25 August, 2015

The EU: One People, One Government, No Borders

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(Above: the EU flag)

And you thought communism died when the Soviet Union dissolved in 1991! It didn’t die. It just changed a bit. It’s still international and compulsory (the marching orders come from Brussels now, instead of Moscow), but it is pro-capitalist, at least on the surface and at least for now.


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  7. 4 Responses to “The EU: One People, One Government, No Borders”

    1. Tim Says:

      Should read

      The EU: The Destruction of Nation-States, One Mongrelized Mass, Lorded Over By The Jew Government, No Borders, unless you’re thinking about leaving

    2. fd Says:

      White people need decentralized or confederated government.

      Jews operate best in Nation States because they are managed by central despotism. In America, the Jew loves Federal tyranny/consolidated despotism.

    3. nom nom nom Says:

      The path to national renewal is regional states that end the USG.

      What’s Trump’s opinion?

    4. Bigduke6 Says:

      The EU and UN will attempt to disarm White people and then use the mongrel immigrants to attack Whites in the U.S. and Europe.