27 January, 2012

Soviet-Style Hate Crime Laws Are Designed For Whites, Not Blacks

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Are negroes ever prosecuted for committing “hate crimes”? Rarely, even though they commit most of them (their crimes aren’t called “hate”). Hate crime laws came from Jews and are designed to be used against White people. (The first hate crime law was a Soviet decree in 1918 that protected Jews [1]).


[1] the Bolshevik decree/law outlawing anti-Semitism (i.e., outlawing pogroms against Jews and the pogromists themselves) was issued by the heavily-Jewish Sovnarkom (i.e., the Council of Peoples’ Commissars) on July 27, 1918. It mandated the death penalty

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    1. mrcrouton Says:

      All of the money spent on terrorism (meanwhile 911 was an Israeli Mossad job) is misplaced. For the 3000 who died on 911 we’ve spent trillions overseas fighting the wrong people.

      In the United States blacks commit half of all murders and currently murder 7000 people a year. White people have to lose money and the value of their real estate as negroes move into their neighborhoods while whites sell at a loss. All to avoid negro street terrorism. Whites buy locks for their doors, alarm systems, guns and dogs to protect themselves.

      So what group are the terrorists?

      Blacks. And Jews of course.

    2. Tim McGreen Says:

      Oh yes, Shitcago is very unsafe for Negroes because of the city’s extremely high, disproportionate population of Whites, especially White racists. No colored person ever has to worry about being robbed, raped or shot by another colored person in Shitcago. The only problem is those evil racist Whites, all of whom should be killed immediately, right, Shitcago Scum Times???

      After the Revolution, the skulls of the Scum-Times staff will be used as ash trays and flower pots.

    3. Arkan Says:

      Blacks are, “SPECIES OF PROPERTY.”

    4. Sgt. Skull Says:

      No doubt the white kids will get the book thrown at them. The Spicago Sun Times has already convicted the three white kids. Had the races been reversed the cops and media would claim there wasn’t enough evidence to charge the negro perps with hate crimes. Even when niggers are charged with hate crimes they almost always get dropped.

      The moral of the story here is that the black kid didn’t sustain any injuries other than bruised feelings. Most whites who find themselves in a similar situation with blacks aren’t so lucky as most of us know.

    5. Tim McGreen Says:

      Wait a second, Sgt….Are you telling me that Attorney General Eric “The Uppity Mulatto” Holder wouldn’t charge a Negro youth with committing a federal Hayte-Krime against a White victim? And are you also telling me that the Jewish-dominated press would be reluctant to report such a crime in their papers? No, I kawnt believe it. I simply kawnt.

    6. torrence Says:

      Yes, hate-crime laws function primarily against white people. Who among us in VNN didn’t know that? What upsets me more is the behavior of these three white kids – STUPID behavior that has been only damaging to our cause. Nothing positive has come of this.

      Where is the condemnation for the way these punks acted? A greater degree of sobriety and understanding of what is demanded from us is called for. The actions of these and similar such idiots cast a shadow on all of us which now becomes our burden to dispel and confront. This all reminds me of Joseph Goebbels’ Commandment #8 for National Social…ists when he wrote:

      “Don’t be a HOOLIGAN anti-Semite, but beware of the Berlin Tageblatt!”

      A lot of spouting-off accompanied with the occasional outbursts of gutter heroics as exampled by these three morons seems to be an all too persistent problem associated with ‘the movement’. Across the spectrum of our movement effort, not enough are setting the right example. Where is there training or guidance available toward creating exemplars – responsible and dependable men?

      I credit Pierce for persistently warning of the introduction of such low-lifes into the National Alliance. ‘Hobbyists, talkers, gung-ho loudmouths, amoral persons, freaks and constitutional losers” were some of the titles he assigned to those to be avoided at all cost.

      All too often we give our enemies cause to smile; and they don’t have to do a thing. We do the work for them.

    7. Sgt. Skull Says:

      That’s right Tim because blacks who attack whites are the good guys according to our mulatto AG. And if these white kids are tried in state court but acquitted you can bet Holder will file federal charges against the them.

      Welcome to Obongo’s Kwa where national life is one great big bongo party and white people are the new niggers.

    8. Sgt. Skull Says:

      For the record, if the Sun Times’ version of events then I’m indifferent to the white boys’ actions towards the negro teen. Are you not aware of the appalling levels of black on white violent crime? Did the NAACP, Congressional black caucus or any other nigger supremacist organization condemn the feral nigger flash mobbers that injured several dozen white people last summer? The majority of blacks never have and never will condemn the violent actions their race regularly commits against whites, so it’s now an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth as far as I’m concerned.

      Cases of white mistreatment and violence against blacks in the general population occur so seldom it’s not worth discussing much less condemning. Racially motivated attacks against whites will continue to escalate unless we collectively become more racially intolerant and prone to violence.

    9. torrence Says:

      skull – I agree with most everything you say, but at the end of the day, we need to ask: ‘What good came out of what these three White youths did?’ What has been accomplished? If you are sympathetic toward them for being ‘White fighters for the cause’, are they better off to continue the fight after what they did or have they compromised themselves for a long, long time? Most everything I take from this episode is negative and I’m saddened all around.

      When there is moral ambiguity concerning a course of action or uncertainty regarding a tactical method, it usually works out best to remove the obstacles creating hesitancy and proceed with certainty and conviction. Such a hard decision confronted Hitler after his Landsberg imprisonment: ‘To continue the path to power using revolutionary, confrontational means, or do so legally?’ He learned that the results of the preferred approach up to that time were too risky without a high enough prognosis of success. Those three boys had guts and motivation, I”ll grant you that, but they were poorly schooled and thoughtless.

      Well, I now just read the whole article and I feel less sympathetic toward them now than before. They were friends with the Black up to that point and it looks like a prank on this Merritt guy got out of hand. They apparently didn’t like Merritt talking to their cousin or something along those lines, or maybe a personal grudge was behind it. There is no indication that these three were acting out of any nationalist or racist ideology. Have you seen the picture of the 18 year old Hermann – the guy now facing felony charges courtesy of living in the Kwa? You want him representing our cause? My initial impression of them are typical white-trash low-lifes. They may be NSM material, but little more than that; more programming material for the Jew-tube. And all this happened in a ‘faith-based’ school!

      We need National Social…ist training for our youth…the development of personal character, of will, and finding joy in responsibility. Stupid behavior deserves punishment, and they will get punished. Let’s learn the lesson here for ourselves.

    10. SEAN GRUBER Says:

      I had a middle school teacher (a jew) say openly that only whites can be racist – that the term “racist” was invented to describe white “oppression” of blacks, and had nothing to do with what other races did. She said this angrily and forthrightly. This was way back in the 1980s…memories.

    11. SEAN GRUBER Says:

      I had a middle school teacher (a jew) say openly that the word “racist” was invented to describe white “oppression” of blacks. The word had nothing to do with what any other races did. She said this angrily and forthrightly. This was way back in the 1980s… ah, memories.

    12. Evils Of Feminism Says:

      It sounds like your teacher was a typical Jewish cunt. It reminds me of Feminazi A, as I called her, from one of my collegiate composition classes. Her ridiculous anti-White, anti-male worldviews were legendary in their own stupidity.