4 August, 2014

How We Must Safeguard Our White Children

Posted by Socrates in anti-White themes, Cultural Marxism, jewed culture, jewed education system, public skools, Socrates, War On White People, White identity, white nationalism, White philosophy, White solutions, White thought at 2:36 pm | Permanent Link

Take control of your children’s education and future. Don’t let the anti-White schools and anti-White media corrupt your kids with Cultural Marxism.


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  7. One Response to “How We Must Safeguard Our White Children”

    1. Tim McGreen Says:

      Keep Junior away from the Jew tube, especially Social Marxist propaganda like Sesame Street. The Disney Channel should be re-named the Jail Bait Channel. Beware.

      I guess the safest place to raise a healthy, normal White family would be on a farm or in a small, rural community. Someplace where the Jews and Coloreds won’t go, because there aren’t enough people to rape, rob, murder, exploit or feed off of. In rural farming communities there are no ghettos or barrios for the Coloreds to hide in or to breed. Such communities have no need for pimps and pushers, gang-bangers, pawn shops, massage parlors, absentee slum-lords, queer bars, financiers, corporate lawyers and other sleaze associated with urban parasites.