31 December, 2011

Israel: Founded By Mass-Murder

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Genocide: it’s a Jewish thing, you wouldn’t understand.


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  7. 9 Responses to “Israel: Founded By Mass-Murder”

    1. ty grant Says:

      Very lovly… But how do you win with a people who have no consiensience??? http:********//www.y*****outube.com/watch?v=yN4Uu0OlmTg*****

      happy new year

    2. Miller Says:

      Extermination. Jews are not human. They are Neanderthal. therefore, they can be silently targeted with biological agents specific to their genetics in the air and water supplies. They will die off before knowing what hit them.

      Kill time for 15 million Jews worldwide could be as short as 2 weeks.

      Jewish genetic diseases are very pronounced and many. The disease is the cure. Men in a lab should be using Neanderthal DNA to solve the Jewish Question once and for all.

    3. CW-2 Says:

      Jews have been on a killing spree for the past 3000 years, no change there. What MUST concern us is the biological weapons they have and are developing against White populations. Don’t kid ourselves, if they think they can get away with using them they will!

    4. mrcrouton Says:

      My favorite quote from the Moses (from the book of Numbers 31) is when he tells his willing executioners to….

      “Now therefore kill every male among the little ones, and kill every woman that hath known man by lying with him. But all the women children, that have not known a man by lying with him, keep alive for yourselves.”

      So Jews follow a leader who if alive today should be serving for war crimes in the Hague. And yet Jews follow their leader knowing what he’s done. No one seems to say a word that they follow a genocidal mass murderer.
      And of course Jews never put that in their Moses movies (or in the movies not made about Jewish commissars in their bolshevik Soviet Union).

      And at Channukah, the tribal worshipping Jews put up their ridiculous menorahs (which look like retarded upside down rakes) all over the place to celebrate another conflict, (often juxtaposed next to christmas trees) this time fighting the Macabees.
      And then at Purim the Jews celebrate the defeat of the Persians (through a female agent Ether), and at Yom Kipper they say that they plan on lying all of next year and get forgiven by god in advance.

      But that’s not the largest problem, what the Jews are doing; it’s what the our fellow “bretheren” do not do.

      Why do we tolerate them in our midst? Why have we allowed this race of treacherous vermin to colonize among our people in our lands? Why do we not gather to expel them? Why do we not even discuss the issue?

      Where are the Christian “men” to tell the truth about Jews to their flock?

      I am an antisemite and hate the Jews, but it’s the Christians and other politically correct types afraid to discuss Jewish predation that I reserve most of my wrath for.

    5. torrence Says:

      An excellent video that should be distributed wide and far. It documents positions at odds with the official Zionist lies:

      –That the land now called Israhell was uninhabited with no indigenous Palestinian population to be dispossessed of their land (you know, the ‘invented’ people that Jew-Tool Newt ‘The Puke’ Gingrich recently talked about)
      “The land was not empty when we inherited it.”

      –That the Israelis were not ‘defending’ themselves from aggressive Palestinian inhabitants; that the ethnic cleansing wasn’t done for protective reasons. Note that Neumann on several occasions notes the absence of weaponry available to the villagers. They had no military capacity whatsoever.

      –That Zionism morally justifies such confiscation……..they came to ‘claim their inheritance’. It can truthfully be said that Zionism is…
      I haven’t watched the whole video yet, but these are a few points the first few minutes impressed me with.

      Last year I befriended A Greek man – a fellow hiker – that is aware of the issues surrounding world Jewry. His understanding is crude and superficial, but it is there. When we first met to discuss at length such issues, he described them as the ‘anti-humans’. Too much! That is exactly the phrase I independently came up with years ago to describe our Middle Eastern cousins. What a people.

    6. Jürgen Says:

      As a professional linguist, I can attest to the 100% accuracy
      of the translation provided in the subtitles for this video.

      Also, you can see the guilt and the death in this jew’s eyes.

    7. Tim McGreen Says:

      The Jews know they are guilty of terrible crimes. They must be shocked that their gentile hosts still permit them to exist. The fact that the gentiles do not fight back even one small bit must make the Jews’ contempt for us even stronger.
      So, the Palestinians are an “invented people”, eh? Um, couldn’t that be said of the Jews as well? The Jews have an outrageous ability to condemn others for what they themselves are guilty of. The fact is that Palestine has been home to many, many different peoples, cultures and religions, the Jews being but one of them.

      And even if Jewish bible mythology is to be believed then the ancient kingdom of Israel only existed for a few centuries, until the Babylonians and Persians destroyed it around 2600 years ago. Can the Jews really claim some piece of land as their own that their ancestors supposedly ruled over that far back in time? And isn’t it true that according to Jewish law de Holee Lan’ can only be won back when the G-d of Israel sends his Moshiach to conquer the world?

      It would seem, then, that Zionism is a criminal fraud and an affront to G-d.

    8. Robert Cardillo Says:

      Wow!!! All of the above posts are spot on. I just finished reading the book by Schlomo Sand. Great food for thought. I have pointed out to people in the past about the kikes and their bloodthirsty holidays.Talk about having an us-versus them mentality!!! These are the most vengeful bunch of cunts on the planet.

    9. jayhackworth Says:

      A Summary of Zionist Terrorism in the Near East 1944-48