20 September, 2012

Arizona: ‘Controversial’ Part of SB1070 Now Being Enforced

Posted by Socrates in illegal immigration, immigration, immigration bills/laws, jewed culture, mestizos, Mexico, Mexinvasion, Socrates at 1:23 am | Permanent Link

The “papers, please” part of SB1070 is completely logical – which is why Jews, Mexicans and liberals hate it.


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  7. 3 Responses to “Arizona: ‘Controversial’ Part of SB1070 Now Being Enforced”

    1. Tim McGreen Says:

      B-b-but our Jewish friends in Israel (the ONLY democracy in the middle east:)!!!) always pull Arab drivers over and demand to see their papers! S-s-so why can’t we do that here? W-why are the J-j-jews trying to stop us from pulling over suspicious-looking drivers in this country when th-th-they do it in their country all the t-time? I m-mean, I-I-I’m not being antisemitical, or anything. But why the d-d-double s-standard?

    2. Sgt. Skull Says:

      Hahaha. Great points Tim!

      You must understand that the hate state of Izzy is the only nation who may defend its borders and act in its own self interests. To question anything they do, ANYTHING, is a supreme act of aunti-semitism (sic) which one day in the Kwa will be punishable by 10 yrs in prison or possibly death at the hands of a DHS sniper/sadist. Kind of like in Bolshevik Russia.

      Digressions aside, Arizona is on the right track but should announce that Obongo is irrelevant and that they will begin forcibly deporting illegal shitskins. Then Jan Brewer should send a picture of her middle finger to Obongo and AG gangsta Holder.

    3. fd Says:

      This reminds me of the old iron curtain countries of Eastern Europe: Excuse me sir. Are your papers in order?

      The problem is that same law will be expanded and used against White people traveling to neighboring states. It’s all part of the lock-down.