29 September, 2015

The Cuckservatives vs. Ann Coulter

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The cuckservatives carry water for the Jews and most of them are actually employed by the Jews, so of course they’re going to try to ruin Coulter’s career or at least her credibility (almost the same thing). Notice this quote from the article: “Not odd, you sod. The Jews chose God.” That’s not accurate. The Jews are history’s self-chosen. They decided long ago that “we are going to be the most important people on Earth because God said so.” In other words, the Jews were the world’s first bigots, the first people to claim, in their official doctrines, that they are “God’s chosen people,” the very best of humans. (Do you really think that God would “choose” people who are physically ugly, morally bankrupt and obsessed with poop?).


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    1. Tina Carter Says:

      Head they win, tail we lose. This is just a joke. Ann coulter is their employee.

      Here is bit of nugget for some of you to think about. As most of you know that Europe has a decline population — Germany is ahead of the game, thanks for women’s studying, and career; they don’t have children in their prime — now isn’t this bit strange that all of sudden we have this flood of immigration — another one you guys don’t hear is from Africa.

      PS: I am French, stuff we read in our media is quite different — by media I mean “alternative not kosher run”.

      For every Syrian we have 3 Africa moving in — in some case being shipped via Airplane. The best of win Jewish game is by not playing it at all…

    2. fd Says:

      The colored hordes pouring into Europe will be the new income tax slaves. Like mega-churches and universities, the doors are wide open to non-Whites to maintain a large population. More money…..

    3. Mary O Says:

      Not to defend Christianity, but these benighted fools who believe that Jews are the Chosen are missing 2 important facts:

      1. If you actually read St. Paul, he states that Christians are the Chosen;
      2. Being chosen means that you have moral responsibility, not that you are better than everyone else.

      So why do they believe that Jews are the Chosen?

      Mainly, they are too anti-intellectual to read, or question anything they are told.

      But also they are shirking their moral responsibility. The attitude is that this life is just a little drama being played out between the Jews and God, and the rest of us are just passive bystanders, whom God overlooks.

      The Old Testament supports that narrative: its writers didn’t include (for example) God’s thoughts on the Chinese, the Druids, King Tut …

      The lazy and profligate want a God who is obsessed with some other people, so they can get away with doing whatever they like. They see God as an abusive or neglectful parent, and themselves as victims.

    4. Mary O Says:

      In Ann Coulter’s book about immigration, she points out that John Kennedy originated the phrase “Nation of Immigrants,” and wrote a book of that same name.

      The Kennedy charisma is gone: the general public has long since have grown sick and tired of them.

      But I remember when “Camelot” was a big deal.

      Jackie Kennedy applied the name to her husband’s adminstration, stating that he particularly enjoyed the music.

      But weirdly in the 1960s musical and movie version of Camelot; the hero, King Arthur, is a cuckhold.

    5. Mary O Says:

      The author of the article at the link, P. J. O’Rourke is trying desperately to frame Ann Coulter as the effete WASP preppie, a snobby denizen of expensive country clubs, and an all-round bad person.

      However, these memes have long since gone past their expiration date. If the Jews want to answer Coulter’s criticisms, they are going to have to do better than the movie “Love Story.”

      I didn’t grow up in New Canaan, Connecticut, and I don’t know if there was a “gentleman’s agreement” at the Round Hill Country Club. I grew up in Toledo, Ohio, and I didn’t know anything about country clubs.

      Boo-hoo. Let him wallow in endless self-pity; he is, after all, a victim. His grandfather once got turned down for an entry-level job, due to his not being mainly descended of the English, back in Boston c. 1915. Therefore, poor P.J. suffers the 3rd generation trauma of a rejected job application; never mind that old grandpa himself was undaunted, and the whole family managed to do just fine financially.

      The Jewish kids were the only kids who considered it cool to be smart. And so did their parents.

      Part of our culture is that we are supposed to be “all-round;” that is, at least somewhat social, somewhat athletic, well-informed generally, and well-read generally. All that generality does impair our performance as tools; but it also makes us more resiliant in the face of change.

      We strive toward leadership, not just “smartness.”

      The Protestant German kids in my hometown were good in school but dorky about it, with Monday’s homework done on Friday night. The Catholic German kids were somewhat the same but less so, classic B students, and ditto for the farm boys except they had a blank look on their faces and clothes from the Montgomery Ward catalogue.

      The German Protestants who were so intellectually enthusiastic that they prepared their homework on Friday nights are just “dorks”?

      (The Catholics may have been held back by Catholicity, since its emphasis on celebration distracts from the steady routine necessary to maintain focus on productive work. Every other day on Catholic calendar is a holiday of one kind or another. Still B’s aren’t bad. )

      Note that the “smart” Jews are doing easy fun things that anyone could do; not pursuing anything serious. Smart to PJ doesn’t mean astronomy or physics.

      Who tried to cheer the Freedom Riders, tried to debate the ideas of Herman Kahn, tried to get to Chicago to see Lenny Bruce at the Gate of Horn, tried to read Herbert Marcuse and Eric Hoffer, and tried to dig Thelonious Monk.

      Note that all these comments on his childhood perceptions of various ethnic cultures beg the question.

      Why do American politicians choose the “Chosen” over their own?

      P.J.’s answer: Whites are just dorks; Jews are really coool, man.

      P. J. is a cuck.

    6. Mary O Says:

      Just finished reading Edith Wharton’s “The Age of Innocence.”

      We have to get back our traditional values.

      The heroine, May Archer, is a wealthy English Protestant woman in 1870s NYC, whose husband falls desperately in love with another woman, who happens to be her own cousin of whom she is quite fond.

      May never complains, and never even admits how much this situation hurts her; instead she always plays the role of the perfectly attentive, loyal wife and mother.

      She believes that upholding marriage, and thereby her society, is a matter of honor. She strives to be a model of restraint, discretion, tact, kindness and self-control.

      Did repression of one’s true feelings have a dark side?


      But we have gone too much the other way.

      Every song on the radio is filled with 4-letter words.

      April Lavigne sings that she is a “mother-f***ing princess.

      And, here …

      … Ann, you etiolated bean sprout butt trumpet.

      Do we even have a civilization anymore?

    7. -jc Says:

      Cuckservative should be pronounced “Kook-servative”

      cuckoo /?ku?ku/
      plural cuckoos

      1 cuckoo
      plural cuckoos
      : a type of bird that lays its eggs in the nests of other birds and that has a call that sounds like its name