17 August, 2013

America, the Sitcom, Part 6

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It’s not your Daddy’s military anymore, but, you know that queer who lives down the street from you, in the pink house? It’s his military.


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    1. Tim McGreen Says:

      The USAF used to be a decent enough military organization, with their F-84 fighters and B-36 bombers. Major Tony Nelson from “I Dream of Genie” was an Air Force officer, as was his bewildered superior officer, Colonel Bellows. But since the end of the Apollo Space Program/Vietnam War era the USAF has become a joke, a place where dykes, little girls and sissies play make-believe war games at taxpayers’ expense. Really, why is the Air Force still around? Whatever it is they do can probably be done by the other armed services just as well, if not better.

      But beware of right-wing organizations that try to lure you in with these stories about liberal outrages. The right wing is just as full of Jews and homos as the left wing is. In fact the right wing pushes harder for open borders and globalism than the left does. All they really want is your money. And all you really get in return are a bunch of vague promises to “fight Obamacare” and “preserve traditional American values”. I shake my pee-pee at your traditional American values.

    2. CW-2 Says:

      On the very rare occasions I waste time watching the jewtube there was a ‘documentary’ on the global positioning satellite network. I was surprised to learn it is run by the USAF. It showed the diverse inhabitants of an air-conditioned bunker somewhere pushing buttons and otherwise trying to look intelligent. Naturally nigs and mestizo girls were given ample camera time, no surprise there, but what really made me laugh is that all these hi-tech warriors were dressed not as expected in every day uniforms, but were attired in battle ready type flying gear! Just where are these denizens of a subterranean bunker expecting to fly?

    3. Tim McGreen Says:

      I know what you’re talking about, CW. That USAF command post is located somewhere near Las Vegas, Nevada, thousands of miles away from where the actual ZOG drone massacres are taking place. The little colored girls and sissies are ordered to wear their combat fatigues instead of their regular office uniforms in order to psychologically “immerse” them in a combat environment. But they are as immersed in real combat as much as the overnight desk clerk at the nearby Motel 6 is.

      What rubbish. Those camouflaged candy-asses better hope I never get any power over them because if I do they are the FIRST ones I will turn over to the Taliban for execution.

    4. fd Says:

      The gay Union has a gay military. It’s all in the mix.

    5. mrcrouton Says:

      Not only are queers like Obama cleansing generals they don’t like, they’ll turn our military loose against queer hating nations like Russia. American Christian dupes will soon be fighting for international pedophiles and jewish interests. No childs asshole will be left behind you know.

      This country is so far gone we’ll wage WWIII for the advancement of global buggery!

      Get ready for an all out political assault and slander against Russia during the upcoming winter Olympics.

      It’s getting too surreal.

    6. Howdy Doody Says:

      Listen up pilgrims !

      Evanjellyculls, are a bunch of serious anti White nutz. Pro open border, and everything pro the bandit state.

      This cult revels in it political power, but their so called power and media attention is because they support aliens who dominate every Western Nation and are the criminals who flung open all borders too.

      When it comes to whoring around cheating their wives and on business deals or bullying any one they can get away with, you will find these slobs of the death cult.

      Bottom line is they are not good people and rank and file Christians IMO would have been lynching the leaders of these cults a 100 years ago.

    7. Tim McGReen Says:

      I wonder what the early Christians were like. Were they as annoying and self-righteous as today’s Christians? Did they constantly defame the members of other religions and Xian denominations that they disagreed with, condemn them for “heresy” and so forth? Were they constantly begging for money from their flocks and always going door to door in search of new converts to fleece? Did they preach to their followers to give up the things of this world while they, the early Christian leadership, I mean, spend lots of denarii on whores, gambling and fancy togas using church funds? In short, were they a bunch of liars, hypocrites and assholes like their modern day counterparts are?

      Need I even bother to answer my own questions?