27 September, 2013

Historian Says: Hitler Wanted Peace, Offered a Detailed, Written Peace Offer, Sent Hess to Deliver It, But Churchill Rejected It

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Of course drunken Churchill, in the service of Big Jew, rejected the peace offer! (Hitler didn’t want war and was actually surprised when Britain declared war on Germany in September 1939). Long before Poland was invaded, the “allies” wanted to completely destroy Hitler’s Germany, plain and simple [1]. It didn’t matter to them how many people had to die in the process. (Hitler’s biggest mistake was failing to realize how “Jewed” the allied countries were in 1939. He knew they were Jewed to a degree, yes, but he failed to understand the severity of the Jewing).


[1] “We are going to lick that fellow Hitler. He isn’t going to get away with it.” — Jewish powerbroker Bernard Baruch to General George Marshall in 1938, one year before WWII began

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  7. 15 Responses to “Historian Says: Hitler Wanted Peace, Offered a Detailed, Written Peace Offer, Sent Hess to Deliver It, But Churchill Rejected It”

    1. fd Says:

      Germany was the only country in Europe that rose up to fight against communism.

      Churchill’s malignant rage against Germany led to the ruination of England’s economy. By war’s end, the British military was so weak it wasn’t able to take part in Operation Plunder. The English stood down while Russia and the American military raped and plundered Germany. Moreover, all the British colonies were lost. England faded into irrelevance.


      SPEECH OF MAY 4, 1941

      AH: “The most unscrupulous men of the present time had, as they admit today, decided as early as 1936 to involve the Reich, which in its peaceful work of reconstruction was becoming too powerful for them, in a new and bloody war and, if possible, to destroy it. They had finally succeeded in finding a State that was prepared for their interests and aims, and that State was Poland.”

      “All my endeavors to come to an understanding with Britain were wrecked by the determination of a small clique which, whether from motives of hate or for the sake of material gain, rejected every German proposal for an understanding due to their resolve, which they never concealed, to resort to war, whatever happened.”

      “The man behind this fanatical and diabolical plan to bring about war at whatever cost was Mr. Churchill. His associates were the men who now form the British Govern- ment.”

    2. fd Says:

      Hitler was a generous victor. Too generous. After the Polish, French victories the Germans allowed the British to evacuate unmolested at Dunkirk. That was not a good move. Hitler didn’t realize how far the English had fallen racially.

      Blood brothers: The English are Germans who want to be French. Angle Land – England.

    3. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Germany will always have to fight an aggressive war, because it doesn’t have any real defendable frontiers, it could more or less political borders if it hadn’t coalesced under Prussian control under Bismark.. Its much easier to knock off a centralized. bureaucratic entity, than a tribalized nation, as the Gauls found out when Caesar simply picked one fight with the Strong man Vercingetorix , and won the whole piece of pie.

    4. Tim McGreen Says:

      The Reich was quite well off under Chancellor Bismarck. It was only after he was dismissed by the Kaiser in 1888 that Germany was put into a dangerous situation.

      I read some of Caesar’s campaign in Gaul and Britain. Very good stuff. Those Germanic and Celtic tribes were really wild. It took about 100 years for the Romans to conquer pagan Britain. And they never could subdue the Picts, not even under the fearsome Septimius Severus and his even more ruthless son Caracalla. But look at how emasculated the Europeans have become since then. Unbelievable.

    5. Tim McGreen Says:

      Unless there is solid proof to the contrary I will continue to believe that Hess flew to England on his own without orders from the Fuhrer. And Hess wanted to speak with King George at his castle in Balmoral, Scotland, not with Churchill in London. Historians and other academics are always coming up with new gimmicks and angles so that they can sell their books. In the world of academe it’s publish or perish.

    6. fd Says:

      Hess should have known that he would be dealing with people not of his faith. Like Hitler, he did not realize how far racially his enemies had fallen.

      The Germanic tribes annihilated the Romans at Teutoburg Forest. Calling the German tribes barbarians was a smear word used by Romans and Christians, no different than pagan and heathan today.

    7. Nom de Guerre Says:

      It’s reasonable to believe Hess may have taken his own initiative, independant of Hitler… but it was all to little and too late, to prevent the 2 front war that Germany was to be thrust into… Not by will but by geography.. That petty little England was just the tidbit in the mouse trap, that could only be taken out by a blockade and embargo, which the Germans still feared to impose utilizing their most formidable weapon, the U-boat fleet… Oh but thats uncivilized warfare, ya know?
      Historical Trivia: The Roman general who was defeated and killed in the battle of Cannae was Lucius Aemilius Paullus. The German general at Stalingrad was Friedrich Wilhelm Ernst Paulus. Both the Roman and, over 2000 years later, the German armies were encircled after failed wedge attacks. It is reported that the similarity of the leaders names was noted by the German officers in Stalingrad. (They had studied the Punic wars in their military academies.)

    8. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Rudolf Hess remained faithful to the Fuehrer until the end, you can get a glimpse of this devotion to Hitler in his introduction of him at the 1934 Nuremburg rally of the party.. Maybe it was the inaction of waiting for the inevitable that made him embark on such a fools errand… Adolf Hitler definitely needed Hess’s counterweight

    9. Nom de Guerre Says:

      The Germans best battle ground conditions are dense forest, fog and mud. It worked at Teutoberg Forest in 9 A.D., it worked marvelously in Western Russia, and it could have sent the Kwan Allied forces scurrying back to the beaches if the weather hadn’t of improved during the Battle of the Bulge, even with the Kwans and Brits superior air forces they were just likely to bomb their own forces in that battle, and they probably did. Oh vey it was worth it.

    10. fd Says:

      It wasn’t long after Roman armies evacuated Britain that the island returned to paganism for a significant period.

      Aethelfurth, King of Northumbria, noted in his wars against the Christians of England, “those who invoke their God against me make war upon me even if they bear no arms.”

    11. Sgt. Skull Says:

      I recall reading that Hitler, the alleged rug chewing madman, became very despondent when Britain rejected his peace overtures. That’s real history that you won’t get on the jew tube.

    12. Tim McGreen Says:

      Sorry, Sergeant, but I just can’t imagine Hitler sitting around brooding over England’s refusal to accept his peace overtures. Don’t forget that a British poison gas attack almost killed Hitler on the Western Front during WWI. And don’t forget that the British Royal Navy blockaded German ports during WWI, something that resulted in 100,000 German civilians starving to death. Hitler knew damn well what sons-of-bitches the British could be. The mighty Andrew Jackson knew it too.

    13. Weichseler Says:

      Very well stated, FD. Hitler’s mistaken anglophilic magnanimity to Britain in 1940 was probably haunting him by May of 1941. Too bad he didn’t move further West in 1940 when he could have put an end to the evil intrigue of Britain’s malignant “leadership”. Despite Hitler’s overall genius, this unfortunate miscalculation sealed the fate of the Third Reich, and quite likely, White Western Civilization itself. We see the ugly consequences of this every where today.

    14. John Q. Republic Says:


      Herr Skull is pretty accurate that Hitler really was despondent and disappointed that England rejected his heartfelt overtures of peace. The reason for this is that he really did feel a racial kinship with the English people and admired their toughness and resiliency throughout their long history. (It is the actual reason why, when he could have easily crushed them, chose to halt his panzers and the Whermacht near Dunkirk and ‘allow’ the British Army to escape back to England and thereby show the English people that he was not their enemy.)

      What he absolutely despised about England was their jew-ridden government–their disgustingly obscene, insatiably greedy, capitalist-raping of the White working-class, and their unbelievably destructive form of government known as ‘demokrazy’. Hitler wanted England to join him against Soviet Communism and thereby to help save Western Europe from being overrun by them. Millions of Brits liked, and agreed with, Hitler in many of his decisions and his views, but like ‘murica, ultimately chose to follow their government’s actions against Hitler through jewish propaganda-fed fear and intimidation. They were afraid to act on their true racial convictions. We would call that cowardice. Unfortunate, but predictable.

      However, Hitler, being the man he was, soon snapped out of his hope of a German /English alliance and went about the business of going ahead with his plans without them. England today shows the terrible folly of not joining with Hitler when they had the chance. Us, too.

      About Andrew Jackson: In addition to him being the hero of the Battle Of New Orleans in 1815, what I really admire about him when he was president was when he said NO to the kikes when they approched him about instituting a federal reserve-type currency system. To his eternal credit he knew exactly what that would do to the country and showed these worthless vampire jews the door. The jews, of course, hate and loathe Andrew Jackson because of that to this day. Ironically, President Jackson adorns the $20 bill. Sarcasim or affection? I think the former.

      Strength and Honor to All!


    15. Howdy Doody Says:


      It was not the English who rejected the sincerity of Uncle Wolf, no it was the enemy alien fifth columnist banker’s who had bought, paid off, black mailed and murdered true English patriots from objecting.