18 June, 2014

U.S. Patent Office Voids Redskins Team Trademark

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First of all, who gives a damn if American Indians – the most unsuccessful people on earth next to the Negroes – are offended? Second of all, this voiding of the trademark is nothing but Political Correctness, which is actually Cultural Marxism, which came from Jews.


  • 3 Responses to “U.S. Patent Office Voids Redskins Team Trademark”

    1. Joe Says:

      Ban the Boston Celtics!!!! As an Irish-American, I am offended by the name (and the fact that most of the representative players under the name are blacks).
      Also, I insist that the Notre Dame Fighting Irish be banned!!!! That little boxing Leprechaun logo of theirs is so offensive, I can’t begin to put it into words!

    2. Levitus Jackson Says:

      If the Redskins changed their name to the Foreskins would the Jews be offended?

    3. Sean Gruber Says:

      You think that you have the protection of the law?

      Jews trump patents. Under Jews, there is no law.

      There is no democracy, either. Jew judges cancel majority votes.

      No law and no democracy means no government. All we got is the whim of rich Jews.

      Nothing will go right, until the Jews in charge are removed.