25 February, 2015

Liberals Are Obsessed with Human Equality…

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…so much so that they seem to be against the “small-time capitalism” that’s spreading into Cuba. Would they rather see Cuba go back to communism? I think that many liberals would. (By the way, Political Science students, Cuba proved that communism doesn’t work. If you can’t make communism work on a “prison island” [i.e., there’s total control of the people by the government, more so than in other communist countries], with massive Soviet aid to boot, then you’ll never make it work)[1].


[1] of course, communism – a Jewish creation – wasn’t designed to work per se. It was designed to wreck the West, especially England. Quoting Marx, re: England: “Because of its domination of the world market, it is the only country where any revolution in the economic system will have immediate repercussions on the rest of the world.”

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