10 February, 2015

WN Quotes

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“The word ‘racist’ is simply a Marxist construct, a ‘shut up’ word used to stifle debate.” — radio host James Edwards [1].

[1] the infamous Jewish communist, Leon Trotsky, coined the word “racist” in Chapter 1 of his book “The History of the Russian Revolution.” Some people claim that Trotsky didn’t actually coin the word, but merely popularized it. Either way, the word sprang into our culture and language via a top communist. The word has Jewish and communist roots. That alone discredits it

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    1. fd Says:

      All this intellectual neology is bull s**t. How many words are attached to Marxism? I have more respect for the old marijuana street names: Maryjane, Nam weed, black grass, sensimilla, skunk, etc……

      The Marxist doctrine promotes hate, social chaos, amalgamation, welfare, whatever…..

    2. Thom McQueen Says:

      Once I went to a restaurant and I had this Alaskan chef. I told this Christian lady that he was from Alyeska. She looked at me with disdain, like I was a racist.

      So I told her that I told the chef, “Ya goddam snow-nigger, get my dinner ready!”

      That shyut her up good, by crikey.