23 April, 2014

Book About Nationalism

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“The Philosophy of Nationalism” by Charles Conant Josey, Ph.D., 1923. It says that only nationalism can create greatness in a society. Internationalism, with its all-men-are-your-brothers crap, can’t do it. Internationalism, i.e., the denial of race, creed and borders, is communism, even if it isn’t always called communism. (Think about it: Catholicism is a type of communism, e.g., Americans getting “brotherhood” and “one world” marching orders from another country, i.e., from Vatican City. Hey, wait a second…OMG! The pope is like Lenin, only with a Bible! S-s-spooky).

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  7. 4 Responses to “Book About Nationalism”

    1. fd Says:

      Christianity, Judaism and Islam is communism.

      Nationalism in America is a train wreck. If nationalism isn’t natural, it’s just an excuse for centralized authority.

    2. Tim McGreen Says:

      Lenin was a far more interesting character than any Pope I know of. Not everything Lenin said or did was wrong, either.

      Roman Catholicism is really just a vestige of the last days of the Western Roman Empire. They speak in Latin, almost every Pope was Italian, most of the so-called “saints” were from Italy, and most of the alleged “miracles” took place there as well. And if you look at those Vatican Councils most of the people assembled there are elderly Italian bachelors. I wonder how many of them are fruits?

    3. CW-2 Says:

      The present guy in the Vatican is an unashamed 100% jew-tool, he even has important rabbis over for dinner, all kosher of course. So we can be sure the papal kitchen isn’t the only kosher item in the Vatican.
      Reading blogs written by ‘Traditional Catholics’ can be a very interesting experience. These people are getting really angry over the direction their church is taking. They are desparately trying to find answers and some are even starting to ask the right questions, but the big picture will elude them until they look at race and history with the calm open eyes of WNs.

    4. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Here is an example of marching orders:
      After a march overland to the French Hugenot settlement of Fort Caroline, to find it as Menedez had guessed- defenseless.

      The Spaniards made short work of the assault. Some 52 Frenchmen escaped to the interior , where they probably died, but Menendez killed 200 others, sparing only the women and children. Then leaving most of his force to hold the fort against the expected return of Ribault, he took his 35 best men and marched back overland to Fort Augustine. There he learned from the local Indians that the storm had served him well . Because their sails had not been reefed properly, properly before the storm’s fury struck, the Huguenot ships had been driven ashore and their crews and soldiers were at that moment struggling back up the coast in sad disarray.

      Menendez moved south to meet them. He found the first contingent of Frenchmen at the south end of Anstasia island, and confronted them. The castaways numbered nearly 200, but they were starving and suffering from exposure. When they realized that Fort Caroline had been captured , the Frenchmen surrendered. The Spanish admiral promised them nothing more than to deal with them “as God directs me.”

      Ten at a time the Frenchmen were ferried across the inlet in a dugout . Ten at a time they were fed and their hands bound behind their backs. When they were all across the inlet, fed and bound, Menendez gave the order to execute them.

      Thirteen days later Menendez intercepted a second party of French castaways , this time including Captain Ribault, at the same inlet- and with the same outcome. The beach where the the French Protestants died was forever more known as Matanzas, the Place of Slaughter. On a marker among the live oaks festooned with Spanish moss, Menendez left an inscription: