16 September, 2015

Speaking of Hungary…

Posted by Socrates in anti-White themes, Camp of the Saints, genocide of White culture, Germany, Hungary, illegal immigration, immigration, New World Order, NWO, Socrates, War On White People at 12:34 pm | Permanent Link

Hungary is one of the few countries that recognizes and opposes the genocide of White people; contrast Hungary’s attitude with Germany’s (Jewrmany’s). It seems that Jewrmany wants to genocide the White race as quickly as possible.


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  7. 10 Responses to “Speaking of Hungary…”

    1. Joe Says:

      The reality is that as Jew author Yuri Slezkine in his 2006 book “The Jewish Century” writes:”The Western intellectual world has become Judaized”.We have to come up with a unified global strategy to counter this disease.I absolutely do not blame the Germans for their present state.The Jews through their proxy war machine the US have been waging war against Germany since the end of WW II.And not only against Germany.Im a 100 per cent war veteran from Croatia and I dont want to show my hand,but these scum mainsteam parties in the West must be eradicated.Tories-Labour in the UK,Democrats,Republicans in the US,etc.,they must be relegated to the dustbin of history.We must organize and get rid of these traitorous scum.If the average joe on the street in the US had any inkling as tohow these traitors have have betrayed the national interest in the past half plus century,there would be a revolution overnight.Speaking in a round about fashion Im ready for any contingency.My biggest regret (although this could not have been forseen in 1991 as the war against thje the Greater Serbia faction had started)is that we didnt first clear houise of the local communist scum who in WW II fought for Stalin and Belgrade).I cant understand those in the West who support former KGB agent Putin and his cronies and mafia in the Ukraine.Zionist shill Putin in 2014 signed a bill making the “denial of Nazi crimes and a distortion of the Soviet Unions role in WW II a criminal offence punishable by up to five years in jail”.So,for example you cant say that the reds during WW II killed more civilians in the Soviet Union than Axis forces,that the Soviet Union shot 167,000 of its own soldiers for desertion,that well over one million Soviet nationals served in the German armed forces against the genocidal Stalinist regime,etc.The fact is that Holohoax denial in the gangster Putins Russia is criminalized.And yet some misguided and hisorically illiterate souls still regard Putin as some kind of light in the struggle against Jew-Zionist supremacy.Most of those in the west havent a clue about Ukranian history.Just as here in Croatia after the genocide in 1945. which was Serbianizied,so the Ukraine much earlier was subjected to decades of Russification,amongst other means,by genocide.Here in Croatia,the ruling elite were servants of Belgrade,just as in the Ukraine,the scum ruling the country were pro-Moscow.Just as in the Baltic ,Russians were settled in the Ukraine to destroy the Ukranians and the ruling Jew clique were the propogators. Yanukovich was a Moscow stooge who won the election by only a 3,5 margin.His inauguration was blessed by the Moscow patriarch,the head of a foreign church.The scumbag stole billions and his private estate was the size of Monaco.It makes me puke when I see politically and historically illiterate idiots on “nationalist” forums praising Putin and ascribing the Ukranian peoples revolution to WesternZionist,bla,bla,bla ad nauseum influence.Russia is the crotch of Europe where the communist-mafia symbiosis still holds sway.

    2. fd Says:

      Nationalism, internationalism, globalism is the ruination of the White race. Centralized authority feeds off consolidated despotism. These leviathan governments in the West wage war to justify and support their existence. They denounce self-determination and local control.

    3. Joe Says:

      fd I beg to differ.Idont wan to to sound local or narcissitic.,but from this neck of the woods where I hail from(Croatia)the documented reality is that from the late 14th century to the late 16th century,the Croatian kingdom was subjected to Moslem invasion and if this had not taken place the population of Croatia today would be around 14 million.For example,(which is totally missing from the mainstrem historical narrative in the West)the Ban of Croatia Nikola Zrinski with some 2,000 men,mostly Croats and several hundred Gernmans and Hungarians in 1566 for an entire month defended the fortress of Sziget against the most powerful army (the general consensus is over 100,000 men)that the Turks had fielded in over 100 years.The defenders died virtually to a man and the greatest leader in Ottoman history Suleiman the Great died (it is said of rage)in his tent.The Turks turned back to Turkey.If Zrinski had accepted Moslem surrender demands(Suleiman promised to make him governor of Croatia)today you would have dozens of mosques in Vienna and in Germany.Get a grip and read something.Cardinal Richilieu said that that was the battle that saved Western civilization.If Sobieski had not betaen the bastards in Vienna in 1683. ditto,if the Poles had not halted the Judeobolsheviks in the 1920s,adios.Sovereign Wesestern Nation states are the best guarantor of the survival of the white race and Western civilization.If somebody has not realized that yet then they have their heads firmly ensconced in their behinds

    4. fd Says:

      Joe, nice try but no cigar. Spare me the lecture on history. The victories you speak of are now empty victories. Europe is covered with tyrants and the colored hordes of every swirl.

      National authority destroyed statehood in America—Federal tyranny. The German states of the 19th century were doing well until the Prussians consolidated them under central control. Virtually all of the countries in the West exist under the degrading yoke of consolidated despotism. Look around. What more proof do you need? These monstrosity governments require heavy taxes, heavy interest rates, heavy debt. Leviathan governments exist only by the sword. The folk are ruled by strangers.

      The Germanic tribes defeated the Huns and Moors in Central Europe.

    5. Joe Says:

      “Consolidated despotism”?!?!”Empty victories”!??!I suppose you woluld have no qualms if the Ottoman drive into Europe had not bee halted and that today we had an Islamic Caliphate which included Gremany,Austria and other European lands.I guess youve probably never even heard of Charles Martel.The primary problem for the decline of the West is Zio-Jew rule in the financial,media,cultural and political sectors.As Jew author Yuri Slezkine in his book the Jewish century said “The Wetern intellectual world has become Judaized”.Your average American,Canadian,European,etc. is so propagandized,indoctrinated and idiotized by the Jew dominated mainstream press,pseudointellectual,political,etc. movements over the past half century (and earlier)that he lives in a false reality.Former East block countries much less so,as they are familiar with the destructive nature of the Jew threat and they have maintained a semblance of national consciousness as opposed to the for the most part internationalized and brainashed masses in in Western Europe.Germany hasnt been a sovereign state since 1945.The Jews and their American lackeys have been waging war on it by other means since the end of WW II.It is merely a Zio-US colony.The international Jew gangsters continue to milk it of billions for the mythical six million.If youve got a beef with the global financial system,do some homework and find out who runs things.Jews in the US are some two per cent of the population yet theyre responsible for at least 15 per cent of the white collar crime there including virtually all the key players.I take it you hail from the states.Its appaling that after all these years you still havent grasped dont that the US is merely zionist occupied territory in which Jewish supremacists have destroyed your cultural identy and continue to mercillessly plunder you while you wage wars on their behalf. Support for Israel since the creation of that artificial state has cost your country at least four trillion dollars,while places like Detroit look like sets for Mad Max movies.Your country is a Zionist Jew colony.When you start adressing that reality,everything else will fall into place.

    6. fd Says:

      Joe, you’re preaching to the choir. And you write like a kid in a fit of rage. A little too long-winded for me. Everything you say is a rerun that has been repeated thousands of times. That you would lecture me doesn’t pass the laugh test. It’s possible that you are in need of special education classes. Stay off my lawn.

      I’m simply stating these obese super states are the destroyers of culture. To be ruled by strangers is contrary to the laws of nature. And the depravity of International Jewry is well known to me.

      I stated clearly that the Moors were defeated by Germanic tribes in Central Europe. The intelligent reader would assume that I’m aware of Charles the Hammer.

    7. Joe Says:

      fd “Kid in a fit of rage”-if you went to high school you should know that thats a fallacy in argument.I doubt the most intelligent would be able to grasp where youre coming from,as you speak in such generalizations,and dont offer any solutions to what you claim to be a problem.Who are these,specifically,”super states”.One can only surmise.Is it the US?What do you suggest?Texas independence,the same for the southern states?China?For someone who claims to be in the loop,you should know who are the key “destroyers of culture”not only in big countries but in small ones like Sweden where we know who owns the mainstream press.(on that note the other day f

    8. Joe Says:

      PS there was a lapsus in my above comment so I continue with:…(on that note the other day French Jew Patrick Drahi a billionaire with Israeli citizenship took over U.S. cable television operator Cablevision paying $17.7 billion.The company will be the fourth largest cable operator in the U.S.Drahi is the 3d richest man in France).Hell,I just dont get you.I simply dont understand your priorities.It is your lawn,mate.

    9. fd Says:

      Joe talks more shit than a 2 dollar radio. He’s living in a political soap opera. The premier rootless international. Learn to sweep around your own doorstep, Joe. Nobody wants to read your diatribe. If I wrote as stupid as you, I wouldn’t post a food recipe. Done.

    10. Joe Says:

      fd Happy trails in the Jewnited States of America.Youve been done for a long time,you just dont realize it.