19 April, 2015

National Socialist Movement Rally Yesterday in Toledo, Ohio

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Enjoy the passionate speech by Art Jones beginning at the 28-minute mark. That’s how to give a speech! [Video].

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    1. Luke Says:

      Come on, Alex. This mentally insane tactic of dressing up in costumes that conjure up images of Nazi Stormtroopers during WW2 is so ridiculous and limp dicked, that every time I see anyone in the supposed pro-White movement using it – I automatically label it as a jewish controlled and orchestrated event. I mean, anyone who is white who thinks this strategy is going to help the serious White people in our movement recruit millions of our brainwashed White fellow Americans and convince them to rush to become White race realists – is dumber than a dog turd.

      I will bet anyone in this pro-White community of ours that the jews who run and control Hollywood – have invested, at a minimum, at least one billion dollars or more – since the end of WW2 – to brainwash White Americans through endless Hollywood movies and TV programs to automatically and robotically be consumed with a raw, senseless perhaps, but visceral hatred for Nazis and for what our racial kinsmen were trying to do before and during WW2, which was essentially to free themselves and their nation from the jewish parasite. Is anyone in the pro-White leadership today stupid enough to believe that a bunch of morons can dress up in Nazi-like costumes, and make speeches in public – and somehow be able to erase or nullify the billion of dollars worth of brainwashing that the jews have foisted upon stupid, nose picking, dumber than dog shit White American couch potatoes for the last 60 plus years?

      These kinds of events have jew orchestration written all over them. And, any white man or woman who can’t recognize that fact needs to go back to elementary school and take jew 101 all over again.

    2. CW-2 Says:

      Exactly as Luke says! All this dressing up in SS regalia is so sad. Commander Rockwell used it to good effect in 1960 because he wanted to advertise WN using shock tactics, but we have or should have moved on from that.
      We need to dress in smart casual gear with an out-doorsy feel so as to be seen as non-threatening by our women folk.

    3. fd Says:

      There is no movement. It’s all conversation. People should be gouging the establishment at each and every given opportunity. It requires no arms or money. I say racialists should dress in whatever they like: Tee shirt and blue jeans, suit, whatever. Come bare footed and bring your own bottle. You know, like a Texas Tonky Tonk—BYOB. :)

    4. fd Says:

      correction: Honky Tonk

    5. fd Says:

      my correction went thru, but not my comment……

    6. Socrates Says:

      Luke: Alex didn’t post that.

      Some people like dressing that way. That doesn’t make them suspicious. I was commenting mainly on Art Jones’ style of speaking, which I thought was good.

    7. Luke Says:

      Agreed. But, even Alex has repeatedly said over the years that he sees nothing whatsoever productive about the Nazi costume crowd showing up at pro-white demonstrations, so I did not really mean to insinuate that he was touting this idea.

      Pro-White activists need to strive to appear as normal as possible, and not fall into the trap of presenting themselves as caricatures of the jewish Hollywood movie stereotype.

      Remember: This battle is the biggest battle that the White European race has ever been involved in and it is for all the marbles. We cannot tolerate misfits and clowns or goof balls being allowed to be turned into the face of our survival movement.