5 September, 2015

Yes, More Celebrating The Other

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The TV reporters that I saw didn’t even try to contain their glee as they reported that the Kentucky courthouse which had earlier refused to issue “gay marriage” licenses has now done so, after a clerk was jailed for refusing to issue the licenses. Such pro-queer reporting is standard media propaganda – in fact, the media is trained to champion or promote “The Other” (i.e., anyone who isn’t a normal, straight, White male). That has a two-fold effect: it demoralizes straight White males (who of course created Western culture) while it emboldens and energizes fags, Blacks, Browns and other riff-raff who should not be part of our Western culture.


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  7. 4 Responses to “Yes, More Celebrating The Other”

    1. Cowboy Zeke Says:

      It also promotes white women sympathizing with their genetic enemies and passing over their own men in favor of the other.

    2. brenda peters Says:

      The clerk would be celebrated as a civil rights pioneer had this been a sane White society.

    3. Maynard Says:

      The government enforces the laws it want to and not others. They do not enforce immigration laws and take action against “sanctuary cities” They only enforce laws that are destructive to whites and white civilization.

    4. Tim McGreen Says:

      The lefties and jews are now using fags as their weapon of choice against White gentile society, because the Negroes are just too unruly.