20 April, 2014

Q: Why Do You Lose Money Every Year? A: Jews

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I don’t talk about money enough. So I will now. America’s money system is, by default, inflationary. This doesn’t worry government economists because they believe that, in the long run, “a little inflation is good.” Suuuure. If you believe that, I’ve got some swamp land to sell you. Why is America’s money system inflationary? Because it’s run by Jews [1].

[1] This equation is a fact: fractional-reserve banking + fiat money = inflation. The Federal Reserve system is actually a private corporation (despite its deceptive “.gov” website URL) complete with shareholders. A Jew, Paul M. Warburg, set up the Federal Reserve system in 1913. Why would America need a Federal Reserve system when it already had a Treasury Department? Why handle the money twice? Why print the money and then give it to Jews to distribute and regulate? Does that make any sense? Curiously, the shareholders of the Federal Reserve system are not allowed to sell or trade their stock. It’s as if the Federal Reserve wants to keep control of the system in certain hands. Why would they want to do that?

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  7. 3 Responses to “Q: Why Do You Lose Money Every Year? A: Jews”

    1. Arminius Says:

      The pattern is obvious, if you know a little about the history of money. And the role of money lenders. Religion comes into that as well- read the Bible! The firm nexus between money and Jewish religion is undeniable. The usurers knew how to control economy, nobility and princes with money, with so called “credit” (Latin:= Faith!), and thank “Yahwe” daily for the blessing of “Interest”.
      Jewish control of the money system didn’t start with the Federal Reserve!
      Indeed, it was Cromwell, the agent of the Synagogue of Amsterdam in the 17th centrury, who established central banking, money distribution and the political power of of the Jews- by, yes, a “revolution”!
      There is no “national” banking system anywhere in the world today, all are controlled by Jews. A conspiracy of the richest Jews dominate the money system, and through this they dominate everything.
      Thus, if any uprising of us suppressed and exploited people is successful, it will have to break the money power first. All other problems bedevilling the world today will be easily solved after that.

    2. Tim McGreen Says:

      Strange how the 100th anniversary of the “Federal Reserve” went completely unmentioned in the Jew-controlled press lass December. We’re always hearing about “The Fed” and how important it is to the markets and economy but the Jewsmedia never goes into any detail about the history of that central bank or exactly what it does to justify its existence. So much for the LIE that we have a “free press” in this country. So much for the LIE that we live in a free country.

    3. Joe Says:

      The usurious issuance of fiat money is the fount from which all Jewish (Satanic) power flows. With this graft, they buy up media, university, legal and political influence which in turn, leads to the cultural sewer of a world we live in today.

      You are correct Arminius… the only way to defeat the Jews is to cut off their counterfeiting machines – EVERYWHERE!