20 April, 2015


Posted by Socrates in "gay", "gender", Cultural Marxism, homosexual themes, homosexuals, Socrates, trannies at 5:29 pm | Permanent Link

Trannies are like 5-year-olds: they want it all and they want it all now. Seventeen “all-gender” bathrooms on campus aren’t enough. They want more, more, more. Here’s an idea: don’t become a tranny and then you won’t need special bathrooms. (Note: in queer-speak, “cisgender” means a normal person who isn’t a tranny. Why do trannies need a new word for “normal”? Good question. Queer-speak is part of Cultural Marxism).


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  7. One Response to “LGBTQ? PBBBBBTT!”

    1. Non Ame Says:

      When the Great White Purges begin, I will think back to this article and smile.