26 August, 2014

The Dangers of Central Banking

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Father Charles Coughlin advocated abolishing the privately-owned Federal Reserve system and creating a federal-government-owned-and-run central bank [1]. A great idea (and slightly different from what I attributed to Coughlin previously)[2]. Government-owned-and-run banking could, in theory, be free, except for small fees for paperwork – not-for-profit, in other words. Anyway, the West’s central bankers (who are usually Jews, but are sometimes just Jew-tools) play fast and loose with other people’s money. Who’s going to stop them? No one, except maybe another Hitler, and where is he?


[1] the Federal Reserve has a “.gov” internet URL. Very sneaky. The Federal Reserve has shareholders. The European Central Bank also has shareholders. But even if central banks are government-owned, they can enjoy a great deal of independence, e.g., in Europe, the people who manage government-owned banks make their own decisions largely without consulting government officials – you have to watch out for that.

[2] previously, I had said that Father Coughlin advocated state-government-run banks. I was wrong. He actually advocated a federal-government-run central bank. By the way, North Dakota has America’s only state-run bank

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    1. Tim McGreen Says:

      I just read an article in the Willis Carto newspaper, where the author proposes that we create a new currency based not on the value of Jew-owned silver or gold, but on the value of something that has real worth, namely government-owned land. Anyone else hear about that?