31 May, 2014

America, the Sitcom, Part 10

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Your tax dollars will now pay for sex-change operations for wackos who receive Medicare. The really funny part of this matter is that a “sex-change operation” doesn’t change your sex. You are male or female at the biological/cellular level. If you were born with one X and one Y chromosome (i.e., male), nothing will change that. The pro-homosexual/pro-transgender movement is a Jewish-led movement.


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  7. 2 Responses to “America, the Sitcom, Part 10”

    1. Tim McGreen Says:

      “Gender reassignment surgery”? It’s nothing but COSMETIC surgery. Why should the government/taxpayer pay for a surgical procedure that is OPTIONAL and COSMETIC??? This is what happens when you let the lawyers, judges, lobbyists, Jews, perverts and lunatics take control of society.

    2. Arminius Says:

      Like the Jewish dominated abortion- and cancer-industries, so is “cosmetic surgery” a “bloody” good business. Nobody. certainly not the Jew media, would pay any attention to them if it were otherwise