31 October, 2015

You Are Witnessing the Genocide of European People

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What is genocide? It’s deliberately/knowingly wiping out a people or a culture. That’s what’s happening right now in Europe. Many of these non-White “refugees” aren’t even refugees, they’re just claiming to be refugees, in order to sneak into Europe and get government benefits such as food stamps, housing and health care. This “refugee” situation is absolutely insane. The European governments are run by idiots and traitors.


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  7. 10 Responses to “You Are Witnessing the Genocide of European People”

    1. Antagonistes Says:

      You can blame the Jews; you can blame the left; you can blame it on alien implants or karma.

      But, in the end, it is the absolute, undeniable unfitness to survive of the White European peoples.

      This is a stern warning for all of us with a desire to survive, and who want the best for our children.

      But then again, I must ask: How many of you even have children?

      If you don’t, are you really on board?

      I also must say: I have airbrushed about 25 nude women for the FantasyFest, so far. They trust me; I admire them. ONLY White people (well, I guess some Asians could) can do this, without it becoming vile and promiscuous. It makes me FEEL GOOD AND PURE AND INNOCENT. That, plus the $200 — $400 for each airbrushing!!!!!

      Five more to go; then . . . CELEBRATE!!!! YEAH!!!

    2. Thom McQueen Says:

      Damn right, Ant! Europe ain’t going to be worth a bush oyster when it is over. 25 women, Ant? I have had 28!!!! Not even counting my sheila, Carrie Fisher! She has lost some weight (she is uppish as an abo with a new boomie) , and I airbrushed her naked body with purple and orange. Keep you hands off her!!!! Ha! I will be with her, in all her airbrushed glory, at the Lucky Seven tonight. Come on by with your OWN sheila, and let us count our shekels!!! and CELEBRATE! Don’t worry about theives, No niggers, just right.

    3. Tim Says:

      Good book for all – NOVA EUROPA – European Survival Strategy in a Darkening World

      Most of the white race is useless and will come to a genetic end by on-reproducing, assimulating or being killed off. This is whats happening in my of Europe and nuking what’s left of the place won’t be a hard decision

      If 15 million Jews can achieve the power they do so can 15 million whites to. The sooner weak whites are gone the better. Seek quality, not quantity

    4. Honkey Tonk Man Says:

      Only all out War against the JEW, self hating white traitors and non-white scum will save us. …There are no other options at this point. …None ! Its total war.
      ….Take no prisoners and show no mercy.
      …Anybody that has played any part in the genocide of white people are legitimate military targets including their family members children included …especially Jewish children.

      …All captured JEWS are to be burnt alive for propaganda videos.
      … Do not give any JEW a quick death. Make it slow and extremely brutal.

      “You want it back white man ? Then your going to have to kill for it ”

      “One brave man makes a majority”
      … Napoleon Bonaparte

    5. Mary O Says:

      Dirk Hammer, a Sumte resident, said that he felt sympathy for the refugees, but that he feared the sheer number of people dumped with little warning in places like this could offer “an ideal platform for the far right.”

      Hammer is such a leftist zealot that he is more concerned that the German right could gain suasion than whether 10 strange men rape his own wife.

      Or maybe he figures that his government and the media simply don’t care about people like him and his wife; therefore, the only way to persuade them to take action is reframe the problem in terms of the left-wing self-interest.

      In other words, “I am not terrified for the safety of my own friends and family, but only that you, my dear blessed Merkel, might lose a few votes next election.”

      Every plea has to phrased in terms of Merkel’s self-interest, or else she will simply ignore them.

      And, people complained about monarchs!

    6. Mary O Says:

      In a small concession to the villagers, Alexander Götz, a regional official from Lower Saxony, told them this week that the initial number of refugees, who start arriving on Monday and will be housed in empty office buildings, would be kept to 500, and limited to 750 in all.

      Remember that there are only 102 people in the village.

      It’s interesting that they are placing the supposed refugees in empty office buildings.

      Likely the local economy is depressed, or at least not strong enough that the offices are in demand.

      So are the immigrants a government make-work project?

    7. Mary O Says:

      What would Vlad the Impaler do?

    8. Joe Says:

      The genociding of Europe began in earnest with the bombing of Dresden. More subtle means were used after that, but the policy is in place. The question is… when will the Germans (and the rest of us) reach the breaking point where the threat of ostracization for “racism” no longer holds sway and they begin to organize themselves against the invaders and more importantly – their handlers? Maybe the Fourth Reich will emerge from all of this… who knows.

    9. fd Says:

      This is not the first genocide of Europe—not even the 2d genocide of Europe.

    10. CW-2 Says:

      As fd says the genocide of White European people has been going on in the background for centuries. It is a wonder there are any of us left. During the 19th century we could escape the famines and plagues orchestrated by the elites by fleeing to North America and Australia.
      In the middle ages we had fight Huns, Arabs, Moors, Turks and Tatars. So things haven’t changed much. We have the same enemies, only now they are more formidable because they are organized by globalists and jews, our most fearsome and implacable enemy.