26 July, 2013

Economic Cycles

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I mentioned in a post on July 21st that the Jews “cycle” our economy by creating “boom-and-bust” cycles (highs and lows). Well, here is one example of such cycling: read the 8th paragraph about a “credit bubble” that was deliberately created by the Federal Reserve. (In fact, the Jews don’t even seem to hide their financial tricks anymore, given their solid lock on the American economy).


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    1. Ghost of Andrei Says:

      President Obama and first lady to adopt a baby boy from Russia

      by Andrei Yustschinsky, Washington Times correspondent

      President Obama and first lady Michele Obama will adopt a baby boy from Russia named Serge’ on December 25th as a Christmas gesture. “So many children in the former Soviet Union in a country that has been been ravaged by over 75 years of communism now need the warmth of parents and a home.” That’s what Obama said at a press conference on Capital Hill on Sunday. Attending the press conference were superstars Brad Pitt and George Clooney who were unhappy that the President will adopt from a place other then the third world. “Millions of children from Africa, Central America, Bangladesh, the Caribbean Islands need homes and Mr. Obama put his heart in a very wrong place.” Brad Pitt made the statement at the end of the press conference. George Clooney said he was shocked and dismayed at the President’s very foolish decision. The adoption will be covered by all major networks on Christmas day.

    2. Tim McGreen Says:

      It seems that the economic boom and bust cycles are getting more frequent, with the “bust” parts getting longer and the “booms” getting shorter and weaker. Just go into your local Purity Supreme and you’ll see how bars of Ivory soap and boxes of Trix are getting smaller, yet their prices are still the same or higher. And $3.80 for a single gallon of gas? $1,000 to run your carcase through an MRI machine? $1,000 a credit for a course at a private university? And the Jew economists have the balls to tell us there’s no inflation.

      Where’s the friggin’ outrage? Where’s Whitey? He should be smashing storefront windows and burning tipped-over police cars, like the coloreds are doing because of Treyvon Martin.

    3. fd Says:

      The money powers are desperate. These people are aware that the international banking scheme is perpetually unstable. Maintaining the fiat dollar is their only hope. Electric money flows from one computer account to another.

      The people behind the curtain have no substance or courage. They should swing in the wind as the carpetbaggers did.