13 February, 2015

Of Course Affirmative Action Is Racist. That’s the Whole Idea

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(Above: the Civil Rights Act of 1964; the “1963” at bottom is apparently a typo)

Affirmative Action has existed since 1964 (that’s 51 years). For how long does AA need to continue? And what about California, where Whites are now a minority? Do Whites benefit from AA there? Nope. AA is a big scam that works against White people by design. It forces Whites to hire Blacks and Browns. By the way, AA was a Jewish creation: it came from Emanuel Celler’s Civil Rights Act of 1964 (House bill H.R.7152, introduced in Congress on June 20, 1963).


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  7. 2 Responses to “Of Course Affirmative Action Is Racist. That’s the Whole Idea”

    1. fd Says:

      Don’t worry about the typo. The civil rights act was crafted under the JFK administration before 1964. Mr. K didn’t live to see it put in service.

      Birth of a Nation, the first blockbuster out of Hollywood has reached centennial status (1915 to 2015). It is also being shunned and criticized by the hateful media simultaneously if that’s possible. Mr. Griffith is attacked for exposing the Unreconstructed South.

      Foner has dedicated his life to denouncing the brilliant Dunning School:

      “Eric Foner, a leading Reconstruction historian, said in a recent interview that the film did “irreparable damage to public consciousness and also to race relations.” Fellow scholar Annette Gordon-Reed calls Griffith both a genius and a “lousy historian.”

    2. Big Man Says:

      Civil Rights Bill?

      How ridiculous. What is constitutional about a civil rights bill?

      “It was just the time.”

      So they say.