29 January, 2015

Whites Are Being Genocided in South Africa

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“Earlier this week, Deputy Agriculture Minister Bheki Cele said farm killings were not racially motivated.” Suuure. All the farmers were White, but the killings weren’t racially motivated. How ironic that, by killing Whites, the Blacks are hurting themselves, too, because Whites add stability and money to South Africa (e.g., taxes). Who is responsible for the White genocide? Jews, actually. They brought the Blacks to political power. In fact, many Jews admit their major role in ending apartheid in 1994.


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  7. One Response to “Whites Are Being Genocided in South Africa”

    1. CW-2 Says:

      Slightly off topic. The jew controlled French government has recently proposed plans to ‘resettle’ the urban muslim population to the rural and farming districts of France. It seems White genocide isn’t proceeding rapidly enough and Hollande has orders to speed things up.
      Last year the jew government of Italy had similar ideas, namely to ‘resettle’ black ‘refugees’ in the historic mountain villages of Italy.