1 October, 2015

Huh? Ted Kennedy’s Immigration Law?

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Ann Coulter:“So in 1965—50 years ago this week—Sen. Ted Kennedy passed an immigration law that has brought 59 million foreigners…”

Come on, Coulter. I guess the Jew, congressman Emanuel Celler, who co-wrote and introduced the law (the bill) into Congress in January 1965 (House bill H.R.2580), really just sat on the sidelines and watched Kennedy pass the bill? Hmmm? Why is it called the “Hart-Celler Act”? (By the way, Hart’s role in the Hart-Celler Act was minor compared to Celler’s).


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    1. Mel Brooks Says:

      No point in looking at the article..no establishment personality is ever going to do more than dip a toe in the dissident water-Coulter’s a burner and is plenty cozy with all the “efing Ewes” acting all mock-indignant about her Tweets. When do you ever hear anything by any nationalist in the establishment media? You don’t, because silence is the best weapon in their war-you simply don’t exist outside of the dialogue they control.

      It is heartening to see though that even in the comments sections of more mainstream outlets where they use social media to filter the posts that more and more of the former cattle are looking around and like the steer in that Far Side Cartoon……….


    2. Sgt. Skull Says:

      Annie has a blind spot for sheenies and she never mentions them in connection with our race replacement immigration policy. If she has ever mentioned Cellar she did not mention his sheenie ethnic antecedents similar to how Amren writers distort facts and treats him as a white gentile liberal.

    3. Steven J Lewis Says:

      Professor Kevin MacDonald has an excellent article pointing out who was responsible for passing this law.

      Ted Kennedy is not responsible for the Immigration Act of 1965

      Read full article here;

      Kennedy was a freshman senator with little clout. His role in leading the bill came about because it was a slam dunk following the liberal landslide in the 1964 election (the one where the US avoided having Barry Goldwater blow up the world). The Senate hearings on the bill were so perfunctory that the statements of opponents were given in Kennedy’s office; these were mainly old line patriotic organizations like the Daughters of the American Revolution which by that time got absolutely no respect from elites. The bill was written by Norbert Schlei who was Jewish, and its official name is the Hart-Cellar bill; Emmanuel Cellar spent his entire career in Congress as a leader in opposition to immigration restriction, beginning with his hostility to the 1924 law which enshrined quotas favoring Northwestern Europeans. One should also mention the role of Jacob Javits in the Senate. As soon as the bill was passed, Jewish organizations focused their efforts on increasing the numbers of immigrants. Ted Kennedy may not have lied when said the bill would not change America. But in conjunction with the later efforts of Jewish activists, demographic change was inevitable.

    4. teegeeack Says:

      Ann is not stupid but she is compromised badly. There’s a reason that her nickname at MSNBC amongst the staff was “Dash Nine”: she has a lot of experience at pulling trains. She has, I’m reliably told, no specific preference for negroes: she just wants sexual fulfillment and a lot of it. This is well known in Washington.

      She is reasonably discreet but things like this are not kept totally secret. There is a quid pro quo here and that is how the Jewish power structure keeps her in line, and is also the reason she is allowed to work: they know that while everyone on the inside knows, Middle Amurrica would dump her if, say, a sex tape or a scandal involving a wrecked marriage she played a part in came to the fore. So they know she will walk right up to the line and wag her butt, but she won’t go over that line. She likes her income and her notoriety and her “power” as a “leading conservative pundit”. So long as the money comes in and she can get a right rogering now and again she has a pretty good thing going.

      If she were really without this or some other vulnerability giving them that “handle” she would never have got any book deals and her career would be nowheresville.