30 April, 2013

“Gang of 8” Immigration Bill Would Bring 33 Million Illegals in 10 years

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I wonder if Sen. Schumer, the Jewish sponsor of the bill and the leader of the so-called “Gang of 8”, would agree to send 33 million Mexican immigrants to Israel? I’ll bet not, because how can you make any country better by adding 33 million Mexicans to it? In fact, the reason Mexico is a toilet is because…it’s full of Mexicans.


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  7. 8 Responses to ““Gang of 8” Immigration Bill Would Bring 33 Million Illegals in 10 years”

    1. fd Says:

      Schumer is a Jew freak. He defended the federal holocaust that was carried out against the inhabitants of the Branch Church near Waco. Schumer wants America to be transformed into a Middle Eastern bazaar with every imagineable swirl.

    2. fd Says:

      Bring back the Southern Manifesto — the answer to Brown v. Board of Education. If this country is to be swamped with immigrants of the non-White peprsuasion — what will become of the natural resources — Texas may have a water problem soon. In the 1970s, there were more cows in Texas than people. That is not the case today.


    3. Mark Says:

      The influx of 33 million Mexicans into Israel would turn a sewer into a toilet. Bad, but an improvement nonetheless.

    4. Virgil Says:

      I hope that the families of those traitorous senators end up victimized by the invaders! When they eventually rise up to seize the south-west, the neo-aztecs will not care if you were pro-amnesty or not before they proceed to hack you to pieces with machetes. I guess that all three branches of government will have to be obliterated when our side eventually achieves victory. I think that it is time to start working on a new constitution that would forever prevent usurpation by kikes, commies and non-whites.

    5. Sgt. Skull Says:

      Only 33 million? Hah! There are probably 33 million illegals in the country that will be granted amnesty not including their immediate family in various turd world nations who will instantly become eligible for citizenship. Even FAUX News said that amnesty will add an additional 30 million on top of the 12-30 million who get amnesty in the first phase.

      I’ve always been a pessimist and see the dark side of things, but not even I could envision that our gubmint could become full of such traitorous, kike worshipping, psychotic, anti-white scumbags. We have the absolute worst government in recorded history. Not even bloodthirsty Stalin would subject his people to something like this.

      But what can we expect when our government has been totally and completely jewed and will remain that way until it draws its final breath?

    6. Tim McGreen Says:

      The Soviets (and the Tsarist government before them) installed an internal passport system that prevented, say, Uzbeks from migrating into, say, the Baltic states. So Lithuania remained largely Lithuanian and Uzbekistan remained largely Uzbek. And no Soviet leader would ever have allowed millions of non-Soviet foreigners to move into any part of the USSR.

      True, a few American Negro “intellectuals” were permitted for propaganda purposes to live in the USSR in the 1930s but almost all of them quickly returned to the Kwa. No Popeye’s Chicken in Novosibirsk, no watermelon or black eyed peas in Petrograd, you see. Yet Blacks always bitch and moan about how bad they have it here. They’re free to return home to Zambia and Uganda. But they never take up that offer.

      Turning North America into a Free White Homeland will be no small task. There are so many brain-dead, Judaized and feminized Whites to deal with I fear most of them will have to liquidated…..clubbed like rabbits. In the struggle for racial survival we need White quality, not quantity.

    7. Virgil Says:

      Reid tells May Day rally: Country owes immigrants a ‘permanent solution’

      http://www.lasvegassun.com/news/2013/may/01/reid-tells-may-day-rally-country-owes-immigrants-p/ How about: Country owes traitors and invaders a “final solution”!

    8. Justin Huber Says:

      Another factor to consider in all of this is at what point does our North American living space start to become overcrowded. Just a thought.