29 August, 2015

America’s Illegal Recognition of the Soviet Union Led to the Destruction of Germany and the Enslavement of Half of Europe Behind the Iron Curtain

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In America, it is illegal to aid and abet criminals, under both state laws and federal laws (the federal law is 18 U.S.C. 2). So by default, it’s illegal for the American government to aid known criminals (regardless of where they are located; if such laws apply to U.S. tax payers, then they also apply to U.S. tax spenders).

When the U.S. officially recognized the Soviet Union in Nov. 1933, that recognition was illegal. Because the Soviet Union was not a legitimate state. It was a bandit state run by unelected or illegally-appointed criminals [1]. Both Lenin and Stalin were actual criminals who committed many crimes, including armed robbery, even before they became political leaders. Of course, they were also mass-murderers. America’s recognition rescued the Soviet Union from financial ruin. It opened the Soviet Union up to international loans and global commerce. America’s recognition of the Soviet Union was not only morally wrong, but it was an illegal act of aiding and abetting criminals.

[1] the Bolsheviks were not legally elected or appointed; contrast that to Adolf Hitler, who was legally appointed Chancellor of Germany in 1933. In fact, many, if not most, of the “dictator”-type actions that Hitler took were actually legal, due to a law called the Enabling Act

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    1. nom nom nom Says:

      Blood, Beauty, Brilliance: Germany


    2. Howdy Doody Says:

      One of best topics this blog has ever put up, because so few White’s know of this and understand exactly what FDR did to us and the entire West and why the military wanted to arrest him back then, but Smedley Butler snitched them out and stopped thinking the problem could be settled legally.

      When it was lights out for Smedly on a medical check up after FDR got the nomination a third time I wonder if had enough time to say oh shit, I should have listened to the men.

    3. Howdy Doody Says:

      Look at the Senate and congress of 1933 the bastards did not impeach him !


      Of course when this man was shot down in 1935 not one senator called for an investigation that I could find.

    4. Zooey Says:

      Bolsheviks were mainly Jews.

    5. fd Says:

      So what’s new? Northern banks in and around New York city financed the Russian Communist revolution. Volunteers of the Northeast corridor crossed the Atlantic ocean to fight for the Bolsheviks. By recognizing the Soviet Union, the Federals were protecting their investment. Wall Street is the boss nigger. Mr. H called it Jewish Democratic Capitalism.

    6. George Lenz Says:

      In fact, soviet union was not a criminal state, but a revolutionary state, a revolutionary communist dictatorship that was recognized by the United States of America in accordance with historically established international law.

      It is also important to avoid calling criminals foreign statesmen who committed no abominable deeds of sexual perversions (homosexuality, lesbianism, bestiality, incest, pedophilia (sexual relations with girls below 12 years of age)), abominations (child murders (abortions), change of gender, cannibalism, human cloning), intentional murder, enslavement of men/women or selling of men/women to slavery. Foreign cultures have different values from American values: what is good and legal for an American can be bad and criminal for a foreigner, and vice versa. In fact, the founders of the United States of America were extremists, criminals, terrorists and traitors to the British who have different British values from American values, similarly many fine American statesmen committed deeds that some may regard as felony crimes.

      A reasonable man have one standard of justice for himself, his friends and his enemies, and show humility and benevolence to foreigners as long as they committed no abominable deeds, offering good will and mutually beneficial commerce to all and entangling alliances to none.

    7. Socrates Says:

      George Lenz says: “A reasonable man have one standard of justice for himself, his friends and his enemies, and show humility and benevolence to foreigners as long as they committed no abominable deeds, offering good will and mutually beneficial commerce to all and entangling alliances to none.”

      By late 1933, Stalin had already carried out the Ukraine genocide. That’s not enough of a crime to prevent the U.S. from officially recognizing the USSR??

    8. George Lenz Says:

      The United States of America committed genocide of Indian tribes and enslaved the negro population of the United States of America, thus it pertains not to the United States of America to judge the soviet union for genocide.

      Furthermore, the concept of genocide was rejected in international relations in 1930s: the state was presumed to be able to treat its citizens and its subjects as the state saw fit. The concept of genocide was recognized in international relations only after the second world war.

    9. fd Says:

      During the 4 years war, Lincoln ordered the extermination of a significant number of Indians in Minnesota which served no purpose. After the war, large numbers of federal troops including Buffalo soldiers were sent out West to slaughter massive numbers of Indians to insure the railroad project was carried out in timely fashion. Convenient morals of the Black Republicans: fawn over Negroes while slaughtering Indians.

      Which ever way the Whiskey bottle falls.

    10. Tim McGreen Says:

      fd, do you believe that Lincoln had any redeeming qualities or was he thoroughly bad from the start? After all he and Jeff Davis were born in the same state only a year apart.

    11. fd Says:

      Hopefully, Lincoln had qualities that I’m not aware of.

      Mr. Lincoln was destitute of the higher order of sensibilities. His humor was animal—laced with insults—a vulgar mind. The written word and speeches of the federal President were straight out of the school of rhetoric, managed with skilled ambidexterity. A demagogue of the highest level.

      On inauguration day, the city was covered with federal troops; sharpshooters were posted on the highest buildings. The new President was transferred to the Capitol in a hollow square of cavalry. He delivered the inaugural address with a row of bayonets between him and the crowd.

    12. Howdy Doody Says:


      Hit at 1:15 for the start, haaa.

    13. fd Says:

      The character of Abraham Lincoln illustrated a diabolical mind during his agonizing 4 years in Washington city.

      “Lincoln issued “Instructions for the Government of Armies of the United States in the Field” (General Orders, No. 100, 1863), authorizing starvation and bombardment of Southern women and children.”

      I appears that Duke uncovered Alex Jones with lasting effect.

    14. Howdy Doody Says:

      George Lenz Says:
      1 September, 2015 at 7:00 am


      Your knowledge of history is very shallow and dominated by media and cooliege’s/enemy aliens.

      Grover Cleveland and McKinley as were Huey P. Long these men were murdered by jooish hands directly, got that buddy, and the Kennedy’s murdered by joos power. FDR and his NYC Cabal recognized a murdering extremely cruel bunch of bastard criminal who not only took over Russia, but supervised then entire looting of it, got that buddy ? The over throw the Russian government and strong ally of the US till the NY power boyz over threw our treaty over presidents Tafts strong objections is a fact, plus Teddy Roosevelt help screw Russia in 1904, and so the over throw was supported by NYC and London and that take over happened not only through deception during the arrest/capture of the Czar and his family, but the huge chaos in the “NATION” A Christian Nation at that played a big part with the radical criminal joos’ from NYC and Europe to flooded in with propaganda leaflets used on returning vanquished soldiers/people every were then.

      The details of captured Russian Officers made radical communist from time in Korea as Japanese POW’s by communists and over 4000 Russian government officials that were murdered from 1880 till the 1917 coup is fact.

      By the way Mr. anti White King Edward the severe drunk refused to give Nicky Romanov and family refuge as the criminal murderers were not sure of them selves enough to do this kike crime with out his first cousin turning his druckard back on him first, which assured them NO come after them as the took over Russian and used a total nightmare brutality and terror in taking over Russia

      As for so called Native American’s boy you need to do some serious reading on N.A. history out side of weaponized media on this subject as it would taken hundreds of hours of study and research to see the whole picture and truth, till then ESAD you anti bastard.

    15. Howdy Doody Says:

      99% of White’s see the so called Native lie history as put by joos period, starting with the movie narratives, and radical lie narrow history propaganda brain rinsed in cultural anthropology classes in especially in the late 1960’s and 1970’s all NYC published books on this subject were put to instill hatred and self shame of Whites, and I will tell you that most Whites who graduated from college from 1960 to 1980 had the smallest White families.


      Alexander M. September 1st, 2015 03:39 PM
      Times of Israel Writer Insists “Jews are not white”

      Anyone who cannot understand why the Jewish elite that rules America and most other majority-white countries would be promoting the destruction of the white race needs to read this article.


    16. Rick Says:

      Whites didn`t exterminate “native” americans, read Thomas Goodrich`s book Scalp Dance, promoting that myth is equal to the promotion of 6 million joos, it`s moronic and anti-white.

    17. George Lenz Says:

      I study history in accordance with objective facts and historical records, objective laws of physics and demography.

      In 1492 when Columbus arrived to the United States of America, there were 2-7 million indeans in what is now the United States of America, at the end of 19th century there were just 300000 indeans, a tenfold decrease of indean population of the United States of America. Historical records that are in the US archives as well as archaeological evidence proves beyond reasonable doubt that US federal soldiers killed tens of thousands of indean women and children, that constitutes genocide of indean population of the United States of America under the present definition of genocide.

      Therefore, it pertains not to the United States of America to judge soviet union. It is good and proper for any reasonable man, to concern himself with a log in his own eye repatriation of negroes back to Africa and making sure that indeans in their reservations who are willing to work can find employment and earn decent wages sufficient for them to establish and keep a family, to build a house, purchase two cars and have 1/3 left to be spent as they desire to spend. Similarly, White Americans, need a free market free enterprise economy in the United States of America to establish businesses, to engage in trade, to find employment and to earn decent wages sufficient for them to establish and keep a family, to build a house, purchase two cars and have 1/3 left to be spent as they desire to spend.

    18. Howdy Doody Says:

      Therefore, it pertains not to the United States of America to judge soviet union.

      The U.S. government with the back of Jacob Shift of NYC and his brethren got our treaty with Russia nullified in 1911 against the strong objection’s of President Taft.

      Teddy Roosevelt the first to open the government allot fifth columnist’s stabbed Russia in the back with the 1904 Russo/Japanese war that the bankers of NYC and London lent 45 million to in 1900 sending them British and German Naval architect’s to build them a modern navy with precise cannon’s that sunk the Russian fleet at Port Arthur on a Sunday morning at Sunrise killing almost all sailors asleep. This was a war planned by NYC and the London Cabal.

      Wilson was the first out right puppet in my knowledge to be positioned. Lincoln was positioned to office, but HE happily gratefully accepted Czar Romanov’s help of anchoring his navy off of S.F. CA. and Wehauking sp? N.J. during the Civil war. The U.S. treaty with Russia was from the beginning of U.S. history till the enemy aliens got it abrogated in 1911.

      To recognize the criminal conspiracy of known as the USSR was a huge criminal move, and the senate by that time were so bought off and stupid they did not IMPEACH FDR. FDR’s radical history is in the NYS legislature is informative to read.

      FDR’s censure by 96 senators for his conduct as assistant secretary of Navy during WW 1 is the day such worry of going jail that he got polio in his legs as an adult.

      The record is clear of murder, terror, mayhem and barbarity in criminally having over thrown the Russian government.

      Let me remind you that Grover Cleveland and his successor president McKinely were both murdered in broad light like Huey P. Long by joo’s.

      Hollywood had such confident and full of them selves that in 1985 they produced the for sure money loser movie “RED’S” starring Warren Beatty as Naive not broadly educated Reed the fool of Portland of Oregon who is buried in Moscow.

      Again if not not for Smedley D. Butler not supporting the seven military officers who almost arrested FDR and if they had we would still be a Nation today and WW 2 would have avoided.

      Criminal’s now run the show. Hey are displaced Syrians or Afreakin’s moving in next door you A.H. ?

      Every case I know of where injun’s are brought up are radical kikes, and they also poo poo bombing hospital ships tied up in Hamburg at the dock in 1945, and along with Dresdan fun, fun.

      Only minds like yours could dream up atomic bombs to get vengeance against the European people who had enuff of deprivations, perversions as was historical facts in Berlin at the time, and robbery after WW 1 to the point of just kicking you out of their lands, but no you wanted war and annihilation of White Europe.

      The war of 1939 was not just against the German peoples by yours using the English speaking people duped in to war as with the treason of Dec.7, 1941, but against our entire race World wide slated for dgenocide and subjooogation World Wide.

      Your gang holds the weaponized media like a life ring at sea.

      The crime’s commited in Russia were so cruel and organized no Whites could do what yours did between 1917 up 1939 to the Russian people not even niggers.

      NKVD and CHEKA Vat creations came from your minds along with atomic bombs for vengence and extreme genocidal hate.

    19. fd Says:

      As I have said before, America has done more to preserve communism than any country on earth. In fact, communism took hold on the Northeast corridor simultaneously with Jew Russian communism in the 20th century.

      It’s a remarkable fact that the Federals on the Potomac allied with Germany and Russia to drive ol’ Dixie down. The Washington government thanked the German people for their support by destroying Germany in the 20th century. If the Prussian officers and their mercenaries came back in a time machine, they would be repulsed by the results of their work. Germany suffers from the law of eternal retribution.

    20. Tim McGreen Says:

      It wasn’t just the radical intellectual jews in America who wanted Washington to recognize Soviet Russia, it was greedy gentile capitalists eager to do business with a country that needed loans, modern farm equipment, radios, medical supplies, power stations, dams, construction vehicles, etc. Wherever there’s money to be made the capitalist is sure to appear.

    21. Howdy Doody Says:


      YOU POS !

      The planned flat out murder of Russian run as giant terror murder and rape house, has led us this day, and itz been going in the cities of the Eastern regime since 1945 with incitement that was criminal, but Ike did not do shit and the NYC media criminal covered it up well.

    22. Howdy Doody Says:

      The planned flat out murder of Russia with the total decapitation of its government was criminal, as then it was run as giant terror murder and rape MAD house with no help for the Russian people. This historic crime has led us this day that the entire West is now under siege for foolishly allowing them to get away with WW 2 and control of media.

      The savage destruction of the public common’s has been going in the cities of the Eastern half of the regime since 1945 with incitement that was criminal’s fifth columnists form TN. To NY, but Mr. Ike did lift a finger to go after them,and the NYC media criminal’s covered it up well, plus the joo servant Ike stabbed Joe McCarthy in the back and with the media country boy never had a chance.

      So the criminals and out right spies of the FDR years that included the flunky fake POS Truman crushed Douglas MacArthur and any chance of prosecutions for treason at Pearl Harbor and so much more.

      Douglas MacArthur’s planned Inchon landing that saved US forces/Whites from being Swept in the sea at Pusan was done in 100% secrecy from Foggy Bottom and Truman so it was a complete surprise to NK/Mao forces supported by Stalin when the landing happened.

      MacArthur was the truest patriot and greatest military leader this Nation ever had, considering he was having the fight communists in his Nation. Douglas like Lindbergh died with a broken heart in 1964 with JFK being murdered in office.

      It is so obvious JFK was ventilated in a plot, and look what the aliens in media and government did after Nov. 22, 1963, they went hog wild ! The historical record speaks for itz self.

    23. Howdy Doody Says:


      Start at 7:45 second mark to see what the over throw of Russia has done to the West.

      Weaponized tightly controlled media, along with the planned, extended and horribly genocidal WW 1 which led directly to being able to over throw Russian.

      Lenin stated in his memoir that if 100 of Czar’s guards had fought to the man that the revolution/criminal attack over throw of Russian government it would have failed.

      The murder of the Czar Nicky’s father, and uncle along with over 4000 Russian official’s between 1880 to 1918 is history, as well as the murder of Grover Cleveland and Mckinely in a row all by the same gang too, a fact. Not to mention Huey P. Long was murdered in broad daylight too, and the senate did not launch any investigation of FDR’s Cabal in the murder either.
      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8MKb35NK0F0 Huey in his words. You know he was a walking target after this.

      FDR his enemy aliens/Soviet spies spent millions in LA. trying to find anything to prosecute Huey P. Long, but could not, hence his cold blooded murders and doctor of the tribe also botched a simple tieing of his intestine that killed after the shooting.

      Finally millions of hostile enemy alien’s flooded in to NYC between 1880 and 1922. In 1990 or 01 ten thousand aliens protested and rioted in lower Manhattan about Christmas decorations and Christian symbol’s already, smashing windows and more. Jacbob Shift of NYC loaned 45 million dollars in 1900 to Japan to build a new navy sending British and German naval architects and engineers to accomplish this to Japan.

      In 1904 Japan attacked Port Arthur sinking the entire fleet with all hands at Sunrise on a Sunday morning.

      Teddy Roooosevelt got a Noble peace prize for helping to screw over Russia who had helped US in the Civil War.

      No good deed goes unpunished huh ?

    24. Howdy Doody Says:

      Long was a legend, one of the greatest leaders in American history. Read T. Harry Williams’ biography ‘Huey Long,’ which won the Pulitzer Prize in 1970.

      Just come out and say it, its the jewish organizations period of destroying this country, is tge same group of people who funded the Bolshevik revolution in Russia and killed 60 million christens from 1917 to 1956, I don’t understand why there are so many dual citizen Israeli citizens who are American politicians such as Dianne Feinstein and Michael chertov to name a few… leiberman as well and also the 5 supreme court justices who passed Obama care… isn’t all of this spelled out in the Logan act?


      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6zJ1fMrWlUk&list=PLwUZ6uWPUjoRlcyr29YBAzV6Wd4QXNSBy&index=8 7:45 second mark.

    25. fd Says:

      Ike the Kike also stabbed Gen. Patton in the back.

      Tsar Nicholas II was a weak leader who never understood the situation. He had plenty of time to save the royal family. No courage; no creativity.

    26. Howdy Doody Says:


      From readings, and Russian’s I have met he was innovative, duped in the war, and over whelmed with murdering radical fifth columnist’s that flooded in with returning troops. Those bastards of hell from NYC Trotsky, and Lenin. German leaders at the end of the war had not idea what was to happen, they should have hung Lenin.

      If Taft had been in office rather that Woody headed Wilson we would never had been in WW 1 ! A tragedy that started US/the West to WW 2 and the horrors of today.

      In 1914 to be a college graduate from N.Z. to Finland you had to be read and speak Latin. I have an older friend he graduated from a rural Western public and had four years of high Latin in June of 1958, he whizzed through a degree in chemistry, and told me almost every one of his class mated could speak and write Lation on graduation that were going to college. Latin books were issue in the 9th grade.

    27. Howdy Doody Says:


    28. Howdy Doody Says:


      NKVD trolls listen up.

      PS it was not that the Czar was weak, it was the fifth column in Russia, and mass assassinations of Russian officials including his father and his uncle by bomb throwing joos.

      Nicky was over whelmed, his first cousin Kind Edward the severe druckard food left him to die and ignored his cry for help and was his lack of leadership that lead the joowar 1 and planned assault on Russia.

      The nullification of the US mutual treaty with Russian in 1911 that senate did was over the strong objection of President Taft.

      Remember that Grover Cleveland and then McKinely were both murdered in broad daylight by joos directed out of NYC. Huey P. Long was murdered broad daylight in the LA. state capital building with body guards as he had many threats on his life, and by FDR too.

      Read HUEY P. LONG by T. Harry Williams 1970 ten years to complete and given a Pukelitzer prize.