24 October, 2012

OSCE: the Jews’ Latest Tikkun Olam Scheme

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Don’t worry. All the Jews are trying to do is “fix the world” since gentiles screwed it up/didn’t manage it right, according to Judaism. It’s not like the world is in danger or anything…what??…”remember the Comintern?” Oh, yeah. Never mind, then. Anyway, about OSCE. First, there was the League of Nations, but it didn’t do much. Then, there was the UN, which did more, but was toothless. Then, there was NATO, which came from the UN Charter and was not toothless (as the Serbs discovered), and now, there’s OSCE, which also came from the UN Charter. All of those outfits served or serve the Jewish NWO. (By the way, why does anybody worry about Norway’s criticism of Israel? All leftist countries criticize Israel to some degree).


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    1. George Lenz Says:

      OSCE is not longer needed in the modern Europe, essentially copying the structures of the Council of Europe, there it invents superfluous causes to justify its existence.

      Their accusations against Norway are of course without merit. What their jewish masters hate is that derivative-natural right to absolute freedom of speech is respected in Norway more than anywhere in Europe. Hence the warrant-less charges of so-called antisemitism to silence critics of Israel in Norway.

    2. Tim McGreen Says:

      Don’t those Norwegians realize that any criticism of Jews or their illegitimate State in Palestine is a thought-crime? So is expressing any doubt whatsoever about the Holohoax®, Climate Change™, or the divinity of Anne Frank, Rosa Parks and Marchin’ Lootin’ Koon. When the Jew World Odor liberates mankind all such offenses will be punished by forcing the criminal to publicly renounce his crimes and then submit to a firing squad.

    3. Tim McGreen Says:

      That octopus doesn’t look Jewish enough.

    4. George Lenz Says:

      Meanwhile, OSCE “observers” from ex-soviet dictatorships are “monitoring” US presidential elections: