28 March, 2014

Siegmund Warburg and European Integration/the EU

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I was reading an interesting article about the international Jewish banker Siegmund Warburg (1902-1982). It seems that his “game plan” for Europe was this: link the European countries financially. Then, those countries would become politically linked due to the previous financial links. See? One follows the other, like day follows night. This is, of course, exactly what has happened all over the world. Nothing is local anymore. Everything is international, and it’s getting worse every year (look at the international deal Ukraine just signed with the EU. It includes money, i.e., loans. What’s next? Ukraine joining the EU).

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    1. fd Says:

      This is why Big Uncle called it International Jewry. god’s elect is repulsed by distinct cultures and local control. No horse trading among the folk. Don’t borrow a cup of sugar from your neighbor. And don’t trade butter for eggs. Run down to the store and pay 3 prices for it.

    2. Topkea Says:

      Why do you keep saying that these jew bankers are dead? Most of them have undergone life-extension and are currently in hiding, biding their time. Most of the Rothschild’s are still alive. Jews stole life extension technology from the Germans after WWII and applied it to their most important members.

      Warburg is probably alive in this very moment, in a Tel Aviv compound. Most life-extended jews end up in Isntreal, where their presence is simply not questioned.

    3. Tim McGreen Says:

      Good point, fd, the Jews don’t collect their Kosher Food Tax from the goy consumer if the goyim are bartering with each other, do they?

      Topkea, if you’re trying, once again, to ruin the conversation you’ll
      have to be a lot more imaginative than that.

    4. Topkea Says:

      McGreen, you again? It seems like every comment I make attracts your disapproval.

      But isn’t it a pretty crucial point in our struggle against the chosenites that they possess technologies which they hide from the rest of the world and to which access to all but the ignoble tapirmen is barred.

      Think about it McGreen. Just this once.

    5. CW-2 Says:

      On first glance it appears ‘Mr T’ is venturing into tin-foil hat territory, however, there were persistent rumors that German Chancellor Conrad Adenauer received ‘monkey gland’ treatment to restore his vigor.