18 June, 2012

The Only Thing Stephanie Grace Did Wrong Was Apologize

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by Jerry Abbott.


“The reason the egalitarians, rather than the racists, resort to shaming words is simple. The racists are right. And the egalitarians are wrong. If the egalitarians had any chance of proving themselves right empirically, they’d do it. Since they don’t, they resort to tactics of disinformation, censorship, and political pressure.”


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  7. 8 Responses to “The Only Thing Stephanie Grace Did Wrong Was Apologize”

    1. Ray F. Bateson Says:

      May the lamentation of the last whiteskin on earth, before getting devoured alive, be not that his ancestors were raysis but that they weren’t raysis enough…if at all. Though likelier he’d smilingly surrender for the opportunity of proving himself “not a raysis.”

      Some urban graffiti was once observed that said “In a world of continuous flux nothing is guaranteed but death, taxation and white mass-insanity.” … heh… Tell me something I don’t know.

      If the jews are evil in the form of people then the slavish mass of whites is the avatar of this Age of Pisces which covets its hellish “isms” uber alles. And — as timelessly shown — they’re made for each other.

    2. Tim McGreen Says:

      Well, I’m about to make a statement that I will not apologize for—EVER. So don’t even think about demanding an apology from me, you evil, anti-White Bolshevik scum. OK, here goes:

      *Ahem* Rodney King is dead and I say good riddance. One less crazy, out-of-control nigger to deal with.

      Got that? I said: One less crazy, out-of-control nigger to deal with. There. I hope all the liberals, Jews and fags drop dead from shock.

    3. Arkan Says:

      Starting with the Jewish Question. If these people have gotten the better of us, historically speaking.. it’s our fault because we let our guard down.
      Let’s debunk the two strongest arguements against the Jews.
      1: They invented and pursued the interests of Communism and thereby killed so many Europeans.

      2: They’ve been kicked out of nearly every European country throughout history.

      Notwithstanding other topics such as, “They run our media,.. or government..” which are of lesser importance, shit don’t bother me because I don’t vote or watch television. WN’s bitch about a Jew-dominated, smut-filled and hypersexualized mass media but I’ve yet to meet ONLY ONE person in the movement who lived without television, and probably he still does. Everybody else is glued to Hollywood and what’s in theatres like it’s as important as breathing.
      Now, about the first statement (communism), I can almost entirely blame Tsar Nicholas II in Russia who didn’t pursue the bolsheviks with an iron fist and pound them into the dust. As you may know, it was a mistake that cost him his life. Indeed, the Tsar failed and everyone paid for it for over a hundred years and in a dozen countries.

      The second most prominent case against the Jews is that they’ve been kicked out of nearly every European country. True. Why? Usury? – lending money at high interest rates? Yes. Who took the loans from the Jews? The European monarchs and typically to pay for the buildup of large armies in order to invade other European countries and plunder/pillage. What happens then is, of course, why pay the Jews back when we can kick them out to the next country to the east… this started in Portugal and it always moved further east until the Jews got to Russia, and gave the Tsar and his entire family a bullet to the head. Another point I’d like to make is that its been the fault of Whites who have borrowed money from the Jews to begin with, let alone to declare fratricidal wars upon other Europeans. From a racial perspective, we have only ourselves to blame.
      There is irony attributed to very existence of today’s Fascist or NS groups, you can’t overlook that Mussolini had a Jewish mistress, and he was funded by the Jews to reach his political post because they believed that his revolution in Italy was going to work out in their favor. Hitler on the other hand was also funded by Jewish money and these facts have been documented by David Irving, who has riskes life and limb to tell the truth. Lastly, notwithstanding the amount of Jews who were in Hitler’s ranks, notably Eichmann who was sent of all places to Israel for his trial and execution. Rosenberg and Heydrich, the latter being half-Jewish with defining semitic features. The list goes on, all throughout the SA/SS, and wehrmacht.

      Knowing all this, we deliberately keep the blame away from our race and blame the Jews instead because it is the adhesive to our bond. Seemingly, you can’t discuss the truths to the hardline movement-oriented individuals lest you be called a Jew yourself. Hahaha.

    4. Franklin Ryckaert Says:

      As far as I know Rosenberg was ( in spite of his name) not Jewish, Heydrich was 1/4 Jewish and Eichmann was half Jewish (quite visibly so, I should add).

      Hitler was funded by Jewish bankers only in the beginning, then he “betrayed” them (good for him).

      But indeed, the greatest faults of Whites are : 1) fighting among each other, 2) cooperating with Jews in ANY way. The opposite of this behaviour is the solution.

    5. Tim McGreen Says:

      Make no mistake, the Jews fight amongst themselves like wild dogs fighting over the rotting carcass of a wildebeest. But unlike the goyim, who have no racial solidarity at all, the Jews will only do business with each other.

    6. Tim McGreen Says:

      Rykert, I find it incomprehensible that Reichfuhrer Himmler would allow a pair of mischlinge to hold senior positions in the SS! To say that Heydrich and Eichmann were part Jews is nothing but scurrilous right-wing slander. Besides, every applicant to the SS had to prove his Aryan ancestry back to the year 1750. Ironically, Hitler would have failed to meet that criterion. What’s more, the Jews never at any time said that Eichmann and Heydrich were part Jewish. If it were so the Jews would have swarmed all over that information like green flies on cow shit.

      At any rate these guys look like Uber-Aryans to me! http://www.holocaustresearchproject.org/holoprelude/Wannsee/Eichmann.jpg


    7. The RED SKULL Says:

      Apparently i need to read Rules for Radicals by that Jew–Alinsky.

      Rational, fact -based arguments have never changed any lefties mind that i know of –they are fanatic adherants to the cult of “equality”

    8. Franklin Ryckaert Says:

      Tim, I must confess that my statement about Heydrich and Eichmann being partly Jewish is based only on rumour. About Heydrich however that rumour already existed during his youth and he himself was seriously troubled by it all his life. For further information go to : The History Place, biography of Nazi leaders, SS Leader Reinhard Heydrich, early years.

      As for Eichmann, I always found him suspiciously Jewish-looking and I once read that he had a Jewish father. I can however find nothing about that anymore.

      The idea that the Jews would have exploited this if it were true is ambivalent. From their perspective being Jewish means “being good”, thus being partly Jewish means “being partly good”. On the other hand it would surely irk the Nazis, but in so doing they themselves would imply that Jewish blood is a “stain”.