16 November, 2014

George Will: Philo-Semite Extraordinaire

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(Above: victims of the CHEKA)

Some people love Jews. No matter how much you try to explain the Self-Chosen to them, they can’t see the Jewish history of nation-wrecking, mass-murder and plain ol’ bad behavior. As if Jews didn’t invent racism-as-official-doctrine. As if Jews didn’t spread communism all over the world. As if the first mass-murdering state, the Soviet Union, wasn’t built by Jews. As if the Jewish-heavy CHEKA and NKVD goon squads didn’t slaughter millions of people in Russia before the Nazis came to power [1]. As if Eastern Europe wasn’t raped and murdered by Jews, e.g., by Ana Pauker in Romania and by Mathias Rakosi in Hungary. As if the Nazis weren’t responding to Jewish behavior. As if Jews haven’t been a thorn in the side of mankind for 3,000 years. As if! George Will, for all of his intellectuality (or perhaps because of it) just can’t see the true nature of God’s Pets [2].


[1] CHEKA leader Felix Dzerzhinsky was a half-Jew; his father converted to Catholicism

[2] George Orwell said, “There are some ideas so absurd that only an intellectual could believe them”

  • 7 Responses to “George Will: Philo-Semite Extraordinaire”

    1. fd Says:

      Extravagant language. The self-righteous authoritarian has a tendency to lecture the reader. George Will is saturated in Philo-Semitism. He’s a bitter man. After the 9-11 attacks, Will said on national television (paraphrase), ‘you want see any battle flags in the South any more.’ Strange statement. I guess he thought everybody would hide their flags in the closet to avoid being accused of identifying with the attackers. Who knows?

      I noticed that Mr. Will kept out of view, the allies waged a monstrous war in the name of maintaining the status quo and protecting god’s elect.

    2. Tim McGreen Says:

      fd, I think you meant say:‘you (won’t) see any battle flags in the South any more.’ Did that pantywaist bother to explain why we won’t see them? I see rebel flags waving from porches in my neighborhood, I see them fluttering from car antennas, I see their likeness on ornamental license plates and on the back of jean-jackets. And this is one of the most liberal “blue” states in the North!

      George Will is a shabbos goy for his Jew masters, I’ve known that for years. What I’d like to find out is how that fruit managed to avoid being drafted during the Vietnam War? Him and those other fearless warriors of the Right, such as Karl “Mary Boy” Rove, Flush Scumbaugh, Lee Peckerwood/Greenwood, Newt “The Douche” Gingrich, Shitt Romney and Dickface Cheney all managed to avoid service in the military at a time when many other able-bodied young American men had to flee to Canada to avoid the Draft. How did they get away with it? And why would such super-patriots go out of their way not to “serve their country”?

      I won’t include Ted Nugent in that scurvy lot of right-wing draft-dodging hypocrites, because I am a big fan of his music, he seems to be an OK guy and he was of more use to America as the lead guitarist for The Amboy Dukes than as a soldier fighting in Da Nang. The Nuge has never really explained how he got out of the Draft. But like I say I’m letting that one go.

    3. Tim McGreen Says:

      As we all know the Nazis had nothing better to do than ship the Jews all around Europe in railroad cars, from one “death camp” to another. I mean it’s not as if they were trying to win a three-front war, or anything. It’s not as if they needed those trains to transport men and materiel to the front lines, it’s not as if they needed all those SS troops to defend Normandy and Monte Cassino. No, Hitler and Himmler were only interested in giving the Jews a grand rail-tour of the Continent and then gassing them to death. Makes sense to me.

    4. fd Says:

      Tim McGreen, I meant to say ‘won’t.’ Another typo.

      Your words are on point.

      Ted Nugent has collapsed into the arms of the right wing. He’s a buddy of gravel voice Alex Jones, probably Rush Limbaugh too. George Will’s remark that the Battle Flag would no longer fly because of 9-11 was hostile by the tone of his voice. I guess he thought the South was scared straight. Not one member of the McLaughlin Group responded to such a strange comment.

    5. Joe Says:

      Over a decade ago, I used to subscribe to the Conservative Chronicle. However, the sycophantic writings of George Will and Cal Thomas finally did me in. And when they dumped Joe Sobran and Paul Craig Roberts (two of the more honest and courageous contributors) that was the last straw. Will, especially, is the most Jew-ass-licking groveler I’ve ever read. Just seeing his four-eyed brown-nosed picture makes me want to hurl.

    6. mrcrouton Says:

      George Will is an effeminate bow tie wearing, baseball worshipping twat.
      Just looking at him is enough to discount anything he’d ever write or say.

      Nerds should just stay in the laboratory, and not be heard when it comes to the affairs of men.

      And besides he works for Jews. So he can’t be truthful if his livelihood is dependent on lying for his boss.

    7. Tim McGreen Says:

      I like how Will thinks he can prove he’s a manly-man by professing an interest in baseball. Sorry, George. That act might work with the likes of Eastern Establishment media types like Doris Kearns Goodwin and Charlie Rose, but everyone else knows thou art a sissy.