17 April, 2015

French Government Gets Tougher on Anti-Semitism and Racism

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Did Prime Minister Valls ask the White people of France if they wanted their tax dollars to be spent on anti-White/anti-freedom laws? Of course he didn’t. Under these new laws, if you tell the truth about Jews or Muslims, you could find yourself in jail. This means that you’ll have to lie about Jews and Muslims, and say that they’re wonderful people, in order to stay out of jail. (There’s a conflict of interest here, since Valls is married to a Jew, Anne Gravoin).


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  7. One Response to “French Government Gets Tougher on Anti-Semitism and Racism”

    1. CW-2 Says:

      The intention is to silence any criticism of themselves, their policies and their pets until we are an emasculated minority in our own lands.
      Can they keep sitting on the pressure cooker for 20 years? That is the gamble they think they can win. Our job is to make sure the pressure cooker explodes in their faces.