20 September, 2013

List of Top Bolsheviks and Their Ethnic Backgrounds

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This list is worth saving for future reference. (As you read this, keep in mind that Jews have superior “people skills,” giving them greater power. One Jew can usually out-maneuver 4 or 5 gentiles).


“To sum up the ethnic origins of the original 37 NKVD generals of 1935, the enforcers of Communism, we find that 19 were Jews, 10 were Russians, 4 Latvians, 2 Poles, and 2 Georgians. In percentages, Jews represented 51% of the total complement, while Russians made up 27%. At the same time, during this period in Soviet history, Jews constituted less than 2% of the total population of the USSR while Russians, including Ukrainians and White Russians, made up more than 80% of the population.”


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    1. CW-2 Says:

      Why do jews and other middle easterners have a proclivity for criminal and blood-thirsty activities as described in the article? The answer must be the common genetic strain they share and also their perverted ‘religious’ beliefs.
      We cannot live in the same countries as these ‘people’, there must be complete geographic separation between them and all higher civilized life.

    2. Nom de Guerre Says:

      As an example of how mis-informed the public is on the role of the jews in fomenting the bloody Bolshevik revolution, the gulags, the murder of millions of peasants etc. etc., was a letter written to the editor who talked about Obama as a dead beat president, and then wrote that he was going to trust the destruction of Syria chemical weapons arsenal, to a country i.e. Russia, that had murdered millions of their own people in the 20th century.

    3. Tim McGreen Says:

      I read that the Bolshevik who ordered the murder of Nicholas II and his family was a nebbishy little Kike named Sverdlov. He got what he deserved a year later, though, when the worldwide flu pandemic killed his ass.

      We must give Comrade Stalin credit for putting an end to the radical Jewish nature of the Russian Revolution when he started coming to power in 1925. Strange as it may seem, Stalin might have actually saved millions of lives by doing that.

    4. Howdy Doody Says:

      Stalin had Trotsky stabbed to death in his flop hole abode in Mexico during the glory hole war on US called WW 2.

      Question where was the money to sustain Mr. Trotsky for the years he lived in Messyco ?

      See “Stalin’s Willing Executioners”

      It is amazing that with the brutal type of terror that was used on Russia that anything could be completed.

    5. Howdy Doody Says:

      Did little Heidi help DOS VNNF tonight taking it off line ?

    6. Joe Says:

      As is well known,the Jews launched the Russian revolution to exterminate non-Jews,despite the fact that they held a priviliged place in Russian society to the detriment of others.Aside from murdering tens of millions in the former Soviet Union,they were also after WW II installed as the ruling elite in Poland,Hungary,etc.Your readers probably know the old joke in Hungary prior to the 1956 revolution:”The only non-Jew in the Hungarian parliament is the guy who shuts off the light after all the rest have gone home”.In Poland,for example,75 per cent of the dreaded OSS (secret police)in the province of Silesia,were Jews.Virtually unkown to this day is the fact that during the Soviet occupation and seizure of parts of Rumania,that Jews formed groups that welcomed the Soviet occupiers and killed,by conservative estimate,hundreds of Rumanian soldiers,intellectuals,priiests,etc.In Poland ditto where they killed hundreds of Poles and drew up black lists of anti-communist Poles who were rounded up and perished.Whats ironic is that Jews in Poland for hundreds of years generally lived better than the Polish nobility.

    7. Jim Says:

      ‘Did little Heidi help DOS VNNF tonight taking it off line ?’

      Especially with breaking news of the arrests in Greece. Gotta love the timing.