13 July, 2015

Greece Agrees to Bailout Deal (and More Debt)

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International Jewish banker #1: “We couldn’t allow Greece to default on loans and leave the Eurozone. That might have caused other European countries to do likewise! If that had happened, the EU could’ve unraveled!”

International Jewish banker #2: “Yes. How can we have a New World Order when all of the countries are ‘doing their own thing’? We couldn’t allow that to happen. Europe must be one big, whole bagel, now and forever!”


  • 3 Responses to “Greece Agrees to Bailout Deal (and More Debt)”

    1. CW-2 Says:

      I don’t have too much sympathy for Greece and the mess they have gotten themselves into. They foolishly bought into the EU lie that impoverished Greece could enjoy a German-style life without much productive effort. They overspent on social programs and now the jew banksters want their pound of flesh. It’s an old story, just like the NS classic film Der Jude Suss.
      The EU will probably offer more credit as a condition to allowing more nigs into Greece.
      How things have changed, in 1822 a British prime minister threatened Turkey if it allowed their puppet Mahommad Ali, the Albanian ruler of Egypt, to go ahead with his plan to colonize the Peloponnese with Egyptian riff-raff.

    2. fd Says:

      It’s all Jewish Democratic Capitalism. Germany was destroyed for briefly living outside the International Monetary System. 70 years of occupation and counting.

    3. Col. Peiper Says:

      These Kike bankers will use Greece to implode the economies of the west if not the rest of the western world. I can’t see any point for other western countries being penalised for paying lazy bastards in Greece by staying in the EU. This is no doubt forced economic tyranny.