7 April, 2015

Why Iran Accepted Illegal Restrictions on Its Sovereignty, or, Why Are Jews at the Bargaining Table?

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Like all countries, Iran has natural sovereignty, so it can do whatever it wants re: weapons development [1]. But the Jews say: “no, Iran cannot be allowed to develop even one nuclear weapon, and we think Iran is trying to make one right now.” So, economic sanctions, and threats of military attack, were brought against Iran. So Iran has been forced to sit down and “make a deal” with the Jewish-controlled “international community” regarding its nuclear program. This matter has nothing to do with America or Europe per se. It’s all about Israel being paranoid about Iran. (Several Jews were involved in the “negotiations” with Iran, including French Foreign Secretary Laurent Fabius and half-Jewish U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry).

[Radio show with David Duke and Kevin MacDonald: see the 4-7-15 show].

[1] A sovereign country is one which governs itself independently of any other foreign power. All countries are naturally sovereign, therefore, it is illegal for one country to force another country to do, or not do, something

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