonder at times what vibrancy VNN is missing out on by the loss of filtered (unseen) posts and the concomitant loss of readers and contributors who withdraw out of frustration.

      This post should require no moderation

    8. torrence Says:

      Off-topic to this thread, but I want to share a You-tube video I just entitled ‘The Power of Nazi Propaganda’. It was filmed inside the USHM, but I found it informative and inspiring.


      National Socialism has power!

    9. torrence Says:

      And yet another post of mine lost and cast off. Should I too leave VNN out of frustration?

    10. Tim McGreen Says:

      “This post should require no moderation.”

      I disagree. without some kind of oversight, these forums can get quickly bogged down in pointless, no-win arguments about the Bible and 9/11. That’s probably why John Stadtmiller removed the comments section from his RBN website.

    11. Tim McGreen Says:

      This “Fjordman” fellow sounds to me like just another cowardly right-winger who enthusiastically denies all his “racist” beliefs the moment he’s confronted about them. “Who, me? A racist? No, no, no! I-I-I’m just a Eurocentrist. I d-d-don’t condone v-violence against anyone. Please don’t arrest me, I’m afraid of going to jail.”

      Jerk. The Revolution will proceed just fine without any right-wingers to muck things up.

    12. Olaf Gunnerson Says:

      Play the Mein Kampf game with you’re friends and family. Just pick some quotes from the great book, show you’re friends and family, but don’t tell them who said the quotes. When they agree with the quote, only then tell them it is the words of the F├╝hrer. Just watch their reaction when you tell them .. works every time – A great game for all the family.

    13. Miller Says:


    14. Luke Says:

      Alex is right about Fjordman refusing to name the jew in his writings. I have read a few of his articles over the years, but until the Norway thing and the emphasis on Fjordman by Breivik, I hadn’t bothered to go looking for more stuff by Fjordman.

      I’m reading the final part of his Defeating Eurabia essay now, and he makes a lot of very good arguments that support the right of White European people to preserve themselves and their nations. He also continually names the #1 enemy, which Dr. Pierce also assigned to the top spot on our enemies list – our own white elites who are collaborating with the jews to destroy their own nations and to genocide their own peoples.

      I’m reminded of something Alex Linder has said repeatedly over the years on Goyfire podcasts and in writing: Unless and until these traitorous elites begin to experience personal pain as a consequence of their treasonous behaviors, nothing is going to change. After all, it isn’t their daughters or wives or sisters who are getting gang raped by savage negro beasts or by savage mestizo beasts or by savage muslim beasts, it is our white women who have to fear this kind of savagery.

      Treason of our elites: Something which Breivik seemed to want to address, when he decided who his victims were going to be.

      I wonder if that aspect of the Breivik evil deed resulted in any sudden, involuntary and extremely painful sphincter contractions among the race traitorous White Elites around the Western world?

    15. Syd Spada Says:

      Socrates, Alex, et al-
      Nothing on the UK riots? Come on, guys.

    16. R CROSS Says:

      This is becoming more pathetic by the day,so if some-one reads your writings,then commits a crime,you are responsible?all of the ministers in the british administration have either had,or held views compatible with,lenin,trotsky and marks,several have busts of these world murderers on thier desks,but they would argue vociferously that there is no way that they are personally responsible for the deaths of upwards of two hundred million people,so why should fjordman,why did he not just tell them to go fuck themselves?

    17. morris wise Says:

      Kingfish has a license to run the drug trade in the ghetto, in return he gives up the homeboys who rape or purse snatch. The London riots were caused by cops harassing Kingfish in revenge for police layoffs. Kingfish will now return to his business and police layoffs will stop. The homeboys will continue giving their welfare checks for the heroin of Kingfish. All will now be quiet in the jungle.

    18. Socrates Says:

      torrence — maybe the URLs in your posts caused the spam filter to snag them. Try using no URLs. Also, you could try re-naming yourself “torrence2” or “torrence3.” “Torrence” may sound/spell too close to “torrent.”

    19. Franklin Ryckaert Says:

      For those who wonder why “Fjordman” never named the Jews in his writings,go to “Age of Treason” aug.5.2011,”Genocide excused” for more information and a portrait of his on which he looks very Jewish.In one of the later comments to that article you find a link to a portrait of his father who looks even more Jewish.That explains it all.

    20. slobo Says:

      The Jews are a threat and will be easy to identify them, however, I think the greta threat tody definity is Islam, and sometimes they are difficult to spot. As apposed to Jews who relesh economic control and the money that goes with it, Muslims want total contol over everthing not considered Sharia. They will wipe it all out and rebuild in their image. These are the ones now who must be identified and made to become submissive, these untermensch coming to threaten us from the seventh century!