30 October, 2014

Spiro Agnew on the Jews

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“The people who own and manage national impact media are Jewish and, with other influential Jews, helped create a disastrous U.S. Mideast policy…You go down the line in that fashion…not just with ownership but go down to the managing posts and discretionary posts…and you’ll find that through their aggressiveness and their inventiveness, they now dominate the news media. Not only in the media, but in academic communities, the financial communities, in the foundations, in all sorts of highly visible and influential services that involve the public, they now have a tremendous voice.”

— former U.S. Vice President Spiro Agnew

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    1. Sean Gruber Says:

      Spiro was just another bastard who knew the score and didn’t do anything about it, despite having more political power than you and me. What a loser.

    2. Howdy Doody Says:

      TPTB threatened to give him the Jim Traficant treatment. They would have too, but at the time the kikes were satisfied with just shutting him up, and down as Nixon was their target.

      Deep throat was Mark Felt, second in command at that FBI, and he felt he should have been made number 1 by Nixon. L. Patrick Gray their director, Nixon and US were betrayed by him.

      Woodward and Bernstein were con’s.


      99% of White’s don’t have a clue about today about what happened today.

      How many know that Dec. 7, 1941 was treason ? Care? Nor do our majority understand how these crimes have led US to this day.

      Day Of Deceit, by Robert L. Stinnet 1999, USN Capatain R.I.P.

      Average blowhards don’t ever mention what LBJ did to US http://www.ussliberty.org Gulf Of Tonkin, Open borders, removed OUR rights etc.

      They drove Nixon mad, and he emptied our military stores giving them everything, including the kitchen sink in 1973, and he got rewarded.

      NO politician can correct the mess we are have been in since the sick puppet Woody Wilson was installed, and he gave FDR his first crack at robbing US as an asst. sec. of the navy.

      Lastly how many Vietnam vets read ? How many ever heard of Eugene Rostow of NYC his roll in promoting that lootint/foolish military action.

      Douglas MacArthur told JFK to never get tricked in to any land engagements in Asia.

    3. Howdy Doody Says:

      financial communities


      Get ready, this is compact and no b.s.


    4. Mary O Says:

      The media ridiculed Agnew relentlessly. Probably due to his insightful comment.

    5. Howdy Doody Says:

      Mary O, you 100% right on the money with the point of fact.

      Nixon came in to offices with half million White men in Vietnam. The war on every front was a war against US Whites. Period.

      L.B.J. has been the the most forgotten criminal since FDR by the media.

      When you weigh the actual deeds of what his insane criminal did to US, against Agnew WHO did nothing against Whites, I am must ask WTF are wasting time on him versus this lunatic >


      * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

      Nelson Dis-Info Falsifies Real LBJ Story

    6. Howdy Doody Says:


      correct link

    7. Tim McGreen Says:

      Agnew was probably pressured to resign as Vice President because the Watergate scandal was going to eventually result in President Nixon’s own resignation from office. How would it look if both the President and Vice President had to resign at the same time? It might have been a legal nightmare for them and for the government. It might have set off a Constitutional crisis, damaged the American economy and disgraced the USA in the eyes of the world.

      Of course Agnew’s so-called crime, tax evasion, was nothing compared to the very real crimes that were committed by Vice President Dick Cheney. Nixon’s crime, attempting to cover up White House involvement in the Watergate break-in, was nothing compared to the very real crimes committed by Slick Willie, Bush Sr., Bush Jr. and Barry Soetero. But since Agnew and Nixon were disliked and untrusted by the Jew-run establishment they had to go.

    8. Tim McGreen Says:

      Dick Cavett made a humorous observation about Spiro Agnew’s name. It is an anagram that can be spelled out to read “grow a penis”. Don’t get mad at me, take it up with Dick Cavett.

    9. Howdy Doody Says:


      He was gone after for one reason only. Fact.

      He lied about when he found out about the break in.

      Please read this.



    10. fd Says:

      Yes, Nixon was the least criminal of these jokers: Slick Willie, Bush Sr., Bush Jr. Get the Confederate rope out ! ! GTT (Gone To Texas). I wish the Bush tribe would carve on their doorpost GBTN (Gone Back To New England).

      Houston Intercontinental Airport was renamed George Bush Intercontinental Airport. wtf. The stature of man such as Sam Houston replaced by a phony carpetbagger:

      Obama is a cartoon character that I don’t take seriously.

    11. Howdy Doody Says:

      Like Joseph P. McCarthy, Nixon is Vilified by the kike controlled owned media.

      Both of these men were good men, but IMO they failed to be the fighter they had to be when they got in the ring to fight for US, they allowed themselves to be knocked out in the first round of going after the enemy aliens and their media.

      Both of this men did not have the fortitude to be a champion, and have gone after the enemy aliens in total war.

      Nixon rather than give away the kitchen sink, should have used the White alphabet force that back them would have be gleefully HAPPY to mass arrests in Chicago, NYC, L.A. and the criminals at the coolieges calling them selves professor’s.

      IMO about 10,000 arrest in his first four years with camps in Alaska, and cutting aid off to the trouble making bandit state would have made Nixon the number one hero since 1776. Plus closing the borders to savages back them, and opening up media to any one to own, but the subversive anti Whites.

    12. Howdy Doody Says:



      Worth time, as it show you concrete proof of the war against US back then and now.

    13. fd Says:

      Watergate was all noise. Nixon made the mistake of getting caught which opened the door for all the criminals to point their finger at the unlucky one.

      But Nixon save the Jews in 1973 by supplying the Jew state with all the war appliances needed to defeat Egypt and Syria. Nixon the Jew lackey…..

    14. Howdy Doody Says:

      Howdy Doody Says:
      31 October, 2014 at 12:33 pm


      He was gone after for one reason only. Fact.

      He lied about when he found out about the break in.

      Please read this.



      Just let me make one thing perfectly clear, if Richard M. Nixon had just just given the inquisitor’s the correct date that he had found out about the break in, the then he could have told those fags to get out his face and go pound it.

      That was/is all that the gangster’s including thugs like Hillary had on him was that was he had lied about the date that he found out about the break in at Water Gate, that was it, nothing else. Nothing at all.

      There you go.

    15. harri karri Says:

      If you read the book Votescam, Nixon was looking into Katherine Graham, owner of the Washington Post, sometime before the Watergate incident. Graham was connected to voting fraud in Florida:

      “A few weeks later, on June 17, 1972, a second break-in by “plumbers” at the DNC resulted la their arrest for what Richard Nixon later called “a third-rate burglary.” At this stage of the game, we hadn’t the slightest inkling that what took place on June 17th could possibly relate to our investigation. Only Justice Department documents we found years later while rummaging through the system would suggest a connection between Watergate and Votescam.” constitution.org/vote/votescam04.htm

      Get the Kindle edition of the book and look up all the references to Graham and Watergate. Graham, BTW, had a Jewish father.

    16. Kevin in L.A. Says:

      When I was reading about Nixon I thought for a second that I might like him. He seemed to know about the Jews and whatnot…but, like Mr. Gruber said, him and Agnew are the types who know about Jews, but don’t do anything about it!

      Conservatives. Nixon and Agnew were capitalists who opened up trade with China. Cheap, right-wing, spineless losers. They knew that much about Jews and did nothing about it. Oak table leg.

    17. Howdy Doody Says:

      Agnew could not do a thing with out permission.

      As for China, Agnew did not promote that scheme with Dr.K and the NYC Cabal.

      IMO and from I have read Nixon was arm twisted in to it, and likely got black mailed him that if he did not grovel APOLOGIZE to Red chink murdering bastards of 60 million at least then he,would have not chance for a second term.

      Nixon did not cook that up on his OWN.

      The book Silent Coup, has the right title.

      I read it, excellent book.


      The kike system was after from DAY ONE.

    18. Howdy Doody Says:

      The kike system was after NIXON from DAY ONE.

      Read this one.

      Imagine what he is accused of and what happened to him. Janet Renio whacko helped cook up the new crime reporting scheme, where messycan’s are counted a White when they kill, loot, rape, rob, or do a racial crime. Messycans are only victims not perps, haaa.
      http://www.colorofcrime.com Our race is so dumbed down sadly, but reality is going is coming on the mountain with a Banjo on itz knee for wake up calls.

      Look at all the AG’s of the last 25 years.


      John N. Mitchell

      John Newton Mitchell was born in Detroit on 15th November, 1913. He played semi-professional hockey in the 1930s. He studied law at Fordam University before serving in the US Navy as a torpedo boat commander during the Second World War.

      After the war Mitchell became a lawyer and eventually became a partner in the law firm, Rose, Guthrie, Alexander and Mitchell. In 1962 Richard Nixon joined the law firm of Mudge, Stern, Baldwin and Todd. In 1967 these two law firms merged.

      Mitchell became a key Nixon adviser and helped manage his successful 1968 presidential campaign. Mitchell was rewarded by being appointed as Nixon’s attorney general.

      In early 1972 Mitchell resigned as attorney general to become director of the Committee to Re-elect the President (CREEP). Later that year Gordon Liddy presented with an action plan called Operation Gemstone. Liddy wanted a $1 million budget to carry out a series of black ops activities against Nixon’s political enemies. Mitchell decided that the budget for Operation Gemstone was too large. Instead he gave him $250,000 to launch a scaled-down version of the plan. On 20th March, Liddy and Frederick LaRue attended a meeting of the committee where it was agreed to spend $250,000 “intelligence gathering” operation against the Democratic Party.

      One of Liddy’s first tasks was to place electronic devices in the Democratic Party campaign offices in an apartment block called Watergate. Liddy wanted to wiretap the conversations of Larry O’Brien, chairman of the Democratic National Committee. This was not successful and on 3rd July, 1972, Frank Sturgis, Virgilio Gonzalez, Eugenio Martinez, Bernard L. Barker and James W. McCord returned to O’Brien’s office. However, this time they were caught by the police.

      The phone number of E. Howard Hunt was found in address books of the burglars. Reporters were now able to link the break-in to the White House. Bob Woodward, a reporter working for the Washington Post was told by a friend who was employed by the government, that senior aides of President Richard Nixon, had paid the burglars to obtain information about its political opponents.

      In 1972 Nixon was once again selected as the Republican presidential candidate. On 7th November, Nixon easily won the the election with 61 per cent of the popular vote. Soon after the election reports by Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein of the Washington Post, began to claim that some of Nixon’s top officials were involved in organizing the Watergate break-in.

      Frederick LaRue now decided that it would be necessary to pay the large sums of money to secure their silence. LaRue raised $300,000 in hush money. Tony Ulasewicz, a former New York policeman, was given the task of arranging the payments. Hugh Sloan, testified that LaRue told him that he would have to commit perjury in order to protect the conspirators.

      Mitchell resigned from CREEP on 1st July, 1972, saying that he had been spending too much time away from his wife and daughter. Rumours began to circulate that Mitchell had resigned as a result of the Watergate scandal. In September, 1972, the Washington Post published a story claiming that while attorney general, Mitchell “personally controlled a secret Republican fund used to gather information about the Democrats.”

      In January, 1973, Frank Sturgis, E. Howard Hunt, Virgilio Gonzalez, Eugenio Martinez, Bernard L. Barker, Gordon Liddy and James W. McCord were convicted of conspiracy, burglary and wiretapping.

      Nixon continued to insist that he knew nothing about the case or the payment of “hush-money” to the burglars. However, in April 1973, Nixon forced two of his principal advisers H. R. Haldeman and John Ehrlichman, to resign. A third adviser, John Dean, refused to go and was sacked.

      Mitchell and Maurice Stans were accused of obstructing an investigation of Robert Vesco after he made a $200,000 contribution to the Nixon campaign.. In April 1974 both men were acquitted in a New York federal court.

      The following year Mitchell appeared in court over his role in the Watergate Scandal. On 21st February, 1975, Mitchell was convicted of conspiracy and obstruction of justice. He served 19 months at the minimum-security institution at Maxwell Air Force Base in Alabama before being released for medical reasons.

      After his release, Mitchell lived quietly in Georgetown with longtime companion Mary Gore Dean. In 1981, Simon and Schuster sued Mitchell after he failed to deliver a promised autobiography. Unlike most of the conspirators, Mitchell never published a book about Watergate.

      John Newton Mitchell died after suffering a heart attack in Washington on 9th November, 1988. He is buried in Arlington National Cemetery.

    19. Howdy Doody Says:


      Forgot the link for Mitchell


    20. Howdy Doody Says:


      Probably, the US has never had a more liberal president than Nixon. Nixon went against conservatives and established the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) by executive order. He supported the Clean Air Act of 1970. Nixon federalized Medicaid for poor families with dependent children and proposed a mandate that private employers provide health insurance to employees. He desegregated public schools and implemented the first federal affirmative action program.

      Declaring that “there is no place on this planet for a billion of its potentially most able people to live in angry isolation,” Nixon engineered the opening to Communist China. He ended the Vietnam War and replaced the draft with the volunteer army. He established economic trade with the Soviet Union and negotiated with Soviet leader Brezhnev landmark arms control treaties–SALT I and the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty in 1972, which lasted for 30 years until the neoconized George W. Bush regime violated and terminated the treaty in 2002.

      These are astonishing achievements for any president, especially a Republican one. But if you ask Americans what they know about Nixon, the response is Watergate and President Nixon’s forced resignation.

    21. CW-2 Says:

      Nixon was an intelligent and able man, but his personality wasn’t suited to the rough and tumble of political life. He was always aware of his humble background and nursed feelings that “those Ivy-League boys” were out to get him, which they were. He had an excellent command of history and of course knew all about jew subversion, but was unable to do much about it because he wasn’t his own man. Although for financing his political ambitions he tried to rely on his old associates from California, he ultimately had to obtain the grudging and minimal support of the East Coast liberal establishment. After the failed presidential attempt of 1964 he set up a law practice in NYC. I read somewhere that his offices shared floor space with one of Nelson Rockefeller’s fronts. If true, it indicates Nixon was trying to forge deals with his enemies.
      Although powerful jews are now increasingly acting independently of any outside political control, back in the 1960’s jews took their orders from the Liberal Establishment. Nixon was aware of this, but that was the compromise he had to make to attain the presidency.
      The events leading to the Watergate fiasco indicate that the Committee to Re-Elect made the decision to free the campaign from dependence on and interference of Republican power-brokers. To do this they needed inside information on the sources of support the Democrats were receiving.
      Future historians will view Nixon favorably.

    22. Bigduke6 Says:

      Guessing the Mossad could not whack Nixon like they did John and Robert Kennedy. So they let the Jew controlled media kill Nixon’s pesidency without making him a martyr.

    23. Howdy Doody Says:

      Exactly Bigduke 6

      About Nixon and affirmative action on his part.

      Paul Craig Robert wrote an article on this years ago, detailing how a Mr. Blumrosen or Bloomrosen can’t remember the spellin, during the LBJ Criminal regime installed illegal statutes with out congressional approval what so everf preference hiring of unqualified niggers. That kike bureaucrat just wrote the get YT new hiring laws off the top of his get YT mind.

      When Nixon came in to office, he and legal people were told YES, these now affirmative action laws are illegal and bull shit, but if you don’t enforce them now and take them away the nigger will riot and the media will demonize you

      So in the first month in office he and his regime is already under attack, and they back down, as I guess they felt there was bigger fish to fry.