21 September, 2015

Article by Tom Sunic

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“The view that immigrants are interchangeable ignores the costs of multiculturalism in terms of increased conflict, lack of willingness to contribute to public goods like health care, and social cohesion. Thus it’s one thing for the US to have immigrants from various parts of Europe; they have assimilated very well. It’s quite another thing to have immigrants from the Middle East and Africa with very different cultures and very different psychological traits (including IQ levels), and strong tendencies not to assimilate.”

Yes. The very idea that you can flood the Western countries with millions of Brown people and those countries will remain Western! They won’t remain Western. They can’t. And that’s the whole idea, of course. The Jews and other non-Whites are afraid of White men and want to destroy them, and they will, unless White men grow some balls and stand up for themselves (that is related to what Alex was talking about at VNN Forum, about how Western culture has become feminized and the men have no backbone anymore, they’re pussies who turn tail and run from the invaders. Before WWII – a very pivotal event in our history – White men would have said to the invaders: “get the fuck out of our countries, you worthless, subhuman urchins!”) [1].


[1] “the classic calvinist paternal, factual view shifted to a MAternal “affective” (feelings based) one by first half of 1800s. shift from FACTS to FEELINGS” — Alex Linder [more here]

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  7. 4 Responses to “Article by Tom Sunic”

    1. Chandala Says:

      Mr. Sunic leaves out one thing. FAMILY.
      In the pre-modern era in Europe, before modern transportation, when many people lived and died, never having traveling more than twenty miles from the village where they were born, the people of each European country didn’t just speak the same language, they were not just citizens of the same country, they were brothers or cousins or blood relatives of some kind. This was the source of the huge force of patriotism in these countries and it gave a unity to a people that you are never going to find again in the conflict ridden ghettos of racially torn Detroit or LA where the different ethnic groups would rather form gangs and kill each other than sacrifice their lives for each other in defense of their country. Even the various different countries of Europe used the technique of intermarriage between royalty to make peace and to bring the various countries closer together.

      Brilliant writing by Mr. Sunic by the way.

    2. Joe Says:

      Tom is a good friend of mine way back.This summer I attended a symposium in Zagreb which Tom in part organized which dealt with the post-war massacres in Yugoslavia after WW II in which Nikolai Tolstoy was the guest speaker.The Yugoslav UDB (secret police, Slovenian branch)actually compiled a 22 page dossier on Tolstoy) !The Brit government refused to release documents which would have won his trial against Lord Aldington and the British secret service and government institutions clandestinely worked with the judge and prosecution on the case to undermine and torpedo Tolstoys case.On a personal note my mother,grandmother and her two sisters were in the last group of some 2,000 Croat refugees which were underhandedly extradited by the British from Austria in 1945.They were told they were going to Italy.She remembers the Brits singing “South of the Border (Down Mexico way)”.All save several dozen were not killed and the only reason my mother and kin survived was because a local Partisan who knew took them off a truck taking others to be slaughtered in the hills around Zagreb.

    3. Sri Sreggin Das, Mystic Yogi of the Kali Yuga Says:

      Men make civilization safe for women.

      When a civilization is made safe for women, the men think that they can lay back and their woman will perform sexual gymnastics on top of them, simply out of gratitude.

      Wrong. The kind of sex that real men like runs concurrent with danger.
      The kind of sex that women like runs concurrent with delicate odors, small delicacies, and self-indulgent small talk.

      But in the safe civilizations, the women, with their soft love, bring a new softness to that civilization. Hardness is not trusted. Purpose and resolution are viewed with suspicion.

      Sex itself becomes transmuted.

      The warrior finds that there is this elegant dinner party going on, a dinner party that he protected and made safe . . . and he is excluded. Indeed, he would not even want to be a part of it. And God forbid that he tell everyone that they are eating a cow’s butt.

      True men become replaced by pansy-men with able and garrulous mouths.
      They talk to the women of fashion, artistic trends, and how good their figures look.

      In the absence of true men, there are no true women.

    4. CW-2 Says:

      Wise words from Sri Sreggin Das…..BUT think about Odysseus’ wife, she was a determined woman and remained faithful even during 20 years absence. Of course Odysseus was a true warrior and dealt with his unwelcome ‘guests’ in the only appropriate way.